Welcome to the Manitoba Technology Accelerator, where technology start-ups thrive. As a non-profit incubator, we are driving Winnipeg’s position as the Start-Up Capital of Western Canada. Through investment, mentorship, and infrastructure support, we help businesses of all sizes start, stabilize, and grow. Join us now and unlock your potential!

Who We Work With & What We Offer

The MTA is made up of three business units: Commercialization, Start-Up Visa (SUV), and MTA InvestCo. We are catalysts of growth – Propelling companies to unprecedented heights as they scale their disruptive technologies, surpass goals, and reach the pinnacle of industry innovation.


MTA is the ultimate support system for Manitoba-based innovators with game-changing technology. We’re here to empower startups by providing comprehensive business mentoring, streamlined development processes, and top-notch infrastructure.


MTA assists international startups seeking to make their mark in Canada. Through the government’s SUV program, we equip founders with exceptional business mentorship support while also helping them navigate the immigration process. As your trusted partner, we provide a valuable letter of support to start-up applicants, and help you understand the North American market, ensuring a smooth and successful application journey.

MTA’s InvestCo drives technology commercialization and invests in companies to advance Winnipeg as the Start-Up Capital of Western Canada, with a focus on creating more $100M companies in the city. This ensures that we not only provide guidance on your entrepreneurial journey, but also have a vested interest in your remarkable success.