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One Line Pitch: Manufacturer of more efficient bushings which explode less, and also loose less energy providing a return on capital investment in year 1 of a device with a 20-year life span.

Business Summary: PowerHV has two products aimed at solving market pains with current bushings in the market. The first pain is bushings which explode. PowerHV has developed more resilient bushings. The second pain is the loss of energy as the bushings step down the current. Current bushings lose about 6-8% of the transmitted power during this conversion. PowerHV’s technology improvement reduces loss by about 20%. PowerHV will manufacture and sell their bushings at $5,000 compared to the $2,500 of current bushing prices but will save about $2,500 in lost power per year providing utilities a 12- month return on invested capital for a 20-year product.

Status: Raised $200,000 from Knights in January. Secured a Built-in Canada Program contract wherein the Federal Government will purchase $800,000 of product from PowerHV and complete testing to
certify energy efficiency claims.

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