Business Coaching, Mentoring & Active Participation

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to help build and scale a start-up. Seldom will one person
possess all the skills or experiences to succeed. MTA helps round out your management team with people skilled and
experienced in bu
ilding and scaling technology companies.

We apply our commercialization pathway and first assess where your company is. We then build a milestone-based plan to help drive your company to a minimum viable product offering with willing beta customers. MTA helps fill the skills gaps and management gaps to achieve the plan.

Examples of supports MTA has historically supplied according to client needs include:

  • CEO Mentor
  • CFO Mentor
  • General Business Advisor
  • Accounting and bookkeeping supports

We also connect our clients into MTA’s international network of technology commercialization organizations and associations.

Once in our program, MTA will actively help you to:

  • Build a milestone-based business plan which includes beta customer acquisition and tech dev of an MVP
  • Build a budget
  • Build and implement a financial plan to secure capital to achieve the milestones
  • Identify supports, programs and organizations your company should collaborate with to accelerate to success

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