Fees, Financing & Investing

Fees and Financing

MTA charges two fees to Commercialization clients. The first fee is $1,000 per month. We work hard to provide as many services as possible while keeping this number as low as possible.

MTA has the ability to accept this monthly fee as a convertible debt note which only comes due if your company reaches one of our three success repayment events:

  1. 1
    Earns a predetermined revenue target
  2. 2
    Secures an agreed-to level of investment or
  3. 3

The second fees MTA also charges is equity. Manitoba Technology Accelerator will take 1% equity every 90 days to a maximum of 5%. We want to be a partner in your success and get rewarded along side you. This financial alignment helps MTA stay committed to your success


The Manitoba Technology Accelerator helped found a dedicated group of Manitoba-based Angel
Investors called the Manitoba Knights.  MTA also collaborates with the Broad Street Bulls out of Regina.

MTA’s connection to Angel investors and Early Seed investors also reaches across Canada, and into the United States and China.

Our network of investors provides to our clients:

  • Angel and Seed capital possibilities up to about $5M
  • Investors interested in Manitoba-based, early stage technology companies with high-growth potential. Not
    external investors looking to relocate your company
  • No long-term or pooled commitment.  Each investment is made on a deal-by-deal basis by the investor
  • An initial three phase screening process, and a resulting success criteria work plan developed with the Accelerator to
    pass a conclusive investment criteria model, for final presentation to the Knights
  • An opportunity for investment in Manitoba’s most promising early stage companies with minimized follow on time and
    management support requirements.

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