MTA tries to reduce financial barriers which are dis-incentives to launching a new business. One of the traditional barriers
is signing a multi-year lease to an office space when your high-risk business may not last 6 months.

MTA helps by providing clients with a dedicated office space in an entrepreneurial environment where you can collaborate with other
high growth start-ups and scale-ups. While the high-speed internet and professional grade central printer are good
assets, more important is the opportunity to share and learn alongside Manitoba’s most exciting technology companies.

We’ll provide a turn-key setup, so you’ll be ready for business on day one.

Features include:

  • Located in an entrepreneurial environment
  • 24 hour security
  • Card lock access
  • Facility management
  • Professional meeting rooms
  • Furnished space
  • Secured WIFI
  • Professional printer access
  • Maintenance and cleaning

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