​MTA is the leading business accelerator in Manitoba. It is designed for entrepreneurs with a scientific or technology oriented business idea or early-stage companies.

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Business Coaching, Mentoring, & Active Participation

In the early stages of your start-up, our business coaching, mentoring and active participation services will help you plan and execute a strategy for long-term business success. 


As a Manitoba Technology Accelerator member company, you’ll have the option of relocating your start-up to a professional lab or office, hosted in a science and technology and/or office environment. We’ll provide a turn-key setup, so you’ll be ready for business on day one.

Business Investing & Financing

We invest in your science and technology start-up by taking an active financial position in your business, and can also involve people and resources that can help generate the investments required for business success. 

​​Get help commercializing your business today.

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