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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


22Can Inc

One Line Pitch: An AI platform that connects and sources knowledge professionals
Business Summary: 22Can Inc is an AI platform that personalizes, amplifies, and builds professional network to advance careers. CVs are inadequate at capturing knowledge; social media is noisy with self-promotion; today’s inequitable networking mechanisms obstruct ones’ visibility. The world 22Can Inc is building is simple: Discover and be discovered for what you know and want to know. Professionals are matched with new peers via routed Q&As. Using 22Can Inc, businesses are empowered to find knowledge-based “Talent Twins” of the ideal profile to best support their needs. 22Can Inc is a MIT spinout and was recently featured by the MIT Innovation Sandbox
Sector: Communications, HR Tech


One Line Pitch: They want to introduce products that are technologically superior and industry leading
Business Summary: The company aims to bring quality OR tables which offers precision when it comes to motorized up, down and Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg motion. Tilt will be at all levels be it head up or down or feet and at an affordable price.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: 2WheelSafe is developing an automated enforcement system to promote safer use of Personal Transportation Devices (PTDs), such as e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-skateboards
Business Summary: 2WheelSafe will be partnering with urban municipal government clients across Canada in the implementation of 2WheelSafe’s automated enforcement system that will contribute to the safer use of Personal Transportation Devices (PTDs). The time is now for 2WheelSafe’s product because the use of PTDs has increased exponentially, particularly in cities, and the enforcement of traffic regulations and safety measures are matters of public concern.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

5 Second Marketing

One Line Pitch: Specializes in creating targeted Micro Commercials for Advertising on Social Media (Bumper Ads)
Business Summary: 5 Second Marketing specializes in bumper ads which are five-second, unskippable video advertisements commonly (but not exclusively) used on social media platforms. 5 Second Marketing will employ a unique combination of AI advertisement tools thereby allowing companies to provide focused messaging to potential customers on a more frequent basis than traditional commercials which are 15 or 30 seconds in length
Sector: Social Media Advertising


One Line Pitch: 7Rays is an innovative start-up offering new visual advertising technology using light-emitting points to display large transparent high-quality images, animations, or videos on flat, non-flat, two- or three-dimensional screens. This advertising method is innovative, cost-effective, and energy efficient
Business Summary: 7 Rays patented technology will allow businesses to get noticed. The business is based on a recurring revenue model that allows for the rental of the technology at different price levels, allowing flexibility for client budgets and needs. The technology can display video clips, still advertisements, and animation. 7Rays are capitalized to initiate the offering in Canada, and will fund future growth organically
Sector: Manufacturing, Outdoor (visual) Advertising, Signage

A Novel Anti Corrosion Coating Company

One Line Pitch: One Line Pitch: Novel Anti Corrosion will help organizations to save and preserve metal assets by using an innovative anti-corrosion solution that delivers superior results for less money with a smaller environmental footprint.
Business Summary: Business Summary: Using nanoparticles as a key component of a new anti-corrosion recipe, Novel Anti Corrosion company will disrupt the market by providing a cost effective solution that provides multi-layer protection. The firm plans to launch in Canada, specifically in the Business to Business channel to take advantage of manufacturing, resource, and transportation sectors that are rich in metal assets. The company has initial seed capital for start-up operations and will continue with organic growth. Anticipated Canadian market launch will be Q4 of 2024.
Sector: Green Technology

Abca BioSolutions Inc

One Line Pitch: The business provides waste applications based upon the bio-material algae. Some major areas of expertise are Algae Mass Cultivation technologies, Biodiesel, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Functional Foods, Bio-plastics and Pollution Control.
Business Summary: Abca BioSolutions Inc is a leader of advanced algae technology products. Their technology delivers Algae Nutraceuticals for human health and Algae Biofuel for sustainable and renewable transportation and power generation.
Sector: Agriculture, Clean Technology

AcceleRays Diagnostics (ARD)

One Line Pitch: AcceleRays Diagnostics (ARD) revolutionizes the radiology landscape with an on-demand results delivery service designed to address key market challenges.
Business Summary: AcceleRays Diagnostics (ARD) revolutionizes the radiology landscape with an on-demand results delivery service designed to address key market challenges. By assembling a specialized team of Canadian-based sub-specialist physicians, ARD accelerates the generation of high-quality reports, significantly reducing turnaround times. This innovative platform not only ensures efficient communication but also mitigates the scarcity of radiologists, providing a solution that not only alleviates patient anxiety but also guarantees consistent and timely access to accurate diagnostic information.
Sector: Healthcare

Accessible Micro Homes

One Line Pitch: AMH specializes in affordable, accessible, and customizable micro homes and home extensions – tailored to meet the key needs of mobility-challenged individuals in Canada and across the globe.
Business Summary: AMH offers customizable designs in various sizes, with key smart home features and eco-friendly materials, catering to individual and broader market needs. Each micro home can be tailored to clients’ needs, creating a unique value offering.
Sector: Home Improvement, Home Services, Manufacturing Solutions


One Line Pitch: In the current age of excessive noises, Acoustically is working to provide businesses and individuals the power of a quiet and calm environment.
Business Summary: Acoustically aims to provide customers with a high-quality, noise-isolating device using noise-cancelling and masking technology to reduce unwanted ambient noises in homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. Acoustically will help decrease people’s exposure to loud noises and its impact on their overall health and well-being
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Active Food Packaging Inc

One Line Pitch: Active Food Packaging provides innovative, ecologically friendly, packaging solutions that increase shelf life of food products, reduces waste materials and does so at a lower cost.
Business Summary: This company is using an innovative mixture of starch-based nanoparticles to create environmentally friendly food packaging which will replace the need for plastic. This sustainable packaging will also help to increase food shelf life, therefore reducing the amount of food waste in the world.
Sector: Clean Technology

Adhoc Network

One Line Pitch: Technological products and solutions
Business Summary: Adhoc Network Tech Company excels in crafting tech solutions, especially in AI, IoT, and data analytics. Their current key projects include EduTech, Transport and Logistics Tech, and Quantum Computing. They drive innovation across multiple sectors and adapt swiftly to market changes and new technologies, making them vital to the modern economy.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: The company’s product is a feeding device for patients who are unable to eat and drink normally, such as patients in the special care department, with the ability to wash the stomach and inject saline and serum, which can perform the aforementioned tasks while fully complying with the treatment protocol of this field.
Business Summary: The company’s product is a type of hospital pumping device that alone has the functions of the following types of common pumping devices: Feeding pump, Syringe pump, Serum pump
Sector: Medical Device


One Line Pitch: Abode is not just a business, it’s a movement dedicated to improving the lives of international students and reshaping their housing experiences for a brighter academic future.
Business Summary: Abode is a pioneering company committed to revolutionizing the student housing industry. Our mission is to simplify the process of securing stable and affordable housing for international students while making it effortless for landlords to connect with reliable tenants. We leverage innovative technology to provide a seamless and enjoyable housing experience, ensuring the well-being and academic success of students. We prioritize affordability, transparency, safety, and 24/7 support, aiming to redefine the student housing landscape and create a stress-free environment for students to pursue their educational goals.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services


One Line Pitch: Adondent is building a unique and innovative software solution that uses artificial intelligence to foster smooth communication between patients and dentists.
Business Summary: This all-inclusive platform delivers key insights into the dental practice process, offering in-depth explanations in an easily understandable manner for maximum transparency. It also provides extensive guidance on aftercare and dental hygiene instructions.
Sector: Medical, Technology

Advisory Technology Solutions

One Line Pitch: A software-as-a-service tool for RIAs and broker-dealers in the United States to quickly track and evaluate the compliance of advised investments for clients.
Business Summary: New regulations are creating more rigid guidelines that investment advisors need to abide by. If not followed, significant liabilities and risks for investment firms could be generated. The current solutions offered lack clarity and simplicity in tracking compliance. Advisory Technology Solutions is developing an innovative tool that tracks investments for RIAs and investment brokers to ensure compliance to Regulations.
Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: World’s fastest home made any size poster making app with proprietary paper.
Business Summary: Affichi offers a platform which enables users to create custom posters and instantly print them in any size using their home/office printer.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Aflak Smart Road

One Line Pitch: Manufacturer of a Protective, Hydrophobic, Afterglow Road Marking
Business Summary: Aflak Smart Road have designed a protective hydrophobic, afterglow road marking paint formulation, with specific formulated compounds to store light energy; as it has the ability of absorbing energy during the day and radiation at night to make roads and highways more visible and safer.
Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: AGA is a tool that allows shareholders and investors to manage their capitalization tables using blockchain technology.
Business Summary: Private companies with external shareholders need to manage a variety of corporate governance functions that include issuing and exercising securities (options and warrants), managing their capitalization table, directors resolutions and more. This has traditionally been an expensive and manual process managed by legal counsel. AGA is developing an innovative software-as-a-service tool that allows both shareholders and investors to use blockchain as a way of managing, monitoring, and governing investments.
Sector: Services

Agile Aves Sourcing

One Line Pitch: Poultry feed sourcing market with swift access to a diverse range of raw feed additives.
Business Summary: Agile Aves, a leading poultry feed additive sourcing service, connects clients in Winnipeg and Canadian provinces with cost-effective and timely supplies of essential poultry feed additives from trusted European and Asian suppliers. Utilizing reliable cargo services, we ensure seamless access to high-quality poultry feed additives.
Sector: Agricultural Technology


One Line Pitch: Offering a detailed analysis of farmland soil and crops by using a multispectral imaging camera integrated in drones to provide efficient management of the land.
Business Summary: AgroDrone provides an innovative way of monitoring farms. The company integrated multispectral imaging cameras sensors into drones that are able to provide a detailed perspective on the soil and crops on the land. The drone collects information on land leveling, soil condition and irrigation, showing the information in a user-friendly application powered by their own software. With the analysis, the company aims to help producers to improve the farm’s management.
Sector: Agriculture, Drone Technology


One Line Pitch: The intelligent, eco-friendly solution for driveway heating, powered by cutting-edge technology.
Business Summary: Agut-Link is an innovative leader in the heating system industry for driveways. The cutting-edge product offers an intelligent and cost-effective solution for residential driveways, boasting an unrivaled speed of application and exceptional efficiency. With smart controllability at the fingertips, homeowners can enjoy remote access and personalized settings via the Agut-Link app, which harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence technology. The first target market encompasses residential properties, including houses, residential complexes, schools, and organizations. This highly competitive pricing and the integration of state-of-the-art technology sets them apart, granting users full control with AI-driven features. Map your driveway, schedule heating, monitor real-time temperatures, and benefit from automated snow and ice detection, ensuring enhanced safety and energy-efficient driveway management. Agut-link products are eco-friendly, utilizing recyclable materials, reducing the environmental footprint, and eliminating the negative impacts of salt-based solutions. Experience the future of ice melting with Agut-Link, where convenience and innovation meet. “Chill to melt”
Sector: Construction

AI Based IT Support & Maintenance

One Line Pitch: AI Based IT Support & Maintenance is a diagnostic software that uses AI, ML and proprietary technology to clean, update and keep computers running efficiently.
Business Summary: AI Based IT Support & Maintenance looks to provide a solution to the issue of maintaining computers in the current technology driven world. They have created a diagnostic system based on AI, machine learning and proprietary technology that provides users with an effortless system that cleans, updates and maintains their computers. AI Based IT Support & Maintenance hopes to keep its users up to date and working efficiently with this product.
Sector: Technology

AI Dental

One Line Pitch: AI based dental services is an online application targeting low and middle income Canadians which aims to provide them with better dental services.
Business Summary: AI Based Dental Services is an online application driven by artificial intelligence to provide better dental healthcare to low/middle income Canadians who otherwise might not get access to affordable and high-quality professional dental care. Their dental application advises patients and recommends suitable actions based on their dental condition. Additionally, their AI algorithms considers the patient’s past medical history and runs rigorous analysis to provide treatment plan suggestions and smart clinical predictions.
Sector: Dental, Technology

AI-based Clinic Management Software Company

One Line Pitch: AI-based Clinic Management Company is advancing the development and functionality of advanced clinical management software platforms for healthcare providers and their respective dedicated medical facilities.
Business Summary: Healthcare management systems help hospitals, clinics and other medical practices run all the administrative processes of their facilities more efficiently.AI-based Clinic Management Company is a medical AI software development company that is focused on expanding the use of AI in medicine to reduce workloads, improve patient care, and increase the billing proficiency and efficiency of dedicated healthcare professionals. Specifically, the platform may be adapted to meet the complex requirements of appointment booking, SMS patient reminders, electronic health records, and financial accounting while continuously monitoring in- and out-patient healthcare solutions. AI-based Clinic Management is positioned to be a novel provider of an innovative AI software development platform for healthcare organizations across Canada.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Health Records, Healthcare, Medical Device, Software

AiMental (Imental) 

One Line Pitch: AI-based platform that is designed to improve the mental well-being of immigrants in Canada.
Business Summary: Through our AI-based platform, we offer a chatbot that conducts an online assessment and provides recommendations such as psychology and therapy services, coaching services, online classes, entertainment, and forums. We make therapy services more accessible for immigrants that need mental health support at a much more affordable cost than traditional therapy channels. Furthermore, we provide access to various mental health services, group treatments, and self-care exercises.
Sector: B2C SaaS


One Line Pitch: Providing intelligent management for hydroponic farms with information technology.
Business Summary: Aiponix’s innovation is solving the issue in large-scale hydroponic farms, by streamlining the process of collecting necessary data, and having it all available in one system, and one digital dashboard. The technology wirelessly collects, analyzes, and stores detailed data on current plants in large hydroponic farms. The information is stored in the cloud and helps monitor and ensure food safety, compliance, productivity, and much more to identify what steps need to be taken next.
Sector: Agriculture, Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A platform for connecting local experts with travelling visitors so that visitors can get authentic, niche, tours tailored to their specific interests.
Business Summary: Local experts make money by creating and leading their own tours, visitors get authentic tours, pay less, and support the local entrepreneurs.
Sector: Tourism


One Line Pitch: Aktinax revolutionizes dental imaging making it smarter, safer and more affordable for both dentists and patients.
Business Summary: By combining AI and robotics with existing 2D X-ray imaging solutions Aktinax enables current low cost machines to capture high quality 3D X-ray images with 80% less x-ray exposure.
Sector: Dental, Medical


One Line Pitch: A third-party provider of data-driven digital media rankings & insightful solutions of top global companies and brands based on their industries.
Business Summary: Alinsight uses BI and AI to deliver two insightful services to global companies and also to global investors who invest in the companies: 1. Data-driven digital media ranking of the companies based on their digital media presence by analyzing big text and non-text data in order for the companies and investors to be aware of the companies industry-based presence in digital media. 2. Insightful digital media solutions in order for the global companies and the investors to make effective and efficient management and investment decisions. Their team smart solutions are accredited and certified by ForestRim Technology, the leading company in the field of text data analytics managed by Bill Inmon known as the father of Data Warehousing.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Alnaser Laboratory Management Corp.

One Line Pitch: AI/ML-based solution designed to enhance software efficiency and minimize errors in laboratory operations
Business Summary: This startup offers a range of AI-driven lab solutions, from real-time IoT data management and precise AI test analysis to smart inventory automation. Their consulting services leverage AI algorithms for tailored solutions, all accessible via an intuitive cloud dashboard, enhancing lab efficiency and automation.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: AI powered technology to analyze dental images and records.
Business Summary: Using a powerful AI analysis system and precise computer vision technology, Alpha-D analyzes different dental images and considers patients’ oral health records to diagnose possible dental diseases, even problems that might be at a stage that is invisible to dentist.
Sector: Life Sciences

Alterner Solutions

One Line Pitch: Software solution for providing circular renewable energy services in remote communities.
Business Summary: Alterner is a Product as a Service (PaaS) renewable energy provider and software solution for providing circular renewable energy services in remote communities. Alterner focuses on implementing strategies to reduce reliance on diesel consumption and reduce waste in the renewable energy sector.
Sector: Information Technology, Renewable Energy

AMSS Engineering

One Line Pitch: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) services
Business Summary: This business leverages over a decade of SEM expertise to provide SEM services. Their comprehensive offerings include SEM maintenance, expert consultancy, and training programs to address industry skill gaps, along with remote diagnostic services for issue resolution. They excel in quick response times, global best practices, and innovative training solutions.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Anexact Inc

One Line Pitch: Anexact Inc provides a software capable of storing databases of expert knowledge and information that allows for easy access by users.
Business Summary: Anexact Inc has created a software that allows for companies to easily create and manage their own databases to fit their needs. These data bases can then have specific rules created for decision making, thus allowing for more streamlined decisions to be made. Anexact looks to reduce the resources a company needs to make simpler decisions and create more time for complex issues.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Antifungal & Mold Polymer Packaging Company

One Line Pitch: An innovative “green-based” antifungal and antimold polymer food packaging material.
Business Summary: Team is developing a novel and biodegradable antifungal and antimold polymer packaging that contains chitosan, sodium triphosphate and ungeremine for the bakery industry. Their innovative packaging material will extend product shelf life, improve consumer health and safety by reducing reduce harmful mold and fungus, while reducing harmful affects on the environment.
Sector: Food Packaging, Manufacturing

Antigen Bonyan Teb

One Line Pitch: Rapid Microbiology Kits to detect colon and gastrointestinal cancers.
Business Summary: Antigen Bonyan Teb conducts Research, Development and the Design of Rapid Laboratory Test Kits. Specifically, they have created a new Rapid Microbiology Kit (RMK) which looks for antibodies against human hemoglobin antigen in the feces by a rapid test method. The primary use of the Immunochemical fecal occult blood test is to screen for lower GI pathologies, such as colorectal cancers and large adenomas that bleed.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Biological control of fungal pests to control Early Blight Disease and citrus postharvest decay.
Business Summary: One of the most important goals of the project is to produce an organic substitute for antifungal chemicals that will lead to the production of organic crops.
Sector: Agriculture, Sustainable Food Production


One Line Pitch: Anuva Technologies is developing a cloud-based software solution to provide animal production and processing companies and live animal transporters with a simple, easy to use system that can automate their logistics planning.
Business Summary: The team has decades of experience in animal welfare, animal transport and biosecurity in the livestock transportation industry. Anuva Technologies will leverage this expertise to automate the manual process used today. This system will modernize the role of planning throughout the agriculture industry.
Sector: Manufacturing

Anytime Recipe Rescue Canada

One Line Pitch: A meal planning app that provides custom recipes based on what’s in your kitchen
Business Summary: Anytime Recipe Rescue is a meal planning and recipe application that helps users make meals from ingredients that they already have in their fridge, pantry, or kitchen. The platform is designed to use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to recommend recipes based on what ingredients the user has available. And furthermore, it will learn what recipes users like, and optimize future recommendations along with meal planning and shopping lists.
Sector: Food

APNA Eye Cart

One Line Pitch: APNA Eye cart offers AI and 3D AR-powered virtual glasses try-on experience for a real-time and fully customizable frame fitting.
Business Summary: An e-commerce optical store with virtual try-on solutions that utilizes artificial intelligence facial recognition and 3D augmented reality technology to provide customers with an accurate prescription and custom-frame size fitting.
Sector: Life Sciences

App Pop Up

One Line Pitch: Rethinking the way we access mobile applications.
Business Summary: App-Pop-Up is a unique mobile application which allows users to open snapshots of other apps without having to download them. This process unlocks a new way for users to interact with their apps and can help businesses to give their customers the app experience without requiring timely downloads.
Sector: Mobile Applications


One Line Pitch: Special Needs Patient and Provider connection App.
Business Summary: Improves the physical and mental statuses of special needs individuals by connecting them to the best healthcare service providers and scheduling appointments online.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: ApplyChoices connects international students and recruitment partners to educational opportunities at institutions around the world.
Business Summary: ApplyChoices is a global online meeting point for students and schools around the world. With ApplyChoices, students can navigate through the process of determining where to study abroad. At the same time, schools, universities, and colleges can market themselves to a captive audience. ApplyChoices makes the matching process easy and intuitive.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Platform that simplifies the complexities of managing multiple real estate assets
Business Summary: Appreaz, a leader in Automated Property Management, is dedicated to transforming the property ownership experience. The company’s mission is to create a platform that simplifies the complexities of managing multiple real estate assets, offering property owners complete ownership, streamlined operations, efficient maintenance, and advanced security monitoring.
Sector: Real Estate

APTAS Biotech Inc

One Line Pitch: Aptamer Based Nano- Biosensors for rapid detection of colon, prostate and breast cancer.
Business Summary: APTAS BioTech Inc. designs and manufacture Aptamer Based Nano- Biosensors for rapid detection of biomarkers associated with certain cancers. The company’s initial product is designed for the rapid diagnosis of colon cancer with the aim to enhance current protocols with a quicker and more cost-effective diagnostic testing solution. The product will not only be used for an earlier diagnosis of metastasis Colon Cancer but will also be used for monitoring progression and recurrence. A final research and development objective is to also provide early prediction of therapeutic efficacy and drug resistance based on a patient’s specific biomarkers. Future applications will include Prostate and Breast Cancer.
Sector: Life Sciences

Aqua Med Soft

One Line Pitch: Aqua Med Soft offers a “Smart Surgical Assistant System” that not only combines fMRI, MRI, DTI, and tumor images, but also transforms the surgeon’s experience with voice and motion control of medical images.
Business Summary: An innovative medical device comprised of a Kinect sensor, monitor, CPU, and microphone that responds to the surgeon’s voice and motion commands to move medical images. The comprehensive software was designed to combine fMRI, MRI, DTI, and tumor images on basic MRI images and other medical images in two- and three-dimensional conditions.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: The company, the Arabic Learning Center, is revolutionizing language education through their comprehensive online platform dedicated to teaching the Arabic language. The user-centric approach ensures an immersive and effective learning experience. Students begin by sharing their profile information, proficiency goals, timelines, and commitments, allowing the AI-driven algorithms to create a personalized learning plan. Continuous assessments track progress and update the plan in real time based on user activities.
Business Summary: The platform boasts interactive online courses, featuring multimedia modules, speech practice with real-time corrections, live class broadcasts, gamified learning, and one- on-one conversations facilitated by live translation services. The platform is meant to help language education happen without the presence of a physical teacher. The use of AI chatbot to assist with module training, interactive quizzing, and overall more engaging quizzing. The business model encompasses subscription-based access to the online platform, and translation services for events. The target audience primarily comprises of students, young adults, such as travelers, looking to learn Arabic, with a secondary focus on children aiming to connect with their heritage.
Sector: Education

Arad Soft Mega-Dictionary

One Line Pitch: A mega-dictionary global platform consisting of apps and a website which support 60 languages.
Business Summary: Arad Soft Mega-Dictionary offers unique dictionaries, two-thirds of which are unrivaled, in the form apps and a website to clients around the world. It supports 60 living languages of the world.
Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Architi deploys AI to support architects and designers to develop more sophisticated and effective project plans.
Business Summary: Architi is developing AI-assisted software using a cloud-based platform (SaaS) to provide services to architecture firms that will 1) speed their development process; 2) enable more efficient and effective work with clients; and 3) through the machine learning process, open new vistas in architectural vision, supporting human creativity in ways that have not previously been possible using traditional methods of architectural drawing, including programs like AutoCAD.
Sector: Agriculture, Construction, Engineering