MTA partners with top business leaders and innovative minds from Manitoba to propel business growth. Unlock your startup’s potential with mentorship, cutting-edge development, and top-notch facilities

MTA management

MTA provides direct business mentoring to client companies’ management teams through its own management and experienced industry executives with specific skills and connections.

MTA’s Commercialization Pathway is a structured program that oversees clients’ business development processes, facilitating the transformation of their ideas into viable business opportunities.

This program includes

Technology development

MTA ensures technology development is customer-oriented and seamlessly integrated with client acquisition, transitioning them from tech to market-ready products.

Business development

MTA prioritizes early customer acquisition, assisting our clients in establishing companies with validated business advantages that are geared towards achieving early revenue generation.

corporate development

MTA clients gain from strategic milestone-driven roadmaps, reinforced by corporate development,
as they enter the market.

Commercialization Pathway

Experience the power of aligning with seasoned business mentors and advisors through our structured Commercialization Pathway methodology. This dynamic pairing guides our clients towards the strategic creation and implementation of a robust early-stage business action plan.

Our action plan encompasses a series of essential components:

  • Progressive assessments
  • Performance evaluations
  • Milestone checklists

These tools empower our mentors to craft a compelling trajectory for your company’s advancement. In instances where progress falters and adaptation is resisted, our program maintains its rigour by parting ways with non-progressive participants.

Facilities and infrastructure support
include MTA’s two Winnipeg-based office spaces

We occupy 30,000 square feet across floors 7 and 8 at 136 Market Ave, along with the prestigious International Centre for Innovation (ICI) at 50 Provencher Blvd, Winnipeg’s signature building.


business coaching and mentoring

You’ll be partnered with an experienced CEO mentor specializing in your sector, whose insights will fuel your business growth. With MTA management support, we’ll help you leverage strengths and tackle weaknesses.

we have the infrastructure you need

Located on the 7th and 8th floors of 136 Market Avenue, Winnipeg MB, our space provides office and desk solutions for founders and teams. We’re dedicated to connecting the startup community through infrastructure, networking, and events, while offering high-speed internet and great coffee.

Our Services

fractional management

Seeking access to top-tier talent but not ready for full-time employees yet? MTA can assist you in securing fractional talent to bridge management gaps, fostering your growth and accelerating your progress!

CEO Mentors

MTA pairs you with a CEO mentor, a business development expert, and an industry leader to steer your company towards successful scaling. Our consistent support, advice, and mentorship create a nurturing space for your startup’s growth.


We offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping assistance to our startups, enabling our founders to dedicate their efforts to strategic initiatives and accelerated growth.

space / infrastructure

MTA offers an exclusive working environment for you and your team, right in the heart of Winnipeg. Within our premises, there exists a community of similar-minded startups that you can connect with for guidance, or even a casual coffee conversation!

Additional Information

MTA provides on-demand assistance for tasks such as investor presentations, grant and funding applications, market analysis, and other related activities!


The comprehensive range of services encompasses business coaching, mentoring, and dynamic participation, alongside strategic infrastructure investment and financing solutions for businesses.