Here at MTA, we have forged a powerful network of local, provincial, national, and international organizations.

We frequently emphasize the notion that, much like the adage “it takes a village to raise a child”, it also takes a “community to raise a start-up”. We want to help you distinguish yourself by granting access to investors, supporters, and encouragers that are committed to fuelling your success.

Alacrity Foundation

The Alacrity Foundation, founded in 2009 in British Columbia, is a notable non-profit organization that promotes tech entrepreneurship and local investment. This foundation has created jobs for over 200 people and has directly contributed $300 million to the economy in Western Canada.

AVIOU Law Firm

AVIOU’s experienced and dedicated lawyers will assess your unique immigration needs and advise you on the best route suited to your circumstances. Whether you want to migrate temporarily or permanently, let their team help you achieve your dream!

Bioenterprise Canada

Bioenterprise is a respected Canadian non-profit accelerator focused on agri-tech commercialization. They provide customized business advisory services, industry expertise, technical knowledge, and global connections. Their commitment to advancing innovative agri-businesses has established them as a trusted partner driving growth in this sector.

Bioscience Association of Manitoba

Bioscience Association of Manitoba (BAM) passionately advocates for the province’s bioscience community. With 110 members spanning various sectors, BAM fosters connections, innovative partnerships, and global collaborations. Join us and be part of Manitoba’s thriving bioscience network.

Broad Street Bulls

Broad Street Bulls VC, formed by 13 visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders, fosters local innovation. With a strong management team and a wide network of angel investors, BSB VC provides funding, guidance, mentorship, and support to founders in the pre-seed and seed stages across the Canadian prairies.

Dovercourt Immigration Services

A Canada based, Canadian owned professional immigration consulting firm with corporate office in Mississauga Ontario and presence at four global locations. Dovercourt consulting is headed by Mr. Salman Tariq, CEO and principal consultant. He is a RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and holds BA degree in Law from University of London, UK.

Economic Development Winnipeg

Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. (EDW) is the city’s leading agency for growth. They highlight Winnipeg’s advantages and attract business, investment, events, and people to the city, driving the local economy.

Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI)

EMILI empowers Manitoba’s economy to excel in the face of digital disruption, focusing on digital agriculture. Through partnerships with industry and academia, EMILI accelerates the adoption of intelligent technologies and provides vital skills and training, equipping individuals for success in the digital economy.

Hefei High Tech Zone (China)

Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone (Hefei high-tech zone) is a state-level high-tech zone recognized for its contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship in China. As part of the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, it plays a crucial role in fostering innovation.


The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) provides vital support to Angels, incubators, and accelerators in their mission to transform promising ideas into successful ventures. Serving as the sole national industry association for Angel investors in Canada, NACO represents a vast network, encompassing over 3000 Angel investors nationwide.

Nova Ventures Inc.

With the help and support of their expert team in areas from finance and marketing, to legal and product development, Nova Ventures help you achieve your business goals while minimizing risks in operations and management.

Ontario Brain Institute

The Ontario Brain Institute is an esteemed, provincially funded, and not-for-profit research center committed to unlocking the full potential of neuroscience. Their mission is to propel Ontario to the forefront of brain research, commercialization, and compassionate care.

Start Podcast

Start Podcast serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in the Canadian Prairies by amplifying the voices of local business founders. Their vision propels the growth of Manitoba’s innovation economy, driven by the commitment to make technology and innovation accessible to all.

Sustainable Development Technologies Canada (SDTC)

SDTC, an esteemed Canadian foundation driven by vision, empowers pioneering companies to rise as global leaders in environmental technology. By championing their efforts, SDTC fuels the fight against climate change while fostering clean air, water, and soil for a truly sustainable future.

Tec Edmonton

TEC Edmonton is a renowned business accelerator that plays a pivotal role in facilitating the successful growth of emerging technology companies. By providing a comprehensive range of support services, TEC Edmonton enables their clients to secure crucial funding, foster entrepreneurial skills, expand their business operations, and protect their intellectual property assets.

Tech Manitoba

Tech Manitoba actively promotes Manitoba’s innovation and fosters the growth of its tech sector through collaboration, education, and community-building. With over 130 corporate members, it represents a primary industry association, uniting over 10,000 employees.

The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce (MCC)

The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce (MCC) stands as the preeminent advocacy organization in Manitoba. Proudly representing 74 communities and over 10,000 businesses across the province, the MCC wields considerable influence in shaping policies and initiatives that foster economic growth and prosperity.

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce stands as the foremost and highly influential business organization in the vibrant city of Winnipeg. With an unwavering commitment to its mission, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce diligently cultivates an optimal environment that nurtures the prosperity of businesses throughout the region.


WestGrid combines computing facilities, research data management services, and technical expertise to support today’s researchers. As a major regional organization within Compute Canada, WestGrid collaborates with Members & Partners in British Columbia, contributing to the acceleration of research and innovation.

Yes! Winnipeg

YES! Winnipeg promotes Winnipeg as an ideal location for business, investment, and talent. With specialized services, market intelligence, and business connections, they facilitate growth and investment. Led by local business leaders, YES! Winnipeg meets industry needs effectively.

Z Nation Global

Z Nation Global (ZNG) is a launchpad for innovative tech startups, operating in the USA, Canada, and India. With a global network of approximately 20,000 startups, they specialize in connecting corporations and startups. Their mission is to transform the global innovation landscape by promoting collaboration among corporates, government bodies, academia, and forward-thinking technology businesses.


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