MTA is the esteemed business accelerator at the forefront of Manitoba’s technology start-up community. We take immense pride in the profound impact our commercialization efforts have had on the vibrant city of Winnipeg. By offering early-stage technology companies the solid foundation they need to build viable and disruptive technologies, we are not only inspiring our province but also leaving a lasting impression on companies nationwide. Join us on this journey and witness the transformative power of MTA firsthand.

Explore the chart below to discover the annual economic impacts driven by MTA’s current clients and program graduates between 2018 and 2022. The data highlights revenue, capital raised, and payroll for each year. Witness the remarkable growth and success achieved by our thriving community.


Are you a Manitoba-based technology start-up? Or an international start-up with innovative technology?
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Here at MTA, we provide comprehensive assistance, leveraging our expertise and resources to drive tangible results. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we collaborate exclusively with enterprises that demonstrate exceptional potential, ultimately enabling them to consistently achieve their desired objectives.