InvestCo’s purpose is to deliver services to support technology commercialization. Our vision is to make Winnipeg the Start-Up Capital of Western Canada and develop more $100M companies through direct investments.

Welcome to our organization, established in 2021 with a clear mission.

Our Focus:

  • Empowering technology start-ups and scale-ups with fee-for-service commercialization solutions.
  • Sharing our commercialization proficiency with Canadian and international incubators, accelerators, and like-minded entities.
  • Fuelling the growth of technology start-ups and scale-ups through strategic investments and capital infusion.

At our core, we’re dedicated to fostering innovation, propelling businesses forward, and creating a global network of success.


Welcome to InvestCo, where we offer our clients two distinct avenues for investment. The first channel caters to smaller “feasibility” level investments, while the second channel is dedicated to larger investments designed for ambitious “development” projects.

This strategy aligns seamlessly with the MTA Commercialization Pathway model, a comprehensive approach that guides ventures from the conceptualization stage through feasibility assessment, development, and ultimately, a successful launch.


Feasibility-level investments extend up to a maximum of $25,000, contingent upon the recipient’s ability to provide corresponding funds, which may be sourced from Government programs.


MTA can invest up to $400,000 for Development. InvestCo’s share is capped at 50% of the total round capital. Private Angels must also invest a minimum of $400,000 for the Development level.

Our Capabilities

Invest in domestic and international start-ups and scale-ups

We recognize the funding challenges that numerous startups face, impeding their growth in Canada and globally. At MTA InvestCo, we offer a solution. By leading investments in MTA’s top-tier companies and collaborating with local Angels, we provide essential capital.

Ensure we are investing in sound business ideas

In Manitoba, start-ups often face capital challenges when trying to grow. InvestCo’s assistance helps them overcome this hurdle and achieve key milestones. This sets them up well for securing Series A VC funding, a mobile capital source, in the future.

Our Services


Fuel your progress with Feasibility-Level Investments. Tailored for MVP development, market testing, and product validation, these funds offer up to $25,000. Recipients must provide matching capital for a shared commitment.


Significant capital is strategically allocated to fuel expansive development initiatives. Our commitment to development is exemplified by channeling investments of up to $400,000 through MTA InvestCo.

Investment review committee

Every investment made through MTA InvestCo undergoes a thorough evaluation by an independent investment review committee. This committee ensures that the investment aligns with all the required criteria.


Collaborating with visionary entrepreneurs seeking capital to initiate or expand their ventures.