MTA Commercialization Showcase

Discover how these clients harnessed emerging technologies, recognized market gaps, and embraced the power of collaboration to seize opportunities and create unparalleled value.

Startup Showcases


One Line Pitch: 3Common is a platform for hosting experiences, selling tickets, managing bookings, and connecting directly with guests. Whether hosting a lively concert, a cozy wine tasting, or a thrilling canoeing adventure, 3Common is where modern experiences grow.
Business Summary: 3Common provides businesses and organizations hosting events and experiences with modern tools to better connect with their guests and increase ticket sales and bookings. The business model includes charging a service fee for all payments processed through the 3Common platform, connecting hosts with guests. Additionally, a subscription fee is charged to hosts for access to enhanced marketing tools.
Status: In the Canadian & US market. Generating revenue and growing significantly month over month.

Aortic Annual Ring

One Line Pitch: Building an aortic annular ring for use in aortic heart repairs.
Business Summary: The are two valves in the heart: Mitral and Aortic. 20 years ago the only option was to replace valves. Then mitral valve repairs became possible, but over time, the repairs failed as the annulus started dilating. This led to the development of mitral annular rings for a more stable long-term outcome with Mitral repair surgery. Recently, aortic valve repairs became possible and we have patented and developed a new aortic annular ring to mitigate the forecast problem. We will aim to secure a license deal.
Status: In Vivo trials for Q1 2020 went well. Both animals still alive. Soft interest by multinationals subject to In Vivo results.

Arterial Stiffness Inc.

One Line Pitch: Arterial Stiffness Inc. (ASI) has developed an inexpensive, portable, and non-invasive device that measures the amount of atherosclerosis a person has (plaque in their arteries).
Business Summary: ASI will participate in the formal medical market as a Tier 1 medical device. Competitive devices to measure atherosclerosis cost approximately $25,000 and require a clinician to operate. Our device has a capital cost of ~$100 and determines a person’s stiffness index in less than two minutes. We will earn revenue with a fee-for-use pricing model charging a fee every time our software is used to analyze a digital pulse wave signal.
Status: US FDA approval forecast for Q1 2020. China FDA approval forecast for Q4 2021. Early customers subject to regulatory approval. VC funded.

BLP Photonics

One Line Pitch: BLP reduces the cost of testing for quality during wine production.
Business Summary: BLP applies near-infrared spectroscopy technology to test for ethanol content in wine. BLP’s device is easy to use, affordable and can be used on wineries. Current practices to test for ethanol are to send samples to a third-party lab or use expensive and/or complicated equipment.
Status: Found investment and have taken the tech dev away from the founder. Will show progress again in summer 2020.

Bobo App

One Line Pitch: Making parenting easier, cheaper & more straightforward than ever before.
Business Summary: AI-driven platform recreating the ‘village’, offering tailored, stage-specific support for parents & parents-to-be. Bobo isn’t just a plain pregnancy app or a pregnancy tracker. It offers personalized development diagnostics throughout pregnancy & child development and the ability to connect with experts. Our assistant will help with registrations, booking appointments, and so much more.
Status: Pre Launch, final stages of development.

Callia Flowers

One Line Pitch: Callia is disrupting the consumer floral market by selling standardized packages direct form the manufacturer to customer as a tech-enabled company.
Business Summary: Callia is reducing the need for labour in the fulfillment for flower orders. The model is to sell one of 5 standard arrangements connecting customers direct to producers through a commerce enabled IT platform. We have solved last mile delivery issues using tech for the disposable marketplace.
Status: Will earn +$1M in revenue within the next 12 months and be profitable.

CEM Works

One Line Pitch: We enable the next generations of smart cities, connected vehicles, and electronic components. Using our revolutionary proprietary EM simulation technology, we allow industries to solve the design problem faster and for less cost.
Business Summary: Recent progress in wireless communications resulted in the abundance of electronic systems talking to each other. Those systems require high bandwidth, mitigation of interference problems, and facilitation of propagation at 5G frequencies. CEMWorks’ builds and sells solutions allow simulating city-block scale scenarios using unprecedented electromagnetic solver technology.
Status: Secured above $1M in capital, the team is growing and company at revenue.

Creative Applications for Sustainable Technology (CAST)

One Line Pitch: Leveraging an existing software platform that has been successfully applied in the waste management sector, CAST develops, tests, and deploys new environmental solutions in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost than is usually required to design and build software services.
Business Summary: CAST licenses the software platform and builds new applications. Combining this technology advantage with the extensive real-world experience and networks of the CAST team, and a collaborative approach that taps into the expertise of a wide range of sustainability professionals, CAST is uniquely positioned to successfully deliver scalable solutions that work.
Status: In market. Raised over $300,000 of capital to launch.


One Line Pitch: Building a Brian PET system.
Business Summary: No company in the world has a PET scanner for Brain. All brain PET is with full-body machines meaning too much air/space between the image target and the device. Design, manufacture and sell Brain Pets to hospitals and clinics.
Status: Funding secured, proto being built and FDA expected in 2020. Soft/conditional purchase orders with four leading global health organizations. Cubresa should become a high-profile MTA grad in time.


One Line Pitch: Enables patrons at restaurants to pay their bills on their phone without waiting for the server to bring the bill.
Business Summary: SaaS model with restaurants as the customer. Primary market research has confirmed mid-tier restaurants (Joey’s, Moxies, Kingshead) will deploy the option as it enables the restaurants to deal with rush times more efficiently (e.g. the Kingshead able to help the theatre crowd pay and leave in time).
Status: MVP built and alpha tested. Alpha customers engaged. Investment secured in January to build a platform that can go to the market.

Power HV

One Line Pitch: Manufacturer of more efficient bushings which explode less, and also loose less energy providing a return on capital investment in year 1 of a device with a 20-year life span.
Business Summary: PowerHV has two products aimed at solving market pains with current bushings in the market. The first pain is bushings which explode. PowerHV has developed more resilient bushings. The second pain is the loss of energy as the bushings step down the current. Current bushings lose about 6-8% of the transmitted power during this conversion. PowerHV’s technology improvement reduces loss by about 20%. PowerHV will manufacture and sell their bushings at $5,000 compared to the $2,500 of current bushing prices but will save about $2,500 in lost power per year providing utilities a 12- month return on invested capital for a 20-year product.
Status: Raised $200,000 from Knights in January. Secured a Built-in Canada Program contract wherein the Federal Government will purchase $800,000 of product from PowerHV and complete testing to certify energy efficiency claims.


One Line Pitch: Simvergent reduces the cost for simulating the performance of controllers (used in electrical grids) by an order of magnitude.
Business Summary: Real-Time Data Simulation of power grids are done by utilities and manufacturers of controls and relays. Currently, a $250,000 computer is required for such simulations and the controls and relays must be physically connected to the simulator. Simvergent has a proprietary algorithmic process that enables Real-Time Data Simulation to be completed with a laptop and connected to the control or relay over the Internet. We will sell the service of simulation to utilities and manufacturers of grid components.
Status: Prototype. Secured seed capital through SUV model. Building sales functions and will give this company a good chance at success.


One Line Pitch: TauMEDIS is a medical technology company designing, developing, and distributing imaging based solutions throughout the patients’s health journey; from diagnosis, treatment planing, and procedural guidance, to post treatment monitoring.
Business Summary: A pioneering medical imaging startup dedicated to revolutionizing medical imaging through cutting-edge technology. Leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and image processing, they provide innovative solutions for procedural guidance and assessment for healthcare providers caring for patients with complex diseases, delivering solutions and services to surgical centers by designing a customizable offering for their unique needs. The solutions are delivered in consultation with the hospital surgical team and ensure their solution continues to work seamlessly through our on-site support.
Status: Commercial distribution of solutions.

Triple 3 Biotechnology Corp.

One Line Pitch: Triple 3 has developed a proprietary process for extracting protein which provides a significant cost advantage in a commodity market.
Business Summary: The proprietary process for extracting protein enables the manufacturing of Type II Collagen (for use in functional foods or in capsules) and a protein enhancement (for use as a food ingredient) from animal sources currently unused by Canadian food processors. Both products are sold as raw materials to wholesalers and manufacturers/distributors of consumer products. Triple 3 sells product at a 75% gross margin into a large commodity market.
Status: Secured investment through SUV model. Can produce commercial product. Waiting for China FDA.


One Line Pitch: Uses Ai to connect professional service providers to consumers seeking to hire a professional service provider.
Business Summary: Finding the right professional for a situation used to be challenging. We fixed that. Vexxit believes Canadians deserve choice when looking for professional advice. We believe it should be easier to access those choices. With Vexxit, finding a professional goes like this: First, our online tool asks you basic questions. Second, we ask you a few more specific questions about your needs. Third, we ask for some demographic and personal interest questions. Lastly, we connect you to your matches and you make the final decision. Vexxit takes a commission.
Status: Raised significant capital and have built and launched an MVP. The company is now at revenue and growing.