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Cal Harrison

Business Mentor

Beyond Referrals is one of North America’s leading consulting firms focused in the area of buying and selling complex, costly, and custom services.

Since 2001 Cal has advised hundreds of North America’s leading large and mid-size professional services firms and the government and private organizations that hire these types of firms.

For over a decade, Cal has presented at dozens of professional consulting and procurement conferences and university groups in Canada, the US, the Caribbean and Europe and is the author of three business books related to the buying and selling of professional services.

  • Sales & marketing for complex, costly, custom services & products
  • Funding start-up organizations/special projects 
  • Path to market/first customer strategy/positioning strategy
  • Pitching and presenting

Professional History


2017 - Present

Currently acting as the VP of Marketing for this precision ag start up

QBS Canada

2015 - Present

Founder of this multi-profession, national group advocating for more progressive, value-driven procurement of professional services such as law, engineering, architecture, IT, advertising, etc

Beyond Referrals

2001 - Present

Founder and President of this consulting firm that advises professional services firms such as law, engineering, architecture, IT, advertising, etc.
and their clients on the buying and selling of these services. Author of three books and hundreds of articles and presentations on the subject.Credentials


2008: Certified Management Consultant, The Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Canada

2004 - 2013: Adjunct Professor/Sessional Lecturer, The University of Manitoba, The University of Winnipeg, Royal Roads University

1998: Master of Business Administration, The University of Manitoba

1998: Casino Executive Development Program, University of Nevada

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