FasTab: Revolutionizing the Restaurant Payment Experience in Winnipeg

In the bustling Winnipeg dining scene, waiting for the waiter might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a revolutionary startup, FasTab.

Walk into Confusion Corner Drinks + Food, and you’ll be greeted by around 45 QR codes across their tables. The process? Simple. Patrons just scan the QR code with their smartphones and are immediately directed to a payment portal. Within a matter of seconds, using options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can clear your bill and walk out, truly encapsulating the ‘fast’ in FasTab. The lightning speed of the transaction, as per Zechariah Noiseux, one of the founders, is under 10 seconds. That’s right – The future of dining out in Winnipeg is being shaped right now, and FasTab is at its forefront.

FasTab: The Origin

FasTab’s innovation was a result of personal experience and global exposure. Carson Keck, one of the founders, recalls waiting endlessly at a restaurant for the bill, sparking the thought – There has to be a more efficient way. Noiseux, with his travels through Europe and his past experience working for SkipTheDishes, had observed the use of QR codes to expedite payments.

Combine these experiences with the duo’s drive and support from the Manitoba Technology Accelerator, the concept of FasTab was born. The pandemic provided an unexpected opportunity, enabling them to understand the industry better by building free QR code menus and contact tracing programs for local restaurants.

FasTab in Action

In Confusion Corner Drinks + Food, as soon as an order is placed, servers input it into a point-of-sale system. FasTab’s technology seamlessly integrates, letting patrons access and settle their tab immediately after placing their order. The efficiency doesn’t end there. After payment, FasTab notifies the restaurant’s system, indicating the bill is settled. One might wonder if this means the end of the traditional methods of payment. Noiseux clears the air,

“People don’t need to use FasTab.”

Zechariah Noiseux

Patrons can opt for traditional payment terminals, while others at the same table use FasTab. It’s about giving options, not restricting choices.

Benefits to the Restaurant Industry

The advantages of FasTab aren’t limited to diners alone. Restaurant management stands to gain as well. Kevin Byrne, manager at Confusion Corner Drinks + Food, vouches for the system, mentioning its significant impact since its launch. In an industry grappling with labour shortages and increasing wait times, such innovations provide some respite. Shaun Jeffrey, CEO of the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association, echoes a similar opinion, emphasizing that the intention isn’t to replace staff but to enhance customer experience.

The Road Ahead

With payment options expanding to accommodate Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major credit cards, and added features like viewing menus and leaving reviews, FasTab’s journey has only just begun. For diners, the days of waving down waiters for bills might soon be nostalgic memories. As Keck rightly says,

“Digital transactions, mobile payments are going further and further, becoming more a norm.”

Carson Keck

In the ever-evolving world of dining out, FasTab might just be setting the pace for the future.


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