Innovating the Hog Industry: FeedFlo’s Digital Transformation Success

In a world where digital transformations often mean new smartphone models or advanced robotics in factories, it’s easy to overlook the ever-present and essential industries that fuel our everyday lives. Among these, hog and pork production stands out. While one may not immediately associate this age-old profession with cutting-edge technology, FeedFlo is proving this notion wrong.

A Game-Changing Startup

Casey Forsyth and his team at FeedFlo have embarked on a mission to revolutionize the hog and poultry production industry with their innovative precision feed sensors. These small yet mighty devices provide real-time monitoring of feed consumption patterns, acting as an early alert system for herd health issues. Emerging from Norima Consulting, this two-year-old startup is now on the cusp of a commercial launch that has the potential to reshape the industry.

Beyond Just Data

FeedFlo’s success lies not only in the data it collects but also in its approach to helping farmers understand and act upon that data. As Forsyth eloquently puts it,

“We feel strongly about not just sending people data but helping them make better decisions.”

Casey Forsyth

The sensors, meticulously crafted in FeedFlo’s Winnipeg workshop, offer farmers insights into their feed systems that were previously hard to measure. By tracking feed events, empty pipe occurrences, and system health issues, these devices are the farmers’ eyes and ears inside the barn, confirming optimal feeding and reduced surplus.

Major Impact Potential

The implications of FeedFlo’s technology are significant. With feed costs being a significant expense for producers, the ability to monitor and control it can be a game-changer for the economics of hog and poultry operations. Progressive Group, a major player with a 45,000-sow operation, is in the midst of testing FeedFlo’s solutions. While the final verdict is yet to come, the underlying message is clear – Technology like FeedFlo’s holds the key to warranting animal well-being and operational efficiency.

Addressing a Data Gap

Despite being in the age of data, it’s surprising how limited the information available to hog and poultry producers has been.

“It’s shocking how little data producers have right now.”

Casey Forsyth

FeedFlo aims to bridge this gap, providing timely, actionable insights that can greatly enhance animal health and operational profitability.

A Booming Market and Bright Future

FeedFlo’s ambition doesn’t stop at Manitoba or even at hogs. With similar feed systems in poultry production, there’s a potential market of 400,000 sensors in North America alone. Even capturing just 10% of this would be a huge win.

Beyond the numbers, the company’s commitment to refining and enhancing its offering sets it apart. While competitors focus on measuring feed levels, FeedFlo emphasizes the entire journey of feed through the system, ensuring unmatched precision.

FeedFlo’s journey is a testament to innovation’s ability to penetrate even the most traditional sectors. As consumers demand more transparency and efficiency from the food system, technology-driven solutions like FeedFlo are poised to lead the way, ensuring a brighter, healthier, and more profitable future for all involved.


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