MTA’s Start-Up Visa Program: The Gold Standard in Supporting International Start-ups


The global entrepreneurial landscape is vast, diverse, and packed with innovation. Nurturing this innovation and ensuring its fertile growth is the vision behind the MTA Start-Up Visa program (SUV). With over 750 international start-ups and scale-ups having benefited of this service, MTA has been setting an unparalleled benchmark. Here’s a closer look at why MTA’s SUV program is deemed the gold standard.

1. Swift Application Processing:

MTA takes pride in its efficient application process, guaranteeing consistent reviews and timely responses. Comprising a structured application form, a two-page business plan, and a 10-slide presentation, the process is both comprehensive and concise. The highlight? MTA can review your application within 21 business days and issue a Letter of Support (LoS) within 30 days. The commitment to speed and efficiency ensures start-ups can focus on what they do best, innovate.

2. Rigorous Due Diligence:

The MTA’s three-tiered strategy guarantees that every detail is addressed. Here’s a breakdown of their process:

  • First Screen: MTA analysts review the application package, checking its completeness and assessing the business’s innovative potential and scalability.
  • Second Screen: This involves an independent screening committee formed of prominent figures from Manitoba’s business world, industry associations, and government bodies. Applications can be accepted, flagged for further queries, or rejected based on their review.
  • Third Screen: Selected applicants are matched with a dedicated business advisor. This advisor, chosen based on their industry experience and alignment with the company, not only serves as a mentor but acts as the final filter. If an application bypasses the screening committee but doesn’t find a willing advisor, it is rejected, ensuring the highest standards.

3. Tailored Business Advisory:

MTA doesn’t just facilitate, it nurtures. Successful applicants are transformed into clients of the SUV program and are paired with advisors who offer 1:1 guidance. These advisors aid in understanding Canadian business practices and progressing businesses through MTA’s Commercialization Pathway. Regular monthly progress reports, adjusted based on team size, ensure transparency and growth. After a rewarding 18 months, clients graduate from the program with a certificate and comprehensive auditable reports, testifying to their progress under MTA’s guidance.

The MTA Start-Up Visa program doesn’t just offer a pathway to entrepreneurship in Canada, it is a promise of rigorous screening, tailored guidance, and a commitment to bringing the best and brightest into the country’s business ecosystem. If you are an aspiring business looking for a reliable partner on your entrepreneurial journey, look no further.

Visit MTA’s advisor board to get acquainted with their esteemed panel: MTA SUV Advisory Board.


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