Winnipeg: The Rising Start-Up Capital of Western Canada


Winnipeg, once a quiet player in the entrepreneurial world, is now undergoing a significant transformation. In the past, it was often overlooked in the bustling start-up scene. However, today things are different. With the efforts and contributions of groups like MTA, Winnipeg is steadily making its mark. It’s not just emerging as a key player but is on the path to becoming the premier start-up hub of Western Canada.

MTA has set its sights on two ambitious goals:

  1. Cultivate more companies in Winnipeg that hit the coveted $100M valuation.
  2. Establish Winnipeg as the undisputed Start-Up Capital of Western Canada.

One might wonder, why Winnipeg? The answer lies in a renewed perspective that recognizes the city’s vast potential. The recent success stories of MTA client companies are testament to this new era. They exemplify what’s achievable when the right talent converges with the right resources.

A significant portion of this success can be attributed to MTA’s attraction. They’ve successfully drawn over 750 international start-ups and scale-ups into their program. This influx has done wonders for Winnipeg. The city’s diverse talent and refined management foster an ecosystem ready for disruptive technology commercialization.

MTA strategically advances its objectives. By diligently overseeing their investment portfolio, they ensure a diversified presence across companies valued from $20M to the pivotal $100M mark based on external investments. This positions Winnipeg as a growth hub for businesses at every phase.

The narrative is changing, and Winnipeg is emerging as a net attractor of start-ups and scale-ups, a title that few would have associated with the city just a few years ago. Winnipeg is no longer just the place where dreams are born, it’s where they come to thrive. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are choosing the city as their preferred destination to grow their ventures.

In any worthwhile pursuit, challenges are to be expected. The momentum must not only be maintained but continuously accelerated. The next five years are critical. But if the recent past is any indication, Winnipeg is on a trajectory to transform into something even more incredible.

In conclusion, if you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or just someone brimming with innovative ideas, keep your eyes on Winnipeg. It’s not just the heart of Canada, it’s rapidly becoming the heart of innovation in Western Canada. With organizations like MTA paving the path, unimaginable possibilities await.


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