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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Nano-Con Monitoring

One Line Pitch: Nano-Con Monitoring is a Canadian construction technology company that is in the business of using smart-dust technology to aid in the monitoring of buildings to detect structural integrity issues or other building discrepancies before they become a larger issue.
Business Summary: Nano-Con is looking to facilitate the construction and prolong the lifetime of of buildings by detecting structural integrity issues before they become major building threats. Nano-Con uses smart dust which is made of tiny sensors the size of grains of sand to collect data vital to engineers, safety personnel, and stakeholders. Technology will be integrated into buildings using two methods: embedding smart dust into pre-cast concrete for new buildings, and embedding smart dust on sheets of glass or tint to apply to existing buildings. Our technology will constantly collect real-time data, and information will be stored in the cloud, accessible by our well-curated software.
Sector: Architecture, Construction, Engineering


One Line Pitch: NanoConst is developing cloud-based, nanomaterials and 3D printing technology, in the construction industry.
Business Summary: NanoConst utilizes nanotechnology in construction materials in order to increase the mechanical properties and the strength of the materials. We help optimize nano-concrete mixtures using AI/ML. Our product aims to improve the strength of construction material while decreasing the consumption of energy.
Sector: Construction

Nanoparticles based Micro Dies Production Company

One Line Pitch: Nanoparticles-based Micro Dies Production Company develops micro-sized plastic and metal dies using nanotechnology to achieve significant improvements in manufacturing quality.
Business Summary: This start-up company will use nanoparticles and nanotechnology to achieve significant improvements in antibacterial activity, hardness, and abrasion resistance. They will also plan to reduce the coefficient of friction. The nanotechnology will have no impact on the dimensional accuracy of the dies and will increase production efficiency and the overall productivity of manufacturing companies. As the demand for micro products and parts increases, so too does the need for micro dies.
Sector: Micro Products, Nanotechnology

Nanosensor Water Quality Control Company

One Line Pitch: Providing single-walled carbon nanotube (CNT) sensors as part of an innovative solution to monitor and control water quality.
Business Summary: Nanosensor Water Quality Control is a manufacturer and distributer of novel single-walled CNT sensors that can be used to detect and monitor harmful contaminants in water distribution systems. The technology is innovative as the CNT materials are non-toxic, stable, and resistant to degradation in harsh environments. The single-walled CNT sensors are further enforced with a proprietary polymer derived from cellulose that vastly improves their function, polarity, and electrical transduction.
Sector: Green Technology

Nanotech Disinfectant

One Line Pitch: A novel silver modified nanoparticle cerium oxide disinfectant to reduce the transmission of Covid 19 and other infectious viral pathogens.
Business Summary: NanoTech Disinfectant Production Company is offering a novel disinfectant that effectively controls coronavirus, rhinovirus and other viral pathogens for up to 7 seven days after a single use. It is chemically stable, easy to apply to surfaces, and non-toxic to humans. The innovative disinfectant is formulated with dual cerium oxide nanoparticles enforced with silver nanophases (AgCNP1 and AgCNP2); resulting in a product that has both chemical and mechanical antiviral mechanisms to destroy viruses upon contact. This disruptive start-up will generate revenue by directly selling its antiviral disinfectant to hospitals, healthcare facilities, households, retail, transportation, hospitality, and food and beverage processing facilities across Canada, eventually selling its product globally.
Sector: Life Sciences, Manufacturing

NanoTech Socks Production Company

One Line Pitch: Nanosocks producing socks with nanotechnology to reduce harmful skin infections and to help improve the benefits of fabrics for your feet.
Business Summary: Nanotech socks production company provides natural cotton textile production for sock apparel that chemically treated with zno NPs for superior functionally and performance.
Sector: Manufacturing

Nanotechnology Based Pipeline

One Line Pitch: The oil and gas sector relies on pipelines to transport products to market. It is imperative that these pipelines are protected and maintained against corrosion. Nanotechnology Based Pipeline will disrupt the coating application of pipelines by using new carbon nano tube (CNT) technology that provides better protection at a significant cost savings compared to traditional coatings.
Business Summary: The startup will sell CNT coated pipeline to the oil and gas sector. Once educated on the advantages of a CNT coating, the sector will be drawn by the cost savings and longevity of the protection against corrosion.
Sector: Green Technology

Nanotechnology Nonalcohol Wipes

One Line Pitch: An environmentally friendly and biodegradable non-alcoholic wet wipes with antimicrobial and antiviral silver nanoparticles.
Business Summary: The disinfectant cellulose-based wipes treated with antimicrobial and antiviral silver nanoparticles are used for prevention of contamination and transmission of several pathogenic viruses. These wipes can be used for household and/or industrial cleaning as well as personal hygiene use.
Sector: Life Sciences

Nanotechnology Purification

One Line Pitch: The world needs more environmental solutions. The purification of leachate (contaminated liquid that is generated from water passing through solid waste) is currently inefficient and costly. Nanotechnology Purification has created an innovative system that reduces pollutants in garbage leachates, ultimately purifying these leachates so they are not harmful to nature and humans. This cost effective patented technology offers municipalities and large industrial producers an affordable option for leachate treatment.
Business Summary: Nanotechnology Purification will earn revenue through affordable tonnage pricing that results in a gross profit of 75%. The target market of municipalities and industrial producers are hungry for a cost effective leachate solution. Business will be obtained through a traditional sales channel supported by digital marketing.

Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company

One Line Pitch: Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company is developing a way to separate gases in the air via an adsorption process.
Business Summary: Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company is creating a way to separate nitrogen and oxygen from the air for reselling purposes. With their ongoing development of a nanotechnology-based adsorption method of extracting these gases, they look to provide a supply of these gases that are costly to obtain. Nanotechnology-based Industrial Gases Company hopes that their solution will allow purchasers to most cost efficiently purchase purer forms of nitrogen and oxygen.
Sector: Chemical Production

Nanotechnology-based Pesticides Company

One Line Pitch: Nanotechnology-based Pesticides is creating a nanoparticle silica-based pesticide that deals with pests whilst remaining safe for humans and the environment.
Business Summary: Nanotechnology-based Pesticides is developing a pesticide that uses nanoparticle silica to help defend against insects, weeds, and harmful fungi. They aim to have a pesticide that is highly effective and does not cause environmental damage in the long-term. Nanotechnology-based Pesticides believes that by creating this product, they can both provide an alternative to traditional harmful pesticides that will not have adverse consequences.
Sector: Agriculture

Nanotechnology-based Smart Doors

One Line Pitch: The startup will develop and install smart doors designed with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profiles and thorium or silica nanoparticles, in order to provide a high-quality alternative to traditional door materials.
Business Summary: The smart doors will be manufactured using a mix of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles and thorium or silica nanoparticles. The combination of these materials will result in doors with a unique set of features including no change of color and state from sunlight, extreme durability and strength, non-flammable in the event of a fire, and resistance to rot, and rust. The doors will have IoT sensors enabling user control through their mobile device, providing unparalleled door management capabilities.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: Nassam has developed personalized smart services (B2B and B2C) using the Internet of robotic things (IORT) and AI.
Business Summary: Nassam team has developed personalized smart services using and Internet of robotic things (IORT) and AI. This includes social robots for education, household, and retail businesses. Medical assistant robots that support both self-care and assistant services that can constantly be in tune with user’s requirements. Nassam optimizes and personalizes services using AI and more!
Sector: Information Technology, Robotics


One Line Pitch: A marketplace for natural, sustainable, and organic producers to sell to industrial manufacturers.
Business Summary: An online marketplace using a unique matching algorithm so industrial manufacturers can find providers of innovative natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients for their cosmetic, food, supplement, and clothing manufacturing requirements.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences

Navis Health

One Line Pitch: A mental health community for women going through menopause.
Business Summary: NAVIS is a mental health community created for women going through menopause to help them navigate the new chapter of life. Many women struggle with menopause and rarely receive the support they need. NAVIS offers an easy-to-use mobile app that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to recommend mental health practices tailored to each individual while matching them with others in the same phase of transition from perimenopause to menopause; this way, it alleviates mental symptoms of menopause. NAVIS helps women navigate their emotional and physical changes by empowering them with an online community to support each other during the practices.
Sector: Femtech, Healthcare


One Line Pitch: A proactive machine learning-based solution for early detection of cognitive disorders in MS patients.
Business Summary: NBNZ CAD software is designed based on a machine learning system by analyzing cognitive task-related functional MRI (fMRI) data at the very early stages of MS. The proposed software will be offered to neurologists specialized in MS disease analysis to assist them by providing automated tools for early diagnosis of cognitive dysfunction. Neurologists and their patients use this software as a trusted second opinion to diagnose and plan their treatment strategies earlier.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Nedergi was formed with the aim of producing functional food as a bar product to provide energy and essential nutrients during crises such as floods, earthquakes, and military personnel, or to support athletes and students.
Business Summary: Nedergi product is made up of cheap and nutritious ingredients designed specifically to meet nutrient needs in crisis situations. All components of this functional food are high in energy, and rich in antioxidants fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Products are designed and packaged to have a shelf life period of up to 5 years. Making Nedergi’s energy bars available to Canadian and global consumers will potentially save millions of lives and potentially contribute to creating a world with lesser loss of human lives, less poverty, and less hunger.
Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: NEO Life PPE is developing new technology Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks to help the public and health care workers eliminate bacteria from their masks with new innovations.
Business Summary: In addition to creating new ways to eliminate bacteria as soon as it comes in contact with your mask, we are also working to manufacture regular surgical masks and also begin production for Canadian made N 95 masks (NIOSH approved) for hospitals.
Sector: Life Sciences, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A contact-less software targeted at the hospitality industry to help them provide guests with a cloud-based, APP Free mobile ordering and payment solution.
Business Summary: NeoKey provides Hotels, Restaurants, QSRs, and other establishments with an application that enables their customers to browse, order and pay anywhere in-venue using their own mobile device. This is a cost-effective solution, allowing users to plan further strategies based on real-time data.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Hospitality

Neska Development Corporation

One Line Pitch: Neska Development Corporation is creating an app-based service that helps users track and manage their finances based on more than just money.
Business Summary: Neska Development Corporation is creating a unique personal finance management application that offers more than just money management. With the incorporation of several additional data sources that include lifestyle and purchasing behaviour, this PFM application utilizes AI to allow user to not only compare their own finances, but also see how they compare to other users of the app. Neska Development Corporation hopes their product provides a new and innovative experience to managing personal finance that is currently not on the market
Sector: Communications Technology, Finance, Information Technology

NetEarth NS

One Line Pitch: A platform to deliver domain and related services to registrars and resellers.
Business Summary: A product targeted for the B2B market, the NetEarth platform connects registrars and resellers, allowing the registrar to sell and fully automate their own services.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Pioneering intelligent network traffic management for high-speed, reliable connectivity tailored for the Canadian market
Business Summary: The digital age has presented countless opportunities but with it, the challenge of maintaining optimal network performance amidst rising demands. NetRapid addresses this concern with its innovative smart network traffic management system. This solution intelligently allocates resources by analyzing real-time data and usage patterns, ensuring unparalleled network performance. Whether contending with network congestion, latency issues, or security vulnerabilities, NetRapid empowers businesses to stay ahead, ensuring their infrastructure is primed for growth and success in the digital age.
Sector: IT

Neuron Technologies

One Line Pitch: Innovative new surgical tool.
Business Summary: A new tool to make a common surgery faster, less invasive, and less expensive.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: An online education academy that provides children access to math and science programs helping them to better grasp science concepts taught in school.
Business Summary: Neutonium provides an online platform that provides junior-high and high school students access to math and science programs utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as animation, virtual reality (VR) and 3D printing. Neutronium’s immersive technology enables easy production of VR-based learning environments for advanced topics and their “Real-World Skills Program” teaches students leadership skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving skills by using mentors, speaker series and real challenge projects.
Sector: Education, eLearning

New Curb Solution

One Line Pitch: Sustainable, low maintenance solution for new and existing street curbs.
Business Summary: The NCS solution provides a cost-efficient, durable solution for the construction of street curbs. This environmentally friendly solution will provide builders with PVC molds that enable them to construct new curbs and repair damaged ones without additional costs of demolition and transportation of old concrete. Target market will be municipal public sector organizations in Canada.d transportation of old concrete.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: An AI-powered mobile application that analyzes the interior design style and colour palette of the user’s room and redecorates it according to their preferences and personal taste.
Business Summary: NextXP helps Millennials redecorate their room based on their preferred style and personal taste. The AI-powered mobile app identifies users’ personal tastes through a short quiz, evaluates the room interior design style, and recommends furniture and home décor items from online retailers that match the room style, color harmony, and user tastes. Moreover, NextXP uses augmented reality technology, which allows customers to visualize their furniture before purchasing.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services

NH Inclusive Learning Solutions

One Line Pitch: Using the latest technologies, NH Inclusive Learning achieves learning objectives while enabling the students who are visually impaired to have more fun in their learning experience.
Business Summary: This Software-as-a-Service based company provides students who are visually impaired with a mobile educational application. The app offers tactile graphics and simultaneous audio descriptions to experience touch and hearing at the same time.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Education


One Line Pitch: An Enterprise content services and communications platform for business automation.
Business Summary: Niotex Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is a web-based platform, designed in a robust and user-friendly interface, providing organizations with the ability to store, share, archive and manage all types of corporate/business correspondence and documentation in an easy and secure way.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Nonio Tech

One Line Pitch: Nonio Tech is a platform focused on the gamification of concepts in the business cycle to increase efficiency.
Business Summary: Intended for SMEs, this user-friendly and flexible web and mobile management tool is built to customize company workflow based on the gamification of concepts. This system provides a way to communicate goals and sharpen the focus on accomplishing tasks.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Nord Wisdom Limited

One Line Pitch: A cyber-training platform for primary and secondary schools aimed at improving computer literacy.
Business Summary: Nord Wisdom Limited provides an innovative cyber-training platform and instructional programs specifically targeted at computer literacy training needs and education outcomes of students in primary and secondary schools. The platform has been designed to tailor education delivery that is specific to different social backgrounds and individual learner needs. The training programs can be project based and customized to allow more instructional flexibility for schools.
Sector: Education, eLearning, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: NuLife specializes in manufacturing and wholesaling highly accurate rapid diagnostic test (RDT) kits
Business Summary: By employing lateral flow technology, the Company’s products will be able to provide precise results and, as such, prove particularly useful in detecting medical conditions with overlapping symptoms within a short time frame
Sector: B2C, Healthcare

Nutri Green

One Line Pitch: Nutri Green’s main product is Fully Humic Acid – Chelated Plant Nutrients. The company’s operations include the R&D, sales, distribution, and production of humic acid solutions for agricultural purposes.
Business Summary: The company will provide innovative agrochemical products – Fully Humic Acid – Chelated Plant Nutrients. Products include various types, such as direct spray on the leaves of plants, direct irrigation on the roots of plants, etc. After using the product, the sugar content and VC content of commercial crops will be generally increased and the incidence of crop diseases will also be reduced. The unique production process and the added desert plant extracts not only reduce the production cost but also enable the crops to better absorb nutrients. NutriGreen’s products are of high quality and low cost.
Sector: Agriculture

NutriPocket Inc

One Line Pitch: The one-stop app for health-conscious foodies.
Business Summary: NutriPocket is a mobile application aiming to revolutionize the way we perceive nutrition. It is a one-source interactive guide accessible to all to help users navigate their health and nutrition journeys.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Nutritious Pet Food Company

One Line Pitch: A superior, well-balanced, and nutritious pet food that contains a proprietary blend of Bacillus probiotic to support the digestive health of companion animals.
Business Summary: Nutritious Pet Food Company is developing a Bacillus sp. functional food additive that improves gut health, immune system response and the energy level of companion animals. This probiotic enhanced pet food will be produced using the process of extrusion cooking to ensure product quality and shelf-life.
Sector: Animal Health

Nuwatech Inc

One Line Pitch: Nuwatech Inc provides full, SaaS-based customer lifecycle management solutions to car dealers.
Business Summary: The Nuwatech Inc platform is integrated with social media to generate sales leads and targeted marketing via rules-based AI and big data. Nuwatech Inc provides full customer lifecycle management with a mobile, user-friendly CRM platform, and with tools that streamline car dealership workflow processes.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Connecting Immigrants with Employment.
Business Summary: Occupify Global Inc. is an intelligent platform for facilitation and support of new immigrants’ integration into regulated occupations, providing important connections, services and information before, during and after landing in Canada.
Sector: Immigration and Labour Technology


One Line Pitch: Ocusur has designed and developed an ocular speculum capable of safe eyeball fixation during both short and even lengthy fine ocular examinations and interventions.
Business Summary: Ocular examinations and surgeries are the most frequent medical interventions in the world. Ocular interventions are also the most delicate and sensitive operations in which any unwanted movement of the eyeball can cause major injuries. The Ocusur invention is made of FDA-approved materials, and it provides fine fixation of the eyeball during the ocular interventions, and prevents unwanted injuries in ophthalmology surgeries. The device also prevents ocular post-operation ophthalmitis and infections by decreasing ocular injuries and rinsing disinfecting agents during the surgeries.
Sector: Healthcare, Life Sciences

OMO Art Inc

One Line Pitch: An integrated platform for OMO arts learning and cultural enrichment.
Business Summary: OMO arts training has an experienced management team with diverse working background and specialized skills for business development and innovation. Our mission is to promote the local cultural values of different communities through arts using sustainable education.
Sector: Education, Software


One Line Pitch: Opermart is an all-in-one online marketplace for industrial machinery.
Business Summary: Opermart is developing an AI-based online marketplace for industrial machinery, with current focus on electric motors. Users can search for products via a wide range of parameters, and then find the best price, the best service and the best repair and maintenance offerings, all aided by image recognition technology.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Opertown has created an innovative concrete-based construction material for high-quality wall panel systems.
Business Summary: Opertown has developed an eco-friendly Ultra Lightweight Resistant Concrete (ULRC) construction material for building prefabricated houses. The Opertown solution delivers exceptional properties such as fire resistance, light yet high strength, fast processing and heatproof / soundproof.
Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A Digital Health Solution Focused on Improving Substance Abuse Disorders.
Business Summary: A technology company focusing on using digital health solutions to improve substance abuse disorders with an end-to-end system for managing access to medications through a digital pillbox and an application; hence, improving the opioid crisis and preventing easy access or tampering by other people not authorized to use the medication.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Traffic management software accurately processing license plates for efficient parking management
Business Summary: Optiya specializes in precise vehicle identification and tracking solutions. Their lightning-fast Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) employs advanced algorithms and machine learning for accurate license plate recognition. They also offer GPS tracking systems for real-time vehicle monitoring, enhancing fleet safety and efficiency.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Oral Health 365

One Line Pitch: A virtual dental care platform that delivers consultation and diagnostic services
Business Summary: Oral Health 365 is a virtual dentistry care provider that delivers consultation and diagnostic services to patients suffering from oral health care conditions at a low cost. The convenient teledentistry service is offered 24/7 through a website and mobile application. The company will initially launch in Canada and will target individuals that are elderly, live remotely, have a physical or developmental disability, and will attract patients and caregivers that wish to reduce travel and time off work for routine dental care.
Sector: Medical


One Line Pitch: A new Era in safe night driving by using cutting-edge technology of smart headlights.
Business Summary: Our Smart headlight systems provide adaptive and glare-free high beam and adaptive light control. Automotive smart headlights are now growing in popularity. Our product is a smart automotive headlight system to be used by a wide range of vehicles regardless of their make or type. We have developed three products, the most advanced of which features glare-free high beam control, traffic signs detection,curves adaptive illumination, pedestrian detection and night vision.
Sector: Automotive


One Line Pitch: Packaged products made of natural and circular materials agricultural waste.
Business Summary: Orgaland creates packaging materials that can be used in place of plastic in an environmentally beneficial manner. These goods are entirely biodegradable and compostable. Products from Orgaland, which are created from agricultural waste such as pineapple crowns, corn husks, natural fibres, and seeds, fall into three categories: dishes for use in food preparation, containers for cosmetic and hygienic purposes, and packaging for detergent.
Sector: Clean Technology

Origins Source

One Line Pitch: Cloud based supply chain tracker using blockchain authentication and detection technology powered by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to validate the genuineness of suppliers.
Business Summary: Origins Source created a cloud-based supply chain tracker to validate its authenticity. Their solution is based on cloud computing, Blockchain Authentication, Bluetooth IoT, and GPS. Data points extracted from the GPS location, time, shipment, and delivery status are available to the consumer at any given time through a cloud platform created by the company.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A mobile application that identifies key events and milestones in the orthodontic journey. The timeline will offer clickable tabs that let you know when your next appointment should be booked, and what to expect at the next one.
Business Summary: Many young kids and adults visit the orthodontist regularly for realignment and care, but this process stretches over many years and requires the patients to be involved, and responsible for upkeep between appointments. During this process, there are many questions that come up regarding new equipment, care instructions, or pain management. OrthoTrack is a mobile application that allows the orthodontic office to communicate with patients about their own journey. It will identify milestones in the process so patients stay motivated, include FAQs about their specific orthodontic equipment and offer reminders when appointments need to be booked, or deep cleaning should happen.
Sector: Life Sciences

Osto VLearning

One Line Pitch: A virtual reality learning platform for immigrants to help them learn about culture and language through access to immersive classes focused on topics relevant to daily living situations.
Business Summary: Osto VLearning delivers a virtual reality educational platform featuring hundreds of immersive classes about culture and language. The classes include a wide range of topics relevant to daily living in English-speaking nations and other locations around the world. Learners utilize a virtual reality headset to see up-close, interactive visual as well the platform allows learners to connect with native speakers who can help learners improve their writing and speaking skills. The learning platform personalizes the learning path using artificial intelligence and makes learning enjoyable by using gamification which can improve learners’ motivation to keep studying.
Sector: Education, eLearning, Information Technology

OtherSide AI

One Line Pitch: AI for Poultry Science.
Business Summary: OtherSide AI is developing a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor the health of chickens, allowing early intervention in disease. Our main goal is to automate as many labour-intensive tasks as possible, such as weighing chickens. The company formulated a business plan and have a solid grasp of the technology that will be involved. Our main goal from MTA’s incubator program is market research. The technology will make livestock farming scalable, and allow the most advanced technologies (e.g., IoT) to trickle through Manitoba and all of Canada.
Sector: Agriculture, Communications Technology, Information Technology

Otse Optical

One Line Pitch: The Company will operate an optical goods store and offer eyewear and optometry service to individuals of all ages and requirements.
Business Summary: The Company will sell optical lenses, frames, and other eyewear and offer professional support to clients. Through high-quality corrective and protective eyewear, the Company will provide solution to the increasing health conditions and support health and safety measures enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, through mobile delivery and reliance on online channels, the Company will reach clients in remote areas and enable them to receive quality support.
Sector: Life Sciences, Retail