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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.



One Line Pitch: Innovative intelligent Marketplace Mobile App for hyperlocal business owners to list their business and provide service for neighborhoods.
Business Summary: Coodecs develops a Marketplace Mobile app, which will provide an online platform for hyperlocal Neighborhood shops and service providers to list their shop or service on the app. The app will have two kinds of subscriptions, basic and premium; the basic version will not have inventory and no delivery service, however users can chat or contact with vendors through the app and take orders, whereas in the premium version, the app will give inventory management and delivery options. This App will be like a virtual market of real world neighborhood markets, a single platform for users to buy groceries, order food, book dentist or barber appointments
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

COYAR Technology

One Line Pitch: Coyar Technology Inc. provides air quality and energy solutions for the post COVID era.
Business Summary: Air scrubbing & purification to improve the air quality in indoor public spaces.
Sector: AEC, Bioscience

CPRO Services

One Line Pitch: CPRO Services is a one stop shop to find professional services for today’s busy middle class.
Business Summary: CPRO Services is developing a flexible and AI-integrated online platform for on- demand professional services using automated processes and complete transparency to give best in class experience to its customers. The platform will solve major market-related problems by offering a dynamic pricing mechanism and skill matching options.
Sector: Information Technology

Crack Recognition Solution

One Line Pitch: Crack Recognition Solution analyzes different types of cracks on concrete structures using drone technology, image processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Business Summary: The drones provide access to previously hard-to-reach areas during inspections and eliminate the time, costs, and risks associated with performing the task manually. Image pre-processing enhances the quality of our images. Our technology uses a neural network algorithm with a hidden layer to identify crack types. Our system evaluates the costs of repairing the cracks using machine learning.
Sector: Real Estate, SaaS

Creative Director

One Line Pitch: AI-powered video editing solution
Business Summary: CreativeDirector provides a two-part video editing solution, consisting of an automated tool for creating rough video cuts and a conversational editing system. In the prototype, users can access the home, project editing, export, and settings pages. The company also has plans to incorporate voice interaction and AI-powered video modifications.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Creative Planner

One Line Pitch: Creative Planner is a web & mobile-based app that addresses the pains and frustrations associated with event planning.
Business Summary: The smart app provides one platform for all stakeholders to review events, bids, and contracts effortlessly using a user-friendly and intuitive cloud-based tool. The Creative Planner platform also facilitates the planning, organizing, and managing of events such as weddings, trade shows, or corporate events.
Sector: B2B, SaaS

Creditlink Technologies

One Line Pitch: Creditlink is building a software platform to help small and medium-sized enterprises reduce their credit risk costs.
Business Summary: Creditlink will offer, through strategic partnerships, a suite of personalized credit management solutions to help their customers improve their overall creditworthiness. Creditlink will also work with their customers to create customized debt management plans tailored to their specific financial situation, goals, and preferences.
Sector: IT


One Line Pitch: Smart Fat Freezing Solutions.
Business Summary: CrYouFit helps people who suffer from overweight and obesity to use smart fat freezing technology as a home care device.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: CryptoEye is an intelligent market insights provider with the aim of helping retail investors in the crypto sector to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the market via a variety of sources.
Business Summary: CryptoEye gathers data from different sources like social media, news and crypto-specific channels. Then, using our natural language processing (NLP) & artificial intelligence algorithms, we extract and provide insights to our users so they can efficiently understand current trends, how the market works, and make informed decisions based on the flow of tweets, news, and all other text sources in real-time.
Sector: Crypto Assets, Currencies

CTBC Solutions Inc.

One Line Pitch: CTBC is software that deliver programming boot camps that prepares tweens and teens to be ready for more lucrative career employment immediately upon graduation from high school.
Business Summary: CTBC’s proprietary applications are designed to train students on the programming skills that will ready them for the competitive opportunities available to teenage students looking to advance their IT careers. Traditional degree programs are typically not an option for those under 18 years of age. CTBC will make tweens and teens ready for employment immediately upon graduation from high school, as well as provide them with skills that support part-time employment while they are still in school.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, eLearning

Cubed Skin Care

One Line Pitch: An organic skin care product specializing in helping people with eczema, acne, and sensitive skin.
Business Summary: One of the first brands to incorporate CBD and herb medicines, their business focus is on the distribution of high-quality skin care to aid in the relief of eczema, acne, and sensitive skin. Cubed Skin provides high-quality raw materials in biodegradable packaging aimed at giving people with sensitive skin an all-natural solution as an alternative to steroids.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps Clients find experienced and trustworthy Caregivers in a safe and secure manner.
Business Summary: Cura has developed and online platform that provides access to experienced, reliable and verified caregivers who have passed Cura’s qualification process. Families provide Cura with health status, care requirements and other preferences and the Cura system will connect them to the most appropriate Caregiver. The Cura system has been designed to provide ongoing quality control and real time feedback giving families the peace of mind they desire.
Sector: Communications Technology, Healthcare, Information Technology

Curetech eHealth, Inc.

One Line Pitch: Medical Wearable solutions targeting the Sports Monitoring Market.
Business Summary: Curetech eHealth has developed a wearable sensing platform (smartwatch, smart patch) that can capture high-quality PPG-ECG signals while on the move. It is committed to helping millions of athletes worldwide concerned about hypertension by providing wearable sensors to monitor vital signs (skin temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate) while the athlete is on the move. Specific innovation lies in being able to take blood pressure measurements while moving as it is a big evolution from the cumbersome blood pressure monitors which athletes currently use for hypertension monitoring.
Sector: Life Sciences

Curiosity Cubs

One Line Pitch: A Hands-On Learning Adventure for Canadian Children
Business Summary: Curiosity Cubs is a Canadian startup that empowers children to develop essential life skills while reducing their excessive exposure to screens. The core concept of Curiosity Cubs is to provide innovative, hands-on learning materials and engaging activities that replace passive screen time with interactive and educational experiences. Through a subscription-based model, Curiosity Cubs deliver curated craft kits directly to the homes of Canadian families, offering a wide range of activities that enhance intellectual, emotional, and social growth in children.
Sector: Education Technology


One Line Pitch: One-stop shop for health, beauty, fashion, and household-related products online exclusively from Canada.
Business Summary: CUSHEE partners with small businesses to have their products listed on their platform. Influencers/Resellers looking for commission revenues use social network to promote products and refer customers to purchase the product on the CUSHEE platform, and they receive commission after the purchase. Seller receives the order, packs it, and CUSHEE’s logistic partner delivers it to the end-user.
Sector: Communications Technology, Distribution, Information Technology

Cut Flower

One Line Pitch: Production of hydrogels-based preservative as controlled release system in postharvest approach.
Business Summary: Hydrogel-based preservative enriched with silver ion solution (silver nanoparticles) and designed as a controlled release systems in postharvest settings which prolongs the vase life of a flower at least by more than 50% compared to traditional preservative chemicals.
Sector: Agriculture

Cut Point Temperature

One Line Pitch: AI-powered cut point temperature prediction and optimization in distillation towers.
Business Summary: Cut Point Temperature (CPT) is a startup providing AI-driven software for Canadian industrial sectors, specializing in distillation processes. The platform offers prediction and optimization applications for crude oil refineries and water purification factories, focusing on energy management and productivity enhancement through advanced meta-analysis.
Sector: Industrial Technology


One Line Pitch: CyberCover provides cyber insurance crafted for the small businesses using the underwriting method customized by AI.
Business Summary: Sell cyber insurance to small businesses and connect third-party cybersecurity service providers to the customers. The provided end to end cyber insurance will enable small businesses with limited technical knowledge to get access to affordable cyber insurance. This will allow small businesses to expand their revenue from online sales and also manage their risk of online business.
Sector: Insurance Technology


One Line Pitch: CyberLeaf is a cyber security software company utilizing blockchain technology.
Business Summary: CyberLeaf is an advanced security and cryptography-based platform that mitigates most problems inherent in today’s cyber security systems. Customer security protocols are modifiable based on the unique needs of different users.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Cyberometrics is creating a management software for companies to support cybersecurity functions.
Business Summary: Cyberometrics is developing a platform to assist in cybersecurity management and utilization. With the complexity of cybersecurity, finding both the perfect system and experts for a specific business can be difficult. Using an analytic software in conjunction with expert crowdsourcing, Cyberometrics offers a way for businesses to easily analyze and assess their cybersecurity needs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Cybersecurity, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Transforming Women’s Healthcare with AI-Driven Personalization And Holistic Natural Wellness Solutions.
Business Summary: Daily Glee is at the forefront of innovation in women’s healthcare. They’ve developed an innovative women’s healthcare platform that seamlessly integrates AI technology with expert guidance. Through the mobile application, they aim to accomplish precise health assessments, offering personalized recommendations and one-on-one consultations with naturopathy doctors and health experts. Their competitive advantages translate to empowered women proactively managing their daily health, access to unique Natural wellness products, and the potential to lead healthier, happier lives. Their unwavering dedication drives the team to revolutionize women’s well-being, offering comprehensive solutions for a brighter future.
Sector: Health and Wellness

DAKE Technology

One Line Pitch: Smart devices for innovative products for customers.
Business Summary: Dake delivers the best innovative products and user experiences at affordable prices to customers in today’s digital world via in-depth market research to meet the needs and demands of customers. Dake has also developed a smart system for auto-pilot product development to its excellence.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Data Pitcher

One Line Pitch: DataPitcher has been started this year (2019) by a company that has been a pioneer in the start-up world in the last 6 years by building various products/platforms. They have worked over 40+ clients in the last 6 years for various AI/ML use-cases in the domain of Healthcare, Fintech, education, etc.
Business Summary: DataPitcher is Blockchain and Auto-ML driven most secured marketplace to either get the best value for your data assets, Workflows or Algorithms or else solve your business use-case with the best possible solution with scientist or Auto-ML acting as solution miners.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Drug Detail Establishment for Trade is a private establishment which sells and promotes aesthetic products, food supplement, health products, Medical Devices and we work also in the pharmaceutical brokerage business.
Sector: Life Sciences, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A digital city app for children that educates users on money management principles through real-life experience.
Business Summary: A digital city app for children that teaches finance and money management principles through hands-on experience in a safe environment. Debican provides users with their own debit card and the choice to save, earn, spend, or donate money. Businesses are able to engage, advertise, and sell to users through the age-appropriate online marketplace.
Sector: E-commerce, Fintech

Decolinx Furniture Sourcing Solutions Ltd. (Decocraft Customized Furniture)

One Line Pitch: A 2-sided platform helping interior designers source and procure customized furniture and millwork by enabling them to create rapid 3D renders and connecting them with relevant carpenters on the platform.
Business Summary: This company is developing a proprietary AI-based web application that connects interior designers and carpenters and acts as a conduit to support the manufacturing of customized furniture and millwork. The web application enables designers to create custom furniture pieces by creating rapid 3D renderings of their desired items and defining the project’s constraints (financial, size, colour, material, etc.), allowing designers to ideate their designs efficiently. The designer can also import images from concepts or furniture pieces they like, so the AI identifies relevant pre-built 3D models from the existing database. The web application produces a request for proposal (RFP) based on the completed model and publishes the RFP on the platform allowing the designer to receive bids from relevant carpenters.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: DecRisk is an AI-powered health risk assessment service created for insurance companies.
Business Summary: DecRisk is an AI-powered, intelligent, health risk assessment service created for insurance companies. It helps insurance companies to better analyze their potential clients and offer personalized offers considering their current and future health state/risks. DecRisk analyzes medical data, family trees, and other relevant inputs to assess and provide a personalized risk index for each individual which can be used to adjust premiums.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences

Deep Dent

One Line Pitch: Helping dentists do Predictive Analysis on the performance of dental braces, implants and other prostheses
Business Summary: Deep Dent has developed a technology/software which helps dentists to do predictive analysis on the performance of dental braces, implants and other prostheses. Through Deep Dent software dentists not only can design implants or dental braces but can study short term and long term behaviour of such prostheses. This software allows dentists to understand how the treatment would affect a patient’s teeth, jaw bones and gums as well as predict any possible failure.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: DeepLeep is an AI/VR-based online platform for parents that are sleep training their babies.
Business Summary: DeepLeep’s AI/VR based platform is customizable for parents who are sleep training their babies. Using data analytics, this platform provides customizable sleep routines and tracks sleep activities based on the conditions of each baby including gender, age, blood type and other information.
Sector: Technology

Delta Diagnosis

One Line Pitch: AI software which diagnoses carotid artery disease through real-time evaluation of carotid MRI images.
Business Summary: Delta Diagnosis developed novel AI software which is able to diagnoses carotid artery diseases by analyzing the MRI scans of the patients. This software, which is developed based on deep-learning algorithms, facilitates fully automated detection and segmentation of carotid vessel wall boundaries in real-time in addition to providing a 3D visual presentation of the vessel. Currently, quantitative assessment of the vessel wall dimensions in MRI scans is based on manual tracing of the lumen and outer wall boundaries, which is time‐consuming and subject to inter‐ and intra‐observer variation.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: DeltaNeuro designs, develops, manufactures and markets biofeedback based devices for health and wellness, and for treating certain habitual behaviors, such as tooth grinding.
Business Summary: DeltaNeuro designs, develops, manufactures and markets biofeedback-based devices for health and wellness, and for treating certain habitual behaviors, such as tooth grinding. A combination of EEG and EMG sensors are used to detect and identify certain habits and functions, and a set of biofeedback systems are used to modify them through delivery of brain-state inspired feedbacks.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Demand Boost

One Line Pitch: Demand Boost develops demand planning software for supply chain management, by using a gradient boosting system.
Business Summary: Demand planning is a key link for sales forecasting, production plans and supply chain strategy. The software helps predict the optimum level of inventory based on the industry and market factors as well as forecasting sales level for consumers
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Improve your gum health with DentaCad, an early periodontics disease detection software you can trust.
Business Summary: With the help of convolutional neural network algorithms, this software is not only essential to maintaining your oral health, but also paramount to helping dentists and hygienists diagnose and treat the problem fast. DentaCad will characterize, compare, and support diagnostic accuracy of dental radiographies for dentists and hygienists to predict, detect, and monitor periodontal disease, which will considerably reduce the time taken to diagnose periodontal disease.
Sector: Life Sciences

Dental Phobia Treatment

One Line Pitch: A Virtual Reality (VR) gaming software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biofeedback signals to address dental phobia.
Business Summary: In a worldwide survey of 18,000 people, 61% stated that they had a dental phobia. About 4% of the population had never been to a dentist because of the fear of the dental procedure.
Sector: Life Sciences, Medical Device


One Line Pitch: Dentazine is an AI-powered application designed to improve the operations of a dental clinic.
Business Summary: Dentazine is a cloud-based management tool for dental offices, with modules for electronic health records, document storage and sharing, patient charting and treatment plans, and direct billing. The software will be sold to small, midsize, and large dental offices, including specialists such as periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Denthom provides a hardware and software solution to improve the quality and feasibility of teledentistry.
Business Summary: Denthom provides a hardware and software solution to improve the quality and feasibility of teledentistry. The point of care lens hardware converts smart phones into an intraoral camera for better scanning of intraoral space. The software enables an AI-based evaluation and care plan preparation for patients. Patients are then paired with dentists to deliver the care they require.
Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Dental CAD/CAM systems Design and manufacturing.
Business Summary: DentiCAD has developed CAD CAM systems for dental applications, including five axis milling CNC and different kinds of 3D printers. DentiCAD is manufacturing these pieces of equipment and offering services to laboratories and dentists around the world, continuing to produce innovative equipment.
Sector: Medical Device


One Line Pitch: Dentor is an online platform.
Business Summary: Dentor is a web-based platform + App that brings dentists and patients together.
Sector: Dentistry, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A software platform integrating with accounting and other administrative software that translates contracts into code and allows users to monitor their outstanding contracts, receive alerts when terms have been met, and automate compliance by including legislation directly within the code.
Business Summary: Contracts are translated into formal logic—at first by our staff, eventually by an algorithm. Verification software is used to check for inconsistencies. Once the contract is verfiied, users can access a dashboard that shows their outstanding contracts, can receive notifications regarding upcoming deadlines, and can rate contractors’ reliability. Users will also be able to view all outstanding contracts, and receive regular progress reports.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: DermoHEAL is a medical device company focusing on the field of regenerative medicine applications for the treatment of skin disorders.
Business Summary: We have developed a blood-collecting tube with a special coating inside, which can extract high doses of regenerative and anti-aging proteins from a patient’s blood without adding any drugs or chemicals. These proteins (exosomes) have proven clinical efficacy and safety for skin rejuvenation, wound management and hair loss treatment in humans.
Sector: Medical, Technology


One Line Pitch: DermoMask is also a business-to-customer (B2C) digital platform that helps beauty-related businesses to connect to their customers.
Business Summary: DermoMask is a novel mobile application which enables users to create home-made natural and organic skin and hair care products, tailored and formulated specifically for them, using the available organic and natural ingredients at home.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Nutraceuticals

Design Solutions

One Line Pitch: A tablet that help patients describe pain to aid in clinical diagnosis.
Business Summary: The core technology was developed for clinical research in collaboration with the Department of Medicine and Immunology at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine. The technology autoimates a manual process and allows patients to electronically “paint” a body image to describe the location and level of pain. The app also provides a secure and complicant date management system for data storage, analytics and access for physicians.
Sector: Life Sciences

Design Tech

One Line Pitch: An innovative alternative for interior design services leveraging an online application
Business Summary: Design Tech is set to revolutionize the interior design industry. The innovative platform offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional interior design options, catering specifically to homeowners and budget-conscious buyers. Leveraging innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality, the application goes beyond design recommendations to enable users to visualize their transformed spaces. By combining these features, Design Tech aims to empower users with comprehensive tools and information, making stylish and affordable interior design accessible to all.
Sector: Interior Design


One Line Pitch: Build a powerful freelancer team for your design projects.
Business Summary: Designnet provides a platform for designers and business to connect, collaborate and create meaningful businesses of tomorrow.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Diagnosis and Monitoring Cardiac Function

One Line Pitch: Helping doctors diagnose cardiovascular diseases in real time through an innovative Artificial Intelligence Software.
Business Summary: DMCF is developing a technology that can identify heart abnormalities using artificial intelligence. Using machine learning methods and corresponding artificial neural networks (ANN), DMCF is able to provide a rapid and reliable diagnosis of abnormal heart pathologies without compromising accuracy.
Sector: Healthcare, Medical Device

Diet of Tomorrow

One Line Pitch: Diet of Tomorrow is an online software that creates custom receipes for users based on diet requirements, fitness and health goals.
Business Summary: On the platofrm, users sign up and enter their health information, body measurements and diet goals in which the software analayzes and creates customized recipies and diet plans for users based on their information. This software uses artificial intelligence to analyze the users inputs and requirements against thousands of recipes in the Diet of Tomorrow database.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: Dievita is creating a solution to vitamin and mineral intake in adults using DNA catered manufactured supplements.
Business Summary: Dievita is developing an AI powered software in conjunction with 3D printers to provide consumers with the perfect supplements for their needs. Using DNA sampling, 3D printed supplements are manufactured specifically for each consumer to fit their exact needs in vitamins and minerals. Dievita looks to provide a way for people to do away with generic all-purpose vitamins, and instead be given the exact vitamins and minerals their body needs.
Sector: Health Sciences


One Line Pitch: An AI-based software solution assisting dentistry procedures.
Business Summary: The business proposes introducing an Application, which employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist dentists in deciding whether to choose the best option in Dental prosthesis, either replacement procedures or reconstruction.
Sector: Advanced Health/Health Care IT, Life Sciences

Digital Rain Fission

One Line Pitch: Digital Rain Fission has developed a cloud based digital platform that is custom designed to assist water utilities simplify and improve operations by combining big data and machine learning technologies, alerting monitoring personnel of anomalies and streamlining problem isolation and diagnosis.
Business Summary: Digital Rain’s platform is a suite of software solutions that help water utilities reduce costs, boost efficiency, increase the accuracy of planning and improve day-to-day decision-making in an ever-changing landscape. Competitive advantages translate to identifying previously undetectable changes in system performance and unlocking new opportunities to control costs, manage risk and improve service.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Digital Terrace

One Line Pitch: Bring out automation in your greenhouse.
Business Summary: Digital Terrace is a greenhouse automation platform allowing users to quickly integrate climate control, irrigation, CO2 monitoring, soil moisture control, pest control, ventilation, lighting and more. Users can buy tried and tested hardware from our marketplace, with hardware pre-integrated out of the box for easy scalability.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology