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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Study Guide Consulting

One Line Pitch: Study Guide is a destination portal for students and parents, overseas study agencies, local and international institutions, and English training centers.
Business Summary: Study Guide is a form of social network, as it brings together students and parents with a centralized education admission system. Using sophisticated AI tags, Study Guide is based on a master agent model that connects students to the post-secondary institutions in North America that are the best fit to the students’ interests.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Study Squad

One Line Pitch: An innovative approach to connecting students, enhancing collaboration, and empowering academic success
Business Summary: Study Squad is launching an innovative online education platform that connects students with similar interests and academic goals to foster collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, and socialization opportunities. The AI powered platform provides a user-friendly, secure, and affordable environment that addresses the growing concerns of students who encounter difficulty in finding study partners, staying motivated, accessing quality resources, and feeling isolated.
Sector: Education

Super Hydrophobic Products

One Line Pitch: Super Hydrophobic Products will provide a superhydrophobic coating to protect asphalt, walls and surfaces where corrosion occurs.
Business Summary: Hydrophobicity, in various sciences, is the ability of a substance not to get wet. The purpose of making superhydrophobic materials in civil science is to prevent corrosion of building foundations, enhance the mechanical properties of concrete and steel structures and prevent damage to asphalt roads and highways. According to a study by Data Bridge Market Research the Market for superhydrophobic coating is projected to grow by 10.1% between 2021 and 2028 and is expected to reach USD $39.6 million by 2028. Super Hydrophobic Products will provide an innovative product and service offering for this market in Canada.
Sector: Architecture, Construction, Engineering

Supply Chain Management in Modular Construction

One Line Pitch: SCMMCS is creating a cloud-based software that will enable all members of a supply chain to interact and share idea.
Business Summary: SCMMCS is developing a SaaS that will provide all stakeholders within a supply chain to easily collaborate. With the current modular construction industry having no means of obtaining scalable collaboration software for stakeholders, SCMMCS offers a product that will allow for both ease of use and scalability.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Accurate Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution to reduce human errors, solve challenges in metal and non-metal defect detection by using image processing techniques and thermal images.
Business Summary: The company developed a cost effective and accurate solution based on AI and thermal images to improve material defect detection. The product is able to detect cracks, corrosion, and welding defects. Surfvision use thermal images combined with visible-light images to analyze each piece of material ensuring a wide range of defects to be detected.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: SURT is a cloud-based AI-powered, Analytics and Forecastingplatform focused on Small Businesses.
Business Summary: To bring radical growth by harnessing focused research, data analysis, and machine learning, aimed at small businesses in fashion, lifestyle, and the retail sector. Surt aims to create dedicated programs and tools to turn strategy into decisions and execute for the highest measurable results.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Easy to use custom tile kiosk for residential and commercial clients to produce ecofriendly tiles with endless choice of custom designs.
Business Summary: A easy to use environmental favourable Kiosk for placement in home improvement retail stores, which provides an antimicrobial tile and mosaic printing kiosk to produce green, environmentally friendly, hygienic, and custom designed tiles and mosaics.
Sector: Manufacturing

SWT Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch: Big data integrated service and equipment provider which specializes in fields of modern animal husbandry.
Business Summary: SWT Technologies Inc. is an IoT manufacturing and big data integrated service start-up company that plans to focus on modern animal husbandry, focusing on the independent research and development of IoT + big data + artificial intelligence technologies and products. Our competitive advantages enables us to seize the North America market and compete on the world scale.
Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Synderm is a medical technology company that manufactures a natural and biocompatible temporary biologic dressing to promote secondary healing and skin regeneration.
Business Summary: Synderm’s product induces skin tissue regeneration by accelerating healing process of hard-to-heal large and deep wounds.
Sector: Life Sciences

Talent Connect AI

One Line Pitch: AI-driven platform for job seekers, employers, and sponsors in Canada.
Business Summary: Talent Connect AI leverages AI-driven algorithms to facilitate precise job matching, ensuring that job seekers find ideal opportunities, while employers discover the perfect candidates. The platform will provide access to skills training and expert advisory services, empowering individuals to navigate the evolving job market successfully. For sponsors, Talent Connect AI will offer collaboration opportunities with employers and advisory service providers, creating consolidated employment opportunity projected to support job seekers.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology

Talent Mole Technologies

One Line Pitch: Using artificial intelligence to make the hiring and video interview process more efficient.
Business Summary: TalentMole is building an online software for recruitment agencies and businesses that uses artificial intelligence to analyze video interviews to help make the best hiring decision and narrow down potential applicants.
Sector: Human Resources, Recruitment

Talent Scan Technologies

One Line Pitch: Talent Scan Technologies is an ultra-lightweight tool that allows hiring managers and recruiters to read through CVs and detect whether a CV is fraudulent
Business Summary: Human resource professionals and recruiters are sent fraudulent CVs on a regular basis. The process of reading through and sorting out fraudulent CVs wastes a huge amount of time, effort and money. Talent Scan Technologies is proposed as an ultra-lightweight tool that allows hiring managers and recruiters to read through CVs and detect whether a CV is fraudulent. Talent Scan Technologies can select sections of text and compares it against other sources and commonly used fraudulent text.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: Container Logistics Redefined.
Business Summary: Connecting businesses to a wide range of ISO and Flexi tank providers in the world through an easy to use platform and a seamless process. Offering an easy procedure for businesses to find proper moving tanks and related services globally. Providing tanker providers/suppliers with the opportunity to cut additional charges of empty tank movement by receiving service requests from businesses.
Sector: Information Technology, Logistics

TDK Doors

One Line Pitch: TDK Doors will be a disruptor in the industrial door market by providing quality doors that will use intuitive AI to open and close more efficiently. These doors will ensure less building energy loss and will be a higher quality than existing door offerings.
Business Summary: TDK will deliver patent protected intelligent industrial door solutions to commercial and industrial customers. The doors will feature unique, cutting edge technology that will enable customers to cut their costs.


One Line Pitch: TEACHUME has created a virtual open space for staff training and learning processes.
Business Summary: TEAHUME has developed an online virtual space with the purpose of training staff. With training being a difficult process at times due to scheduling and time commitments, TEACHUME has created this learning platform to overcome these issues. Through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality training, TEACHUME looks to provide a means for companies to train their staff efficiently and effectively.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Team Physio

One Line Pitch: A Marketplace that Connects Physiotherapists with Patients.
Business Summary: Team Physio Inc has conceptualized a marketplace that makes booking appointments with local licensed physiotherapists and kinesiologists a breeze. The mobile application offers capabilities that allow users to evaluate doctor credentials and fees to make informed appointments. Additional features such as round-the-clock bookings, merchant stores, and video consultations enable the company to gain a competitive edge.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: Tech-In-Build is a manufacturer of a mineral composite block that can be used as internal and external wall panels in buildings.
Business Summary: Tech-In-Build is creating a unique composite block to be used for all types of buildings. Their product is composed of a unique set of minerals to create blocks that can be used as both external and internal panels. With the combination of easy to install, lightweight, and superior strength, Tech-In-Build is solving issues seen throughout the construction sector.
Sector: Construction, Manufacturing

Tejas Auro Consultants Limited

One Line Pitch: Tejas Aura Consultants Limited has developed a highly effective meditation sheet that is proven to facilitate the achievement of a deep meditative state and improve the quality of meditation.
Business Summary: Tejas Aura Consultants Limited has developed a revolutionary positive energy and aura-based meditation sheet that is proven to improve the quality of meditation and ensure the achievement of a deep meditative state, thereby providing significant health benefits. Tejas Aura Consultants will sell their products through their website and mobile application.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: A native mobile platform where bars, restaurants, hotels and more can post shifts or short-term positions and invite applicants to apply based on their experience, the posted compensation, and the timing of the shift.
Business Summary: With the shift in work culture many in the hospitality industry find themselves short of critical workers due to sudden departures, illness, or high turnover rates inherent to the positions. Restaurants needs dishwashers, expediters, bussers, bartenders and more – but what do they do when they need someone on short notice? Often, the owner or Manager on duty will spend hours on the phone trying to coordinate replacement workers on short notice or must do the work themselves which is costly and leads to backlogs in other critical management areas. TempHire is a gig-economy platform that connects employers with short-term employees to workers with experience and skills for high demand jobs and can be hired on short notice, paid at the end of their shift, and include a review system that ensures both parties are treated fairly.
Sector: Life Sciences

The Artemis Health Profile

One Line Pitch: Predictive livestock health data platform for farmers.
Business Summary: The ArtemisHealth.IO team is bringing together experts in livestock, health, and software development, to develop a powerful platform for the nascent industry of livestock health intelligence software. The platform Enables farmers to take proactive steps to protect their livestock through tracking, genetic testing, epidemic monitoring, and benchmarking with this powerful data platform.
Sector: Agriculture

The Intimate

One Line Pitch: The Intimate has developed a smart undergarment product paired with a mobile application to improve menstrual literacy and health by tracking menstruation flow, blood color and regularity offering users unique information about their menstruation.
Business Summary: The Intimate believes in eliminating the taboos around menstruation and equipping users with the valuable health information and data that can be found within their menstrual cycle. Their smart undergarment product provides alerts through the mobile application to the wearer regarding abnormalities in menstruation, when it is time to change sanitary products, and valuable data on the flow, color and regularity of their menstruation. This information empowers users to take control of their menstrual health and hygiene and to seek care from clinicians should abnormalities arise.
Sector: Life Sciences

The Scienarium

One Line Pitch: An Online S.T.E.M. Hub for Young Learners.
Business Summary: The company developed an online platform that is a STEM learning center that both students and teachers can leverage. For teachers, we provide them with the resources to effectively incorporate STEM learning into their teachings. The curriculum we’ve developed focuses on a hands-on and holistic learning approach that integrates all STEM subjects and aligns with the *NGSS curriculum standard. For students, we provide a variety of STEM learning resources which focus on the “learn through play” methodology. We shift the scientific learning methods of elementary students from a traditional approach to a game-based, experiential learning, providing a more active and engaging educational experience.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Thermonalysis will offer an innovative technology solution that reminds restaurant workers to capture food temperatures and automatically record them for compliance and safety reporting.
Business Summary: Many restaurants keep key ingredients out in room-temperature and must record temperature and time readings to ensure customer safety. The current process to do this is manual, costly, and prone to human error. There are huge potential risks for owners, franchisees, and public health. The proposed solution is a SaaS app and connected device that allows restaurant workers to quickly and easily record and submit food temperature readings and connect the key data to compliance/reporting software.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Advanced microwave hyperthermia treatment platform for breast cancer.
Business Summary: The ThermoOncology team is bringing a safe and effective cancer therapy, hyperthermia therapy, to the recently validated use case of breast cancer therapy. ThermoOncology offers a specialized hardware/software platform that uses advanced algorithms and imaging to plan, optimize, target, and execute on microwave hyperthermia therapy to mitigate breast cancer tumors.
Sector: Life Sciences

Theta Software Inc. (My Talking Diary)

One Line Pitch: An AI-powered virtual assistant
Business Summary: My Talking Diary is a virtual personal assistant application for Android and iOS. Powered by advanced AI, this app enhances conversations, task management, and predictions. It offers three subscription options and advertising opportunities for businesses within the app.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

thYnking Online Solutions

One Line Pitch: Software development & marketing services for businesses that want to grow online.
Business Summary: thynking Online Solutions provide a range of advisory services for growing businesses and individual service providers. They focus on software development, marketing & advertising, SEO, Website Development, and other consulting and advisory services.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services


One Line Pitch: Travel and Leisure for people with ASD and their families.
Business Summary: It is a platform to evaluate travel and leisure services, recreational centers and resorts to list eligible autistic-friendly destinations, transportation solutions, and certified agents to accompany people with ASD and their families.
Sector: Communications Technology, Healthcare, Information Technology, Tourism


One Line Pitch: TIFAR is a solution that provides lightweight concrete sandwich panels, which consist of a thermal insulation core layer containing polystyrene.
Business Summary: TIFAR Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company and has created a solution that provides lightweight concrete sandwich panels, which consist of a thermal insulation core layer containing polystyrene. The panels are partition walls that have been designed to be light and easy to install. This makes TIFAR panels an ideal product for construction projects, houses, and heavy projects in industrial areas.
Sector: Construction, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Tisco is an AI-based platform that enables both higher education institutions and students to better understand how the job market is changing.
Business Summary: Tisco provides personalized recommendations to educational service providers to better help their students land their dream job. Tisco enables schools to have an up-to-date view of the job market, and Tisco integrates with existing infrastructure to enable the offering of additional courses. Tisco also connects recruiters with students to find the best new graduates available for hire.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Real-Time & Accurate Preview of Cosmetic Surgery Results.
Business Summary: TiTech is an application that acts as a private cosmetic advisor. It employs AI technology to let patients and surgeons view and compare all their options for any facial procedures by uploading photos or interacting with the camera and virtually testing various options. TiTech combines imaging tools, communication tools, and 3D simulation tools in one fully integrated solution for image management, visual communication and aesthetic simulation. Patients can view their pictures, chat, get treatment recommendations, and treatment progress in the privacy of their own home. It generates instant results.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: TMS is the component conductor that creates real-time orchestration between all of your heating and cooling components to optimize reliability, savings, and performance.
Business Summary: TMS is a manufactured HVAC solution that is delivered by a smart controller, that intelligently connects all of the elements of a heating and cooling system in real-time. The patented TMS system collects environmental data and reacts to select the appropriate function of each component to improve efficiency and comfort in an absolutely reliable way.
Sector: HVAC commercial and residential


One Line Pitch: Enabling farmers to utilize their animal waste by converting it into clean fertilizer.
Business Summary: TMT has developed a high-efficiency animal waste conversion system which costs significantly less than competitor offerings. Their flagship product will be the 6T/day Animal Waste to Fertilizer Converter Machine. As the company grows, TMT hopes to offer a 12T/day machine for larger farms.
Sector: Industrials

Tool Rental Marketplace

One Line Pitch: Tool Rental Marketplace will capitalize on the DIY and construction market by virtually bringing tool owners and renters together. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will make for a fully customizable user experience including project tool summary, use tutorials and tool information.
Business Summary: Capitalizing on the growth of the DIY segment, Tool Rental Marketplace will produce revenue by selling premium subscriptions to the platform that provides users more advanced features and lower rental transaction fees. The software will also collect a commission of every rental transaction processed on the platform, and finally, will generate revenue through advertising opportunities on the platform.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: This company is building an online marketplace that offers users the opportunity to rent specialized and expensive tools that they need for DIY home improvement or construction projects.
Business Summary: This company is building an online marketplace where users can rent expensive, hard to find and advanced tools and construction equipment from other users that own these pieces of equipment in their area. Users will be able to create an account, upload details about their DIY home improvement project and the online software will automatically populate the most recommended tools, equipment as well as tutorial videos and information about how to properly use the equipment. Further, the software will be able to provide links to websites where users can proceed to purchase the equipment if they find they want to own it after having rented the product. Conversely, those who have tools that they don’t use all the time (such as construction companies or individuals), can create an account online and list their tools for rent to those within their local area. The online platform will facilitate the entire rental process, payments and transfer of information to both sides of the marketplace.
Sector: Services

Tooth Secret View

One Line Pitch: TSV uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help dentists diagnosis dental problems more accurately and automate client interactions.
Business Summary: TSV have designed and developed a new generation of dental diagnostic software based on Computer-Aided Detection through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Convolutional Neural Networks. The system provides the dentist with highly accurate diagnostics on early caries lesions, plaque formation and other anomalies. The system also provides scheduling information to patients according dentist recommendations.
Sector: Healthcare, Software

Touba Sources

One Line Pitch: Touba is an international B2B marketplace with an innovative approach to achieving the maximum & optimum market capacity by managing the excess capacity of production units.
Business Summary: The Touba platform offers multifaceted solutions to its users using AI tools and market behavior analysis. In addition to offering their products and services, suppliers can use their excess capacity at different intervals and conditions to meet the needs of demanders. Touba puts the most constraints in the matching process between suppliers and demanders to find the most optimal solutions. Touba has chosen the agricultural and related industries market as a niche market in Canada
Sector: Agricultural Technology, SaaS


One Line Pitch: Enhancing medication safety with a blockchain-powered verification platform using augmented reality (AR) technology for Canada’s pharmaceutical industry.
Business Summary: MedVerify has developed a ground-breaking blockchain-powered medication verification platform, integrating blockchain and augmented reality (AR) technology to combat counterfeit drugs and enhance medication safety in Canada’s pharmaceutical industry. Our platform empowers patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacies to easily authenticate medications throughout the supply chain, addressing critical industry challenges such as counterfeit drug incidents, economic losses, and patient empowerment. By leveraging AR-enabled mobile apps, users can scan medication packaging to access real-time information and interactive visual overlays, ensuring the legitimacy of medications. The blockchain-based ledger ensures transparency and traceability, fostering trust in the pharmaceutical supply chain and enabling informed healthcare decisions. MedVerify offers subscription plans for healthcare providers and pharmacies, pay-per-use models for individual patients, and data insights for pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, API licensing, white-label solutions, and consulting services are available to facilitate seamless integration and implementation of blockchain technology. Our innovative solutions contribute to improving patient safety, supply chain transparency, and healthcare accessibility in Canada.
Sector: Healthcare, Technology


One Line Pitch: TrackGuru, an IT firm, develops a cutting-edge position tracking system that incorporates AI, machine learning, and AR for real-time location monitoring and improved security. TrackGuru enhances tracking systems by automating operations, improving data accuracy, facilitating intelligent decision-making, analyzing inventory trends, and providing comprehensive protection against vehicle theft.
Business Summary: TrackGuru, by addressing the current challenges in precision, intricacy, and amalgamation, incorporates AI, AR, and state-of-the-art sensors in its positioning tracking systems. These advancements facilitate real-time, pinpoint tracking. The system flawlessly merges data from a variety of sources, including CCTV, GPS, RTLS, UWB, BLE, RFID, and NFC, offering a comprehensive perspective of the scenario. The Company primarily serves business proprietors, decision-makers, and car owners in Canada who gain from precise and instantaneous location data. The company’s solutions are applicable to a wide range of sectors, including transport and logistics, construction and mining, utilities and energy, retail and e-commerce, agriculture, tourism, outdoor recreation, as well as security and surveillance. The Company’s revenue is generated through a mix of hardware and software products. The initial revenue comes from the upfront sales of essential hardware, such as the transmitter and receiver. Furthermore, the company employs a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which generates ongoing revenue from user subscriptions.
Sector: Information Technology, Software

Train Pro

One Line Pitch: Filling the gap in construction labour supply.
Business Summary: This team is bringing an online platform to the market to train new and incoming immigrants on the basics of Canadian construction. Users will earn a certification upon completion of our courses, improving their employability and ensuring the utmost safety at jobsites. Employers will be assured knowing employees are trained for their employment, and have the ability to fill the gaps in their labour supply through the matching of our platform.
Sector: Construction, Information Technology, Training


One Line Pitch: TranqWell is a virtual homecare management system for senior care, tackling depression and social isolation among Canadian seniors with tailored support and a nurturing community.
Business Summary: TranqWell offers holistic virtual senior care services, addressing depression, mental wellness and social isolation among Canadian seniors through comprehensive assessments, personalized care, compassionate support and a supportive community. The virtual platform offers a variety of services for seniors to improve quality of life and live healthier.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: A crowdsourcing translation platform focused on Persian and Arabic languages.
Business Summary: The translation platform has been developed to offer users the ability to translate daily conversations by leveraging an extensive language database accessed via an application downloaded to their smartphone. As well, leveraging Transia’s extensive network of translators, users will also have the ability to upload text files to a server and have their files translated.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Transportation Tech Startup

One Line Pitch: World-leading facial recognition to optimize transportation ticketing lineups and security
Business Summary: Transportation Tech Startup is developing an innovative and world leading facial recognition software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce wait times and long lines for ticket based travel. This smart system will allow customers to pass through gates and ticket booths with no hassle, and enhance overall security at transportation hubs. The company is initially targeting rail-based transportation in Canada, before expanding to other locations around the world and ticket-based industries such as bus depots and airports.
Sector: Transportation

Travel Time

One Line Pitch: An online platform to find and connect with other solo travellers around the world.
Business Summary: Travel Time is an online platform that allows solo travelers to meet other solo travelers around the world, plan and book a trip. Other travelers, activities and hotels will be shown based on profile interests, therefore providing value to hotels and local tourist organizations to attract travelers to their destinations.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services


One Line Pitch: A smart baby stroller that combines regular stroller functions with a host of technological features.
Business Summary: Our smart stroller self-propels and detects obstacles, identifies objects and has advanced lighting and environment control capabilities. Our stroller provides entertainment and learning tools and is equipped with audio, video, and several enhanced safety features. TrekTot’s features are designed in a modular way that can be independently and separately installed on most current strollers in the market.
Sector: E-Stroller

Trial Match

One Line Pitch: Trial Match is designing an app for smartphones that will identify patient information and clinical trials facilitating participation in such trials, which currently is a complex and challenging issue
Business Summary: Trial Match is in the process of developing an application to inform patients of clinical trials and to provide to Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Life Science companies a method of selecting the appropriate patient’s suitability to participate in their clinical trials. The product requires that the patient data be available to the various users facilitating the patient to find an appropriate clinical opportunity. Many patients suffering from multiple diseases that are refectory to current therapy are eager to utilize new treatments designed to treat their condition and symptoms. A challenge facing this product in the US is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and in Canada, the Health Canada Privacy Act (HCPA) regulations relating to the privacy of health information. Trial Match is adapting its technology to accommodate this issue.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Tribia is a software that helps organizations optimize their employee wellbeing programs through personalization and utilization of an emotion assessment AI.
Business Summary: Tribia is a turnkey solution for employers to manage their company culture and employees’ wellbeing programs while managing their budget. Tribia provides a personalized solution to employees to create their own wellbeing ritual. Tribia manages employee engagement, evaluates their productivity through application of an AI-powered emotion assessment chatbot.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: A smart educational equipment and device company.
Business Summary: Beijing Qingshan Inc. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of intelligent educational equipment. Qingshan Technology’s “TSINGHILL” brand series products include a teaching touch all-in-one machine, conference touch all-in-one machine, smart nano blackboard, smart party building all-in-one machine, advertising machine, inquiry machine and other products. As a pioneer of intelligent education equipment in China, they focus on providing intelligent solutions for education, business, government, and other industries. Provide a more scientific way of teaching, working, displaying, and publicizing for various industries.
Sector: Communications Technology, Education, Information Technology

TTK/Diagnopal Dynabioassay Products Ltd

One Line Pitch: Providing high quality R&D and laboratory materials.
Business Summary: Diagnopal Dynabioassay Products Ltd is a high-biotech company which will produce and sell various materials which are used in research laboratories. The two main product lines are immunoassay products and cyto-pathology products.
Sector: Biotechnology


One Line Pitch: TwinLab is a solution company specialized in AI in healthcare. They have experts in IoT and AI, and have delivered several solutions in finance, manufacturing, and healthcare.
Business Summary: A healthcare solution named EasyDOC is a mobile app service having intelligent self-check-in and unified appointment system based on the unified medical data. Based on the collected data, EasyDOC will predict emergent patients when they check-in at the hospital.

Twixt Logistics Inc

One Line Pitch: Using machine learning to predict the academic performance of students.
Business Summary: Twixt Logistics is a software company specializing in education based on logistic regression. By mining the relevant student educational data, the platform can provide valuable analysis for instructors and teachers. The Twixt platform alerts the user if a student is likely to underperform and identifies the issues that affect learning and the ways they can be addressed.
Sector: Technology