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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.



One Line Pitch: A health informatics company disrupting the telehealth industry
Business Summary: HealOnline is becoming a leading and trusted name in the healthcare, delivering greater access to high quality services delivered through an online platform. The company is building a telehealth platform for access to a network of doctors and other healthcare specialties, providing automated patient management
Sector: Healthcare

Healthify Solutions

One Line Pitch: Healthify Solutions is developing a health monitoring system to monitor truck drivers’ health conditions for the purpose of preventive health and safety
Business Summary: Healthify Solutions is developing a health monitoring system to monitor truck drivers’ health conditions for the purpose of preventive health and safety. Significant benefits of their product enable them to launch a SaaS business model and enhance the efficiency of road transportation.
Sector: Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Healthloop is an application for healthcare administrators to collect accurate and timely staff feedback.
Business Summary: A technology that puts a feedback tool in the hands of healthcare staff and prompts/allows them to give feedback in a timely, convenient manner to increase the likelihood of addressing issues and keeping staff productive and happy. HealthLoop will provide the data in an actionable and meaningful way for management.
Sector: B2B, Medicine, SaaS, Technology

Heamac Healthcare Inc

One Line Pitch: We develop an intelligent newborn monitor to prevent babies from getting readmitted to hospitals within the first 30 days.
Business Summary: Jaundice & respiratory distress are the top two reasons why babies get readmitted within the first 30 days of birth. Heamac Healthcare developed an innovative patent-pending newborn discharge monitor that non-invasively monitors babies’ vital parameters at home via insurance providers to prevent early discharge. It uses a wide range of frequencies to achieve this monitoring and costs $299. The device is posed for home & hospital use by end of 2021.


One Line Pitch: VRepares is an online training platform and a home repair and installation assistant in virtual reality (VR) environment.
Business Summary: Many buildings repair and installation tasks can be done by homeowner using a virtual assistant. In VRepares, the users will put on a headset and see the virtual world through their eyes. They will be able to see what they’re supposed to do, where they’re supposed to go, and what tools they need for each step. And they’ll be able to ask questions directly from the virtual assistant if they get stuck or need more information about something in particular.
Sector: Home Repair and Maintenance

Heart Hat

One Line Pitch: HeartHat provides an attachable sweatband to the hardhats of workers that provides monitoring of their vitals to help enhance safety and increase preventative measures.
Business Summary: HeartHat uses a technology that continuously monitors and flags irregularities of an individual’s vitals upon attaching their product to a hardhat. This enables increased safety of workers as alerts are sent out in response whenever abnormal vitals activity is sensed. HeartHat looks to improve worker health and reduce risk of workers hospitalization with this product.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: HeartApart is developing a remote cardiology system leveraging AI, wearables, and seamless telecommunication integration to address limited access to cardiac healthcare in remote areas.
Business Summary: Residents in remote areas often face challenges accessing adequate cardiac healthcare. HeartApart aims to alleviate this issue by developing a remote cardiology system that leverages AI, wearables, and seamless telecommunication integration. HeartApart’s platform will combine a state-of-the-art healthcare software suite with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze key data from wearable devices, providing real-time feedback and alerts to its users, their caretakers, and healthcare service providers. By offering continuous cardiac monitoring tailored to remote regions the goal is to improve healthcare for all Canadians which hopefully reduces hospital visits and/or permanent damage by facilitating instant communication during cardiac emergencies.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: HECOD provides a Blockchain network for business transactions coupled with a new generation payment processing solution for business and consumers in a variety of industries.
Business Summary: HECOD provides a cost-effective and easy way to implement blockchain solutions to a variety of businesses helping them save money in operations and transactions. HECOD will provide the platform as well as vertical market solutions in industries such as real estate, healthcare, and others as well as the specialized services and support to implement and support these systems.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Helios Helmet

One Line Pitch: Increase welding quality & efficiency by Helios AR Welding Helmet.
Business Summary: Helios Helmet is engaged in developing a smart helmet for welders. The company proposed product, HELIOS, is an AR-based welding helmet which is empowered by Artificial Intelligence and helps welding operators increase welding quality, reduce repair costs and save time.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Hebanol produces natural antioxidants that are used in edible oils and cosmetic industry.
Business Summary: Natural antioxidants have recently gained increased interest because of the belief that natural food ingredients are better and safer than synthetic ones. Herbanol research presents the results on stabilization of the main edible oils with different types of natural antioxidants. Sources of natural antioxidants are herbs.
Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: HerbMedX is a nature-based pharma company.
Business Summary: HerbMedX is a pharmaceutical company specialized in developing anti-inflammatory medicines made from herbs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Nutraceuticals

Heritage Bites

One Line Pitch: Connecting customers to authentic homemade meals with local cooks.
Business Summary: Heritage Bites is developing a platform that revolutionizes the way people enjoy food. Our online marketplace lets customers order authentic, homemade meals spanning diverse cuisines. We connect these customers with local cooks, transforming home kitchens into mini restaurants. Leveraging advanced technology the platform enhances every facet of food preparation; from personalization to efficiency, waste reduction, and the user experience. Heritage Bites innovation delivers a distinctive culinary journey, setting us apart in the food service market.
Sector: Food, Services


One Line Pitch: Manufacturer of molecular and cellular products like Molecular Lab Instruments and Nucleic Acid extraction kits.
Business Summary: HighDx developed and manufacture laboratory testing products within the scope of molecular biology and cell cultures. Their leading products are the DNA AND RNA Extraction kits which is playing an important role in early disease detection. Extraction testing kit reduces the wait time for a test by more than 65% from 30 minutes to 9 minutes and is 30% cheaper than existing kits while maintaining industry standard accuracy.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: AI-driven construction solution technology
Business Summary: The HIS Innovations Group created “Digital Infra Souq,” a technology-driven construction solution. Their comprehensive services, from digital records management to AI-based project management, stand out for revolutionizing the construction sector with cutting-edge technology. They are dedicated to becoming a leading construction solutions provider in Canada, driving industry transformation through technological innovation.
Sector: Construction

Hippo Rentals

One Line Pitch: Heavy equipment rentals and full-service construction process optimization.
Business Summary: Team with engineering, heavy equipment, and marketing experience building a next generation platform for construction solutions. Single unified platform offering full-service heavy equipment solutions, focusing on connecting owners of idle machinery with users looking to lease. Blockchain technology provides smart contracts to users, and platform centralizes and simplifies entire construction process.
Sector: Construction, Information Technology

Hire One Jobs Limited

One Line Pitch: A digital employment platform that enables employers to use their own content to attract and communicate with job seekers as well as complete their onboarding process with ease.
Business Summary: Hire One Jobs Limited allows job seekers to manage their profile while employers can create their own digital space with unique branding and advertisements. The job matching criteria will match the employees to employers by calculating various attributes. They use elastic analysis to compare the employees and employers’ strengths, market standing, revenue growth, iteration rate, and more. Hire One Jobs Limited’s solution will be a collaborative platform for employers and employees alike.
Sector: Human Resources, Talent Acquisition


One Line Pitch: HiSquare is a global bilingual event management and ticketing platform built by media professionals helping international students better integrate into local community.
Business Summary: HiSquare aims to enrich international students’ lives through integrating high quality events at different venues and communities in Canada. We’ve partnered with over 100 organizations across the nation, from student associations, alumni associations, business organizations, institutions to US’s organizations.
Sector: Services

HLM Diagnostics

One Line Pitch: Revolutionizing the use of industrial sprays through affordable AI-based diagnostics and testing systems.
Business Summary: HLM Diagnostics aims to assist companies in improving the quality control and efficiency of their sprays. The core product HLM Diagnostics plans to offer is the “Spraycheck” droplet sizing instrument. Unlike other droplet sizing instruments, the “Spraycheck” is compact, affordable, and simple to use.
Sector: Industrial Spray Equipment

Home Dream

One Line Pitch: Matching real estate developers with customers looking to build their dream home.
Business Summary: Home Dream is an online platform which connects real estate developers with prospective home buyers. Developers on the platform can post their recent builds, standard designs, and available projects. On the buyer side, they can view all documents posted by developers and also upload their own information such as personal preferences, budget, target community, etc.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Real Estate Advertising

Home Energy Map

One Line Pitch: Measuring home energy use, so that homeowners can better manage home energy use.
Business Summary: A simple self-assessment of home energy use based on our unique algorithm and local market rates that allows utilities and clean energy companies to identify likely prospects for comprehensive energy audits leading to clean energy upgrades such as windows, doors, furnaces, lighting, and insulation. Based on the testing results, the algorithm will automatically link homeowners with local financial incentives and government programs to assist with identified home energy upgrades.
Sector: Life Sciences

Home Medical Sales and Rent Marketplace Application

One Line Pitch: An innovative software company developing a smart application that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide medical device recommendations to users based on their specific healthcare needs.
Business Summary: Home Medical Sale and Rent Marketplace is developing a smart application where buyers and sellers can come together as a community to either rent or sell medical devices at a low cost to serve patients in need of affordable healthcare equipment. The smart application is unique as it utilizes a proprietary algorithm to determine which piece of healthcare equipment is best suited to the needs of each user based on a customer survey. The platform is also highly innovative as it employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which allows it to make specific recommendations to a particular user overtime.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Device, Software

Hooman Solutions

One Line Pitch: Platform leveraging block chain technology focused on improving trust and productivity in supply chain management.
Business Summary: Hooman Solutions will utilize smart contracts to build trust between supply chain participants and ensure security and tracking for their information and data while also predicting product demand.
Sector: Logistics, Supply Chain


One Line Pitch: Pharmaceutical devices and pharmaceutical sophisticated solution.
Business Summary: Horsun is the first and only manufacturer of metered-dose inhalers devices in Iran and the Middle East. These products are Actuator, Metered Valve, Canister (Coated and plain).
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: An innovative decontamination and recycling system made for medical waste.
Business Summary: HSZ enters the market with a more effective decontamination and recycling solution for the medical industry. Many of the current offerings focus solely on continuous microwave technologies (CMT). HSZ’s system uses CMT but has also augmented the process by adding other technologies. This new process is highly cost-efficient and is ready to meet the needs of a growing healthcare industry.
Sector: Decontamination, Recycling

Huddle Investing

One Line Pitch: Transforming Canadian investing by connecting experts and investors for simplified subscriptions, automated trading, and community collaboration.
Business Summary: Huddle Investing is a pioneering platform designed exclusively for the Canadian market, aiming to transform the investment experience. Bridging the gap between financial experts and investors, the platform offers simplified subscription management, access to trusted experts, automated trading, and a secure, collaborative community. Join to elevate your investment journey.
Sector: Fintech


One Line Pitch: HyphalBoard has developed an eco-friendly material made from mycelium to be used as an alternative to traditional construction materials.
Business Summary: The HyphalBoard fungal-based mycelium boards are used for a variety of applications due to their lightweight, strong, decorative, and heat insulating properties. The boards deliver the same quality and reduce the negative environmental impact traditionally seen with current alternative materials for construction.
Sector: Sustainable Construction Materials

IceRazor Inc

One Line Pitch: Fights the ice in an environmentally safer and more economical manner.
Business Summary: Icerazor takes deicing to the next level and provides salt-free solutions that transform the deicing industry through innovating an optimal balance between performance, affordability, and environmental safety.
Sector: Clean Technology

Ideal Waiter

One Line Pitch: A contactless, digital dine-in ordering system for restaurants.
Business Summary: Ideal Waiter is a contactless modular software built for Food & Beverage and Hospitality industries. Integrated with a restaurants POS and Payment gateway this contactless ordering system automates the entire dine-in experience and helps manage and monitor the entire business operation.
Sector: Hospitality


One Line Pitch: iDentCare aims to encourage people to improve their oral health by regular monitoring of their dental conditions by offering a solution to make intraoral imaging affordable and feasible for the public.
Business Summary: iDentCare product uses an intraoral camera and cellphone camera equipped with appropriate optics for regular and fluorescent imaging. Usng image processing and machine learning, the product analyzes the captured images and recognizes the issues with the teeth. The deep learning methods provide an accurate and rapid analysis of the image. Additionally, iDentCare uses fluorescence‐based imaging method which is an effective, safe and accurate solution.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Scientific content management system (sCMS) to meaningfully publish content and verify the authenticity.
Business Summary: Creation of a scientific content management system (sCMS) to catalogue published knowledge and assess the authenticity of new knowledge using in-built algorithms and Artificial intelligence technologies.
Sector: Industrials


One Line Pitch: A platform is designed to teach speaking and life skills to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), based on video modeling method. Our mission is to make sure that every child with ASD in the world has access to therapy resources at affordable price. IMUTISM video products will be available in English at first step, then in other languages in a few years.
Business Summary: As an alternative program of regular occupational and speech therapy, our digital imitation- based videos and tasks, designed for different age groups and levels of autism, are available through a platform to teach life skills to ASD children and adults. IMUTISM also provide families with a place to communicate with other families and exchange experiences.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: InDesign is creating an online marketplace, matching homeowners with interior designers.
Business Summary: InDesign is developing an online marketplace, connecting interior designers with cost-aware individuals looking to renovate their interior space. Using an AI/ML based online marketplace, InDesign offers a way for interior designers to easily connect with homeowners. InDesign hopes that their product lessens the amount of effort and work needed to facilitate home renovations.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Industrial Innovative Hygeine

One Line Pitch: Real-time industrial safety monitoring.
Business Summary: IIH has developed a solution that will improve industrial safety and reduce safety costs by taking a previously static, one-time process, and making it real-time with continuous monitoring and improved decision-making.
Sector: Communications Technology, Healthcare, Information Technology

Industrial Machine Vision Inspection

One Line Pitch: Innovative hardware and software solution to replace human inspections in factories. The software analyzes objects and processes the data collected in real time, creating a more efficient and precise inspection activity.
Business Summary: Industrial Machine Vision Inspection eased the inspection processes in industries by using their software and hardware. The company created a proprietary platform that analyses each object in its own environment then, processes images and data in real time to produce an automated activity of an inspection, replacing the need for human interaction. The company aims to increase the efficiency and lower the costs of factory inspections.
Sector: Industrial Technology

Industrial Membrane Solution

One Line Pitch: Using multi-layered Nano-bubble technology to restore membranes in industrial water purification systems that enhance membrane cleaning.
Business Summary: Membrane Solutions Pro uses its award-winning technology to restore the worn-out membranes and improve the effectiveness of the periodical cleaning for RO water purification systems. This advanced technology leads to a decrease in capital cost (membranes replacement) and operating expenses (membranes cleaning costs).

Infinity Organics

One Line Pitch: Growing the Future of Nutritious Vegetables through Innovative Hydroponics-Agrovoltic Farms
Business Summary: Infinity Organic Inc. is an innovative hydroponic farming company which will specialize in year-round production of highly nutritious fruits and vegetables. The hydroponic farm of Infinity Organics Inc. will employ sustainable farming methods that do not contribute to soil degradation, while conserving water. Since the farm is micro-climate controlled, the crops are high-yielding and are ready to harvest in half the amount of time and are produced with less chemicals to control pests and diseases. Infinity Organics Inc. will directly sell produce to businesses in the food service industry in both urban and remote areas across Canada thereby ensuring that all Canadians have access to high-quality, healthy, and nutritious food products all year-round.
Sector: Agriculture

Influence Pilot

One Line Pitch: Influencer marketing workflow automation and consultant marketplace.
Business Summary: InfluencePilot is empowering local expert influencer agencies and consultants, to get discovered by, and manage large brands looking to run influencer campaigns. Building off of founder insights from their last company, the InfluencePilot team has automated workflows in contracts, approvals, invoicing, communications, analytics and reporting for customer influencer agencies and consultants.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Injection OCR

One Line Pitch: Injection OCR is an application that allows doctors to take a picture of medication vials and converts the information data like date, time, medication and dose into a written note in the patient’s chart.
Business Summary: Doctors administer injections to patients and need to write down the date, time, medication, injection size, and more into a patient’s chart. This takes time, and there is currently no easy way of collecting this information. Injection OCR is an innovative application utilizing OCR that converts a smartphone image of medication into written key data and inserts it into a patient’s medical chart. The intended market includes Hospitals and Private Practices: Hospitals have large staff distributing medication 24/7 into electronic health reporting systems. Logging information takes ample time and precision and is prone to human error.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Innodent is proposing an easy and effective dental instrument to remove broken teeth roots and resolve the operative and post-operative complications.
Business Summary: Innodent is proposing an easy and effective dental instrument to remove broken teeth roots and resolve the operative and post-operative complications. Expandable micro-motor bur (EMB) is a practical dental instrument proposed for removal of broken teeth roots that cannot be extracted by the routine closed methods.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Uniting students and businesses through AI-driven challenges, fostering innovation, competition, and actionable insights
Business Summary: InnoHack serves as a dynamic platform bridging university students with corporate challenges. Through AI-driven pairings, individuals can collaborate to construct innovative solutions and compete for prizes. InnoHack also provides companies with useful reports on trends and project timelines to help with their innovation efforts.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Inspectorail provides a platform via the use of LiDAR sensors and cameras that allow for the continuous monitoring of railway networks.
Business Summary: Inspectorail has developed a solution to the issues of railway maintenance and inspections through their combination of software and hardware. They have created a system that can be installed onto locomotives to provide monitoring of railways and provide a means of predictive maintenance. Inspectorial looks to provide a method of preventing railroad accidents before they happen and increase then lifespan of railway networks.
Sector: Communications Technology, Construction, Information Technology

Inspire Interior Designs Canada

One Line Pitch: An innovative web-based interior design platform with focus on wellness-oriented spaces.
Business Summary: Inspire Interior Designs Canada is developing a web-based interior design platform that is a cost-effective alternative to traditional interior design options, catering to residential and commercial customers eager to transform their spaces. The highly scalable solution leverages AR technology, enabling virtual consultations that allow users to visualize their desired transformations. With a focus on wellness-oriented spaces, customization, smart home integration, and multi-generational design needs, along with an emphasis on sustainability and exceptional customer service, this start-up is poised to provide an outstanding and unique experience.
Sector: Interior Design


One Line Pitch: Instadoc utilizes technology to provide on-demand qualitative healthcare services to everyone who needs care
Business Summary: InstaDoc leverages telemedicine and IT driven audiovisual resources to provide immediate and on-demand care to subscribers and people who need medical consultation. Users are able to connect with certified and validated physicians, nurses and schedule their appointments easily, ensuring that they get answers to their questions and care when it matters the most. InstaDoc will reduce presentations at the emergency rooms because more people will be able to address their health issues proactively, hence potentially eliminating wait times. InstaDoc provides a unique opportunity for follow up checks on clients.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: Microbial infection detection.
Business Summary: IntelBioMax offers a very fast and sensitive technology to detect the antibacterial sensitivity and resistance to antibiotics in less than one hour from the initial incubation period (24 hours).
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences

Intelliaire Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: Intelliaire Solutions Inc. is an Internet of Things (IoT) system with embedded sensors, software, and connectivity that enables HVAC system to exchange data with other connected devices.
Business Summary: Intelliaire Solutions Inc. improves preventative maintenance by sensing data on air quality and equipment status, making it significantly easier to gain insight across a range of equipment such as Rooftop air-handling units, Air-handling units, Make-up air units, and Variable air volume reheat systems.
Sector: Information Technology

Intelligent ERP Software Solutions

One Line Pitch: Intelligent ERP is a customizable Enterprise Resource Planning business software system that integrates and streamlines data for an entire enterprise on a Hyperledger blockchain platform.
Business Summary: Intelligent ERP provides an intuitive ERP system that integrates with a Hyperledger blockchain and can be customized and configured with many plugins or modules based on buyer needs. Intelligent ERP is also scalable. With the added security of blockchain technology, users are able to better manage and protect their privacy, secure their data, and automate any workflow process in an efficient and sustainable way.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Intelligent Farm Management Company

One Line Pitch: Secure, user-friendly, comprehensive online platform and mobile application to disseminate innovative Smart Farming Technologies (STF) to agriculture industry workers.
Business Summary: Intelligent Farm Management Company created an online platform that gathers different STFs. The application is uniquely interactive as users can not only get to know new technologies but can also connect with each other using communication portals to share experiences as part of an open community on a global scale
Sector: Agriculture, Communications Technology, Information Technology

Intelligent HVAC System

One Line Pitch: Intelligent HVAC System Company provides homeowners, commercial and semi-industrial companies a wireless intelligent HVAC system to reduce their cost of energy.
Business Summary: Intelligent HVAC System Company provides homeowners, commercial and semi-industrial companies an affordable service-based solution that wishes to invest in a wireless intelligent HVAC system. By offering a customized design, installation and continuous tech-support, Intelligent HVAC System Company offers homeowners and business owners an innovative, convenient and low-cost solution to Intelligent HVAC automation. This start-up will generate revenue by selling a customized HVAC design plan based on each customer’s needs and budget, and by installing and monitoring all components and smart sensors that are a part of an Intelligent HVAC System in residential and commercial buildings.
Sector: Clean Technology

Intelligent Project Management Mobile Application

One Line Pitch: An AI enabled project management software that allows project manager to focus on high-value, strategic activities.
Business Summary: A project management software application that leverages AI and ML to help project managers automate simple tasks. This platform utilizes AI to take over functions like meeting planning, reminders, day-to-day updates, and other administrative tasks. Their platform can also use AI to look at past projects that are similar in nature to better predict how much they will cost and how long they will take.
Sector: Technology

Intellimax Education Games Inc

One Line Pitch: Innovative toys with STEM integration for holistic child development
Business Summary: Intellimax is an innovative educational company focused on creating modern toys that support holistic child development. They aim to seamlessly integrate STEM toys and online courses for a well-rounded learning experience. Intellimax strives to become a trusted brand for parents seeking cognitive skill development options for their children.
Sector: Education, eLearning