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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Giraffe Swap

One Line Pitch: Giraffe Swap is a company that provides a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows individuals to trade digital currencies with other assets in a secure manner.
Business Summary: Digital transactions have become increasingly popular, thus leading to new opportunities for multi-currency exchanges in the digital space. Giraffe is a firm that provides a decentralized exchange platform, allowing individuals to trade their digital currencies with other assets and/or currencies in a secure, timely and efficient system.
Sector: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Portal

One Line Pitch: GACP provides SMEs with a portal to access information globally related to the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends.
Business Summary: By creating a subscription-based portal with the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends across the globe, users can go to one location to receive the latest information by country, find the resources, and the technologies on how to better protect their brands, products and intellectual properties.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Security

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd.

One Line Pitch: Affordable and global solution to current immigration consultants approach ensuring more people are serviced at a lower cost.
Business Summary: Have created a platform that makes things easier for the consultants and the clients, through their unique approach and addition of DSS. GIC has lowered the actual assessment time to an average of 6 minutes, which enables the consultant to access double the amount of profiles in a single workday, compared to their competitors.
Sector: Services

Global Supply Chain Collaborative Portal

One Line Pitch: Intelligent and collaborative cloud-based platform for the entire supply chain management process.
Business Summary: One single online platform to enable all stakeholders to chat, share and share order information, quotation, product specification, invoice and all relevant information anywhere, anytime throughout the entire end-to-end global supply chain management process on a very timely monitoring and control.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services

Global Talent Solutions

One Line Pitch: Global Talent Solutions (GTS) is an innovative Canadian business solutions provider specializing in HR, talent acquisition, and training services for domestic and international businesses across various sectors.
Business Summary: Our B2B services provide tailored HR solutions, talent identification, and optimization strategies, empowering companies to access top-tier global talent seamlessly. Simultaneously, our B2C offerings connect qualified professionals with rewarding employment and career development opportunities, supported by a suite of toolkit-style resources like language training and skill enhancement programs.
Sector: B2B2C SaaS, SaaS

Global Trust Insurance

One Line Pitch: A Saas tool or integrated software that allows claims adjusters to take detailed voice notes using smart devices and converts/connects the key data input to enterprise insurance claims software.
Business Summary: Insurance claims adjusters spend a substantial amount of time taking notes and re-inputting data into insurance company systems. Adjusters must keep detailed logs for their records but there is no efficient way to input key data points into the format of insurance claims software. The amount of time and money this problem causes is massive. We are developing a software tool that identifies key data and connects it to insurance claims systems from detailed claims adjuster voice notes.
Sector: Services

Go Direct

One Line Pitch: GoDirect is an eCommerce platform with hybrid of D2C & dark store models.
Business Summary: Go Direct is dedicated to surpassing customer expectations by identifying and cultivating opportunities that elevate their supply chain strategies. Guided by experienced leadership, creative innovation, and cutting-edge technology, the company is unwavering in its commitment to ongoing operational enhancement. Their business philosophy revolves around delivering the utmost quality service with the highest efficiency. At Go Direct, every order, client, customer, and team member is deserving of fulfillment, reflecting their steadfast dedication to excellence.
Sector: Food, Services

Go Pro Smart Co.

One Line Pitch: Artificial intelligence based smart home automation solution.
Business Summary: This application helps the target customers to monitor and control all their home devices from a smartphone or a tablet. The application, driven by artificial intelligence algorithms, allows customers to enhance their comfort level, safety, and overall experience of their smart connected homes and promotes optimum energy usage.
Sector: Home Electronics Industry

Gold Star Program

One Line Pitch: Cloud-based employee recognition platform
Business Summary: Gold Star Programs provides a cloud-based employee recognition platform with training modules for businesses. Their platform aims to educate and develop employees at all levels within organizations. Their goal is to enhance employee satisfaction, attract and retain talent, and address the changing dynamics of the modern workplace.
Sector: Communications Technology, HR Tech

Grand Win Inc

One Line Pitch: High quality windows, doors, and skylights manufactured using eco-friendly processes.
Business Summary: Grand Win Inc will manufacture, sell, and install high quality windows, doors, and skylights. The customers Grand Win Inc aims to target are homeowners, real estate developers, and retailers throughout Canada.
Sector: Windows and Doors

Gravity Integrates

One Line Pitch: Procures and delivers official documents needed for emigration/studying abroad.
Business Summary: Under the Worldwide Transcripts brand, we help individuals get the documents they need for studying, working or moving abroad. Using a combination of in-field representatives and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we are one-stop-shop to get documents from across India to institutions worldwide.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: The functionality of GrayJay’s application is to help match service providers with customers in a timely manner. The app will allow people to match within a certain location and ultimately pay for the service with the integration of Stripe.
Business Summary: GrayJay offers a smart platform for exchanging services, where the providers build a virtual shop, receive back-office support and help attract leads all while making sure the customers receive the best rates and services. GrayJay’s founders through years of experience in management, software development and digital marketing have identified a gap with the on-demand platform and will help users exchange services at their fingertips.
Sector: Online on-demand home service provider

Green CarWash

One Line Pitch: Connecting car owners with local car washers for a convenient, environmentally friendly, mobile car wash.
Business Summary: Green CarWah is a mobile application marketplace that connects car owners with local, independent car washers who will travel to a car owners location and wash their vehicle using eco-friendly and waterless products. The application uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide further reminders and information to car owners on the optimal time and location to get a car wash based on their lifestyle habits..
Sector: Automotive, Services

Green Chicken

One Line Pitch: Green Chicken has developed a unique organically produced feed supplement designed to improve chicken’s health and egg laying productivity.
Business Summary: Green Chicken has made a significant improvement in feed supplements for chickens based scientific research performed using microalgae. As a result, Green Chicken will develop and market this natural feed supplement to the chicken industry in North America.
Sector: Agriculture

Green Power Generator

One Line Pitch: A new and innovative green power generator that will create electricity without harming the environment, being the most environmentally friendly power generator in the world.
Business Summary: This company will create a smart and intelligent power generator that produces green and renewable kinetic energy for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Due to the large amount of negative environmental implications that traditional power generation creates, the founders of this business decided to generate electricity in a way that, in addition to generating a large amount of electricity, produces the least amount of pollution for the environment.
Sector: Renewable Energy

Green Service Automation

One Line Pitch: Blockchain-based industrial automation systems for SMEs
Business Summary: Green Service Automation aims to help SMEs improve their operational efficiency with their blockchain powered automation systems. Through partnerships with multiple suppliers, Green Service Automation can provide design, installation, testing, and maintenance services
Sector: Automation, Manufacturing Solutions

Green Spiru

One Line Pitch: A one-stop shop for everything microalgae.
Business Summary: Green Spiru provides a range of microalgae-based products. As experts in microalgae, they offer strong customer assistance and fully customizable products.
Sector: Biotechnology


One Line Pitch: Greenbox AI Inc. has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) 3D Modeling software program that allows it to create reality and virtual reality environments that will assist industrial and small-scale manufacturers, engineers, and the gaming industry in a more cost effective and efficient manner.
Business Summary: Greenbox AI Inc. is an artificial intelligence (AI) 3D modelling software that simplifies the process of creating high and low-resolution 3d objects in virtual reality environments and augmented reality. Greenbox’s patented software and services drastically improve ease of use in 3D modelling so that anyone can create digital 3D images. It streamlines production saving in the gaming and entertainment industries by both time and money.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Decentralized investment crowdfunding platform for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-focused investment campaigns.
Business Summary: GreenChain is an innovative investment crowdfunding platform built on blockchain principles to enhance investors’ access amidst a surging demand for and interest in corporations committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials. Its blockchain technology delivers transparency while its partnership with ESG-certifying organizations enables a rapid certification process for corporations. The smart contracts automate the underwriting process that altogether empowers the ESG crowdfunding ecosystem to be more efficient and to assure investors of the integrity of the ESG stocks. The Company is strongly leveraging the lucrative growth in ESG investment in Canada by its innovative technology and business model to deliver speed to the market and access to verifiable ESG stocks to corporations and investors, respectively.
Sector: IT

GreenHouse Energy

One Line Pitch: Greenhouse Energy (Services) Inc. provides an integrated technology platform that delivers industrial automation to the North American greenhouse market.
Business Summary: Greenhouse Energy (Services) Inc. is developing a fully automated greenhouse management system that encompasses sensors, automation control systems, software and other technologies to automate irrigation, lighting, energy consumption, remote control and access, that will ultimately provide more cost effective and efficient management of greenhouses.
Sector: Agricultural Automation


One Line Pitch: Green Smart Sense is an agriculture technology company with a focus on the industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence applications for the agriculture sector. We offer a platform for monitoring post‐harvest agriculture products and a proprietary index for measuring the quality of the products in the storage.
Business Summary: We provide agriculture sensors plus software for analyzing the data through artificial intelligence. Our patented technology “Green Quality Index “can detect the hotspots by collecting data from wireless sensors in the stored grains and providing a quantifiable index to evaluate the quality of the stored grains. In case of any anomaly detection in the received data, the system sends a notification to the owners immediately.
Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: GreenSulfur has created an e-commerce platform to trade and buy sulfur.
Business Summary: GreenSulfur has created a platform that can be used globally for sellers and purchasers within the growing sulfur market. Using machine learning and AI, they have developed an e-commerce platform that will seamlessly connect supply and demand within the market and provide a streamlined process for both parties. GreenSulfur looks to capitalize on this currently uncontested segment within the market and provide ease of transaction to those within it.
Sector: E-commerce


One Line Pitch: GreenTech is developing AI-based software that will help urban planners and governments understand how to optimize the benefits of solar roofs and green roofs
Business Summary: With GreenTech, users can identify roofs that are suitable for solar and/or green roofs by assessing slope, roof orientation and roof structure. GreenTech will then provide a recommendation for the number of solar panels to install, how they should be positioned, and whether they should also include a portion of green space on the roof. For urban planners and local governments, GreenTech will equip them with the ability to analyze entire neighbourhoods and cities, allowing for the creation of accurate estimates of the potential capacity of solar energy production within a given area.
Sector: Green Technology

Greywater Recycling Solution

One Line Pitch: Greywater aims to replace today’s inefficient water management systems with a new smart recovery system in order to save water resources and provide analytical data to the user.
Business Summary: Greywater Recycling Solution Company is developing a software based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to recover reusable water. The company will use smart valves to measure the water quality at each stage, providing the software’s user with important information in real time.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Online graphic designing solution for the printing industry.
Business Summary: Griphiks is an online solution specifically designed for graphic design and printing production. With a user-friendly interface, this solution eliminates the need for complex graphics design software. Combined with an automated order management system, customized CRM, and various other modules, Griphiks stands out as the preferred solution for professionals in the printing industry.
Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: 100% Canadian organicSelenium Chromium Nutritional Yeast made from mineral sources and modern fermentation processes to supplement dietary deficiencies.
Business Summary: Yeast is used to absorb inorganic Selenium and Chromium and through an autolysis technique, organic Selenium and Chromium are extracted from live cells. The product is 100% organic powder of Selenium and Chromium rich nutritional yeast that can act as a dietary supplement.
Sector: Agri-Food Industry


One Line Pitch: An automated approach to virus screening and protection.
Business Summary: HABCO is an innovative assessment and PPE system which aims to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. To manage assessment, the system will be installed at the entrances of hospitals, laboratories, etc. and automatically read various personal infection indicators and assist with with full-body PPE made of wearable plastic.
Sector: Personal Protective Equipment


One Line Pitch: Hadiware is an artificial intelligence-based solution for the planning, monitoring, and optimization of routes for organizations with logistics operations.
Business Summary: Hadiware is creating Optour, its proprietary, AI-based system that instantly calculates the most efficient routes for businesses, while meeting all constraints, regulations, and customer expectations that in the past have restricted growth. Optour minimizes resources and reduces fossil fuel consumption by reducing exposure to traffic congestion. With Optour routing solutions, businesses can create and execute plans that increase efficiency, provide greater visibility, streamline communications, reduce operating costs, reduce fuel consumption, and yet still meet customer and regulatory requirements. The Optour solution also reduces planning time and operation costs, increasing on-time performance, driver compliance, and productivity.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Halal Payments Network

One Line Pitch: All aspects of Islamic banking at your fingertips.
Business Summary: The Halal Payments Network team is bringing HalalPay to Canada, a mobile-first and easy to use portal to the Islamic finance world, allowing for ethical banking, saving, spending and giving through a custom VISA debit card, mobile application, and network of partnerships that enable Sharia-compliant payments, loans, charitable giving and much more over time.
Sector: Financial Services, Information Technology

Hangzhou Yaoxin Technology Co

One Line Pitch: One of the largest suppliers of AOC (Active Optical Connection) solutions in China, supplying products to a variety of top tier consumer electronic manufacturers.
Business Summary: Hangzhou Yaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 to commercialize PCIe over fiber products. Operating under the Mo-Link brand, the company uses innovative integrated circuit packaging technology to specialize in the development, design and manufacturing of optical cable products, and is committed to providing cost-effective solutions supporting higher-bandwidth, smaller size and lower power consumption.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Harmonic Electrical Services Inc.

One Line Pitch: AI-based mobile platform matching customers with electricians.
Business Summary: Harmonic Electrical Services Inc. is developing a mobile application that acts as a platform for communication between customers, electricians, and companies providing electrical services. The app allows customers to request services such as circuit breaker repairs and installations, while electricians and companies can register and showcase their specialties. Using AI, the app matches customers with nearby service providers based on their needs and cost. This application ensures seamless and secure payment transactions for both customers and service providers.
Sector: Information Technology, Services


One Line Pitch: HealGyn has invented a novel, sustain-release drug delivery system for treating reproductive system infections and diseases.
Business Summary: HealGyn invention includes a Sustain-Release Drug Delivery Pad for treating Endometrial and Vaginal Infections. HealGyn provides the optimum dose of antibiotic pharmaceutical agents to treat such ailments in the desired time frame. It creates a controlled adhesion to the desired location in the reproductive tract. Another innovative part of the product is an optimized applicator which mainly provides the opportunity to deliver the drug in the desired place and avoids injuries to the susceptible internal wall of the reproductive tract.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: HealMe is looking to provide easy and consistent access to the appropriate specialist doctor with their online booking platform.
Business Summary: HealMe has created an online platform that allows individuals to match with the most appropriate doctor for their needs. Using an AI algorithm that assesses the need of a patient, this online system pairs them with a nearby specialist to provide a seamless and quick way to book appointments. HealMe hopes their product provides people with a streamlined way to book appointments easily.
Sector: Communications Technology, Health Sciences, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A health informatics company disrupting the telehealth industry
Business Summary: HealOnline is becoming a leading and trusted name in the healthcare, delivering greater access to high quality services delivered through an online platform. The company is building a telehealth platform for access to a network of doctors and other healthcare specialties, providing automated patient management
Sector: Healthcare

Healthify Solutions

One Line Pitch: Healthify Solutions is developing a health monitoring system to monitor truck drivers’ health conditions for the purpose of preventive health and safety
Business Summary: Healthify Solutions is developing a health monitoring system to monitor truck drivers’ health conditions for the purpose of preventive health and safety. Significant benefits of their product enable them to launch a SaaS business model and enhance the efficiency of road transportation.
Sector: Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Healthloop is an application for healthcare administrators to collect accurate and timely staff feedback.
Business Summary: A technology that puts a feedback tool in the hands of healthcare staff and prompts/allows them to give feedback in a timely, convenient manner to increase the likelihood of addressing issues and keeping staff productive and happy. HealthLoop will provide the data in an actionable and meaningful way for management.
Sector: B2B, Medicine, SaaS, Technology

Heamac Healthcare Inc

One Line Pitch: We develop an intelligent newborn monitor to prevent babies from getting readmitted to hospitals within the first 30 days.
Business Summary: Jaundice & respiratory distress are the top two reasons why babies get readmitted within the first 30 days of birth. Heamac Healthcare developed an innovative patent-pending newborn discharge monitor that non-invasively monitors babies’ vital parameters at home via insurance providers to prevent early discharge. It uses a wide range of frequencies to achieve this monitoring and costs $299. The device is posed for home & hospital use by end of 2021.


One Line Pitch: VRepares is an online training platform and a home repair and installation assistant in virtual reality (VR) environment.
Business Summary: Many buildings repair and installation tasks can be done by homeowner using a virtual assistant. In VRepares, the users will put on a headset and see the virtual world through their eyes. They will be able to see what they’re supposed to do, where they’re supposed to go, and what tools they need for each step. And they’ll be able to ask questions directly from the virtual assistant if they get stuck or need more information about something in particular.
Sector: Home Repair and Maintenance

Heart Hat

One Line Pitch: HeartHat provides an attachable sweatband to the hardhats of workers that provides monitoring of their vitals to help enhance safety and increase preventative measures.
Business Summary: HeartHat uses a technology that continuously monitors and flags irregularities of an individual’s vitals upon attaching their product to a hardhat. This enables increased safety of workers as alerts are sent out in response whenever abnormal vitals activity is sensed. HeartHat looks to improve worker health and reduce risk of workers hospitalization with this product.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: HECOD provides a Blockchain network for business transactions coupled with a new generation payment processing solution for business and consumers in a variety of industries.
Business Summary: HECOD provides a cost-effective and easy way to implement blockchain solutions to a variety of businesses helping them save money in operations and transactions. HECOD will provide the platform as well as vertical market solutions in industries such as real estate, healthcare, and others as well as the specialized services and support to implement and support these systems.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Helios Helmet

One Line Pitch: Increase welding quality & efficiency by Helios AR Welding Helmet.
Business Summary: Helios Helmet is engaged in developing a smart helmet for welders. The company proposed product, HELIOS, is an AR-based welding helmet which is empowered by Artificial Intelligence and helps welding operators increase welding quality, reduce repair costs and save time.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Hebanol produces natural antioxidants that are used in edible oils and cosmetic industry.
Business Summary: Natural antioxidants have recently gained increased interest because of the belief that natural food ingredients are better and safer than synthetic ones. Herbanol research presents the results on stabilization of the main edible oils with different types of natural antioxidants. Sources of natural antioxidants are herbs.
Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: HerbMedX is a nature-based pharma company.
Business Summary: HerbMedX is a pharmaceutical company specialized in developing anti-inflammatory medicines made from herbs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Nutraceuticals

Heritage Bites

One Line Pitch: Connecting customers to authentic homemade meals with local cooks.
Business Summary: Heritage Bites is developing a platform that revolutionizes the way people enjoy food. Our online marketplace lets customers order authentic, homemade meals spanning diverse cuisines. We connect these customers with local cooks, transforming home kitchens into mini restaurants. Leveraging advanced technology the platform enhances every facet of food preparation; from personalization to efficiency, waste reduction, and the user experience. Heritage Bites innovation delivers a distinctive culinary journey, setting us apart in the food service market.
Sector: Food, Services


One Line Pitch: Manufacturer of molecular and cellular products like Molecular Lab Instruments and Nucleic Acid extraction kits.
Business Summary: HighDx developed and manufacture laboratory testing products within the scope of molecular biology and cell cultures. Their leading products are the DNA AND RNA Extraction kits which is playing an important role in early disease detection. Extraction testing kit reduces the wait time for a test by more than 65% from 30 minutes to 9 minutes and is 30% cheaper than existing kits while maintaining industry standard accuracy.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: AI-driven construction solution technology
Business Summary: The HIS Innovations Group created “Digital Infra Souq,” a technology-driven construction solution. Their comprehensive services, from digital records management to AI-based project management, stand out for revolutionizing the construction sector with cutting-edge technology. They are dedicated to becoming a leading construction solutions provider in Canada, driving industry transformation through technological innovation.
Sector: Construction

Hippo Rentals

One Line Pitch: Heavy equipment rentals and full-service construction process optimization.
Business Summary: Team with engineering, heavy equipment, and marketing experience building a next generation platform for construction solutions. Single unified platform offering full-service heavy equipment solutions, focusing on connecting owners of idle machinery with users looking to lease. Blockchain technology provides smart contracts to users, and platform centralizes and simplifies entire construction process.
Sector: Construction, Information Technology

Hire One Jobs Limited

One Line Pitch: A digital employment platform that enables employers to use their own content to attract and communicate with job seekers as well as complete their onboarding process with ease.
Business Summary: Hire One Jobs Limited allows job seekers to manage their profile while employers can create their own digital space with unique branding and advertisements. The job matching criteria will match the employees to employers by calculating various attributes. They use elastic analysis to compare the employees and employers’ strengths, market standing, revenue growth, iteration rate, and more. Hire One Jobs Limited’s solution will be a collaborative platform for employers and employees alike.
Sector: Human Resources, Talent Acquisition


One Line Pitch: HiSquare is a global bilingual event management and ticketing platform built by media professionals helping international students better integrate into local community.
Business Summary: HiSquare aims to enrich international students’ lives through integrating high quality events at different venues and communities in Canada. We’ve partnered with over 100 organizations across the nation, from student associations, alumni associations, business organizations, institutions to US’s organizations.
Sector: Services

HLM Diagnostics

One Line Pitch: Revolutionizing the use of industrial sprays through affordable AI-based diagnostics and testing systems.
Business Summary: HLM Diagnostics aims to assist companies in improving the quality control and efficiency of their sprays. The core product HLM Diagnostics plans to offer is the “Spraycheck” droplet sizing instrument. Unlike other droplet sizing instruments, the “Spraycheck” is compact, affordable, and simple to use.
Sector: Industrial Spray Equipment