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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Port Management Mobile App

One Line Pitch: Port management and logistics are paramount in providing efficient shipping of goods to market. Port Management Mobile App provides smart technology that enables ports to increase their operational efficiency, allowing them to increase the volume of activities within their port, improve the customer experience and increase profitability.
Business Summary: The app will provide an all-encompassing, ‘one stop shop’ to manage every logistical part of a sea shipment from departure to arrival. This software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist with optimizing port activities including scheduling, cargo management, customs, and all things relating to port operations.
Sector: Green Technology


One Line Pitch: Online platform that allows users to view places virtually from the comfort of smart devices.
Business Summary: Portaly is an online web-platform that allows users to explore places around the world in a virtual environment from the comfort of their own home and devices. Users can virtually view houses for sales, homes for rent or major tourist attractions.
Sector: Real Estate, Tourism

Posture Leader

One Line Pitch: A smart wearable posture corrector, which tracks the postures and identifies whether they are harmful to the neck and back in the long-term. It provides users with an AI-powered posture detection system, that alerts them to correct their postures based on minor targets, which will be defined after analyzing their postural habits.
Business Summary: A smart wearable posture corrector, that is connected to a mobile application. This device has high-performance fabric, which contains some sensors to record dentists’ postures, in order to analyze their postural habits at first, and monitor it afterward. The team has used machine learning algorithms to detect improper postures, specifically in dental practices. This AI powers the smart posture detection system, that updates the posture database based on users’ performance and feedback. This posture detection system alerts the users to correct their postures, whenever they have exceeded their specific threshold. These thresholds are minor targets that the device specifies for each user individually, so that the user get used to the standard postures step-by-step, through a personalized schedule. In addition, it suggests effective daily exercises to help them to prevent MSDs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A automated irrigation and maintenance system for potted plants that’s remotely controlled from a smart phone, plus an interactive gaming system where users can earn rewards.
Business Summary: POTSCOIN uses loT technology “smart pots” to manage potted plants intelligently including automated irrigation, soil temperature and light and also by using the app for proper instructions on how to grow healthy plants.
Sector: Environment, Retail

PowerDream Inc

One Line Pitch: Intelligentautomotive power management system to provide maximum power efficiency.
Business Summary: PowerDream is developing a system that can provide maximum power efficiency for vehicles while meeting daily use standards such as: protection of over-current and short circuit, state of charge (SOC) detection, vehicle quiescent control, and diagnostic functions of the power supply system.
Sector: Automotive

Prairie Energy Inspection

One Line Pitch: Prairie Energy Inspection has developed an AI-based method that analyzes thermal images and identifies leakage points of a building envelope.
Business Summary: The Prairie Energy Inspection solution incorporates previous records of the scanned location, captured data of neighborhoods and similar buildings, green energy standards and normalized information of the city.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Producing Ganoderma in the Smart Greenhouse

One Line Pitch: Plant Ganoderma with new technology and clean energy.
Business Summary: Develop a new agricultural process for producing Ganoderma and build local greenhouses across Canada for implementation of this Ganoderma process that will use the Internet of Things (IoT) systems for environmental control during production.
Sector: Agriculture, Communications Technology, Information Technology

Product Management & Productivity (PM&P)

One Line Pitch: PM&P is developing a proprietary, AI-based time tracking software application that will optimize workplace productivity, improve project tracking, and decrease missed revenue opportunities.
Business Summary: With PM&P, users will be motivated and reminded to track their work hours and bill their clients. Through points-based gamification, the application will avoid being intrusive, and will not be perceived as micromanaging their performance. In addition, management will be notified if employees spend unnecessary amounts of time on non-billable work hours.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Health diagnosis & preventive AI based application.
Business Summary: AI based application to diagnose diseases with modern technologies of image processing and deep machine learning of mobile camera’s photos of face, eyes, tongue and nails supported by knowledge of tradition medical science.
Sector: Life Sciences

Project Tracker

One Line Pitch: An innovative app that plugs into your email application, auto generates project updates, and notifies only the team members involved. Forget the days of endless email threads.
Business Summary: Project managers need to send frequent progress reports to update teams. Many project managers use email to contact team members, but this often turns into messy threads of emails and wastes time and money. ProjectTracker is a tool that allows a project manager to send automatic progress updates and assign tasks to their team members through email. ProjectTracker eliminates the need for external to-do lists or apps as it plugs right into your preferred email application. This makes it easier to collaborate with team members working externally to your company.
Sector: Services

Property Comps

One Line Pitch: An innovative data tool that aggregates data and allows users to generate a relevant list of properties to see average rental rates of comparable properties, calculate potential investment returns, and compare/contrast by neighbourhoods, cities and other key demographic and geographic data.
Business Summary: Both renters and rental property investors have few tools with which to analyze rental rates and the potential returns of real estate investments. Both groups are required to look through various sites and sources to pull relevant data on rental rates, amenities, square footage price, and borrowing cost (in the case of investors) that are all critical inputs to making a good renting/investing decision. These users need accurate, real-time data that they can trust, but there is no simple, user-friendly way to collect or analyze it. Compounding this need, no platforms exist that are built specifically for the Canadian market. Property Comps is a simple web-based application that scrapes data from a variety of publicly available rental listing sites, banks/mortgage providers, and vacation rental platforms, analyzes and presents the data to both renters and investors in a way that allows easy comparison and decision making. This data will provide renting and investment guidance about whether or not a given property is priced low, accurately, or high, with supplemental indicators such as price/SF for a given street, community, postal code, etc.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: PropLexis leverages AI and big data to provide legal teams (real estate) with data-driven insights and predictions for property law cases.
Business Summary: PropLexis collects and analyzes data from various sources related to property law (property records, court decisions, market trends, and legislation). It then uses AI and collects big data to provide clients with insights and predictions on legal cases. Also covering complex legal areas such as smart contracts, blockchain, tokenization, fractional ownership.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: A 3D construction printing technology for home renovation and interior design
Business Summary: A 3D construction printing technology that includes hardware and software machinery. This development prints building components, finishes, and architectural elements. With this technology, customized designs can be produced faster and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: Our goal is to provide an Augmented Reality with the layer of Machine Learning based software to assist the Dental Aesthetics Industry so that expectations can be better managed from the start, to avoid any disappointments. We strive to make the dental enhancement procedure most effective, so the best option available can be chosen by the patient.
Business Summary: Our software combines technical and artistic work, as it allows users to superimpose their dental designs onto recordings of the patient in a natural motion. It enables the patient to see within seconds the result of the dental reconstruction. The Application software can import 3D models of patient-specific dental restorations as well as teeth from tooth libraries that contain natural-looking beautiful teeth. These digital models can then be viewed in real-time. This virtual try-in allows patients to see their new smile before they consent to the treatment. Also, visualization of the treatment goal facilitates the communication not only with the patient but also between the dental professionals. The software needs to access a database of 3-D models of naturally attractive sets of teeth to dynamically alter the virtual images.

Prospective Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: Prospective Solutions Inc. is an AI-based social media advertising and marketing management solution designed to enhance social media marketing through the creation of big databases of social media user accounts.
Business Summary: Prospective Solutions Inc. is a web-based solution that links together all social media user accounts, leveraging the big data of customer characteristics and analyzing effective strategies to address different target groups (age, social status, common interests, etc.). Prospective Solutions Inc. produces automated in-product solutions to streamline the digital advertising campaign management to order to enhance operational efficiency.
Sector: Information Technology

PsyAxon AI Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: PsyAxon AI Solutions Inc. offers a comprehensive and innovative software program that combines psychology and technology to provide growth hacking solutions for kids aged 30 to 72 months.
Business Summary: PsyAxon AI Solutions Inc. is an intuitive software company that will transform kindergarten activities into fun games using AI-driven methodologies to effortlessly capture and synthesize a child’s growth data in real-time. The vision is to enable parents and therapists to acquire highly accurate and detailed scientific reports on various aspects of a child’s developmental capabilities and personality characteristics such as their level of self-esteem, problem-solving, social skills, and more. This platform technology is highly innovative as it utilizes powerful cloud computing that converts big data into meaningful metric parameters through machine learning to empower parents and therapists with valuable insights for personalized support.
Sector: Education, Life Sciences, Software

Psykon Consulting

One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps individuals diagnose early stage mental health disorders and matches them with a licensed professional most suited for their specific case.
Business Summary: Psykon has developed a mental health assessment that allows for the diagnosis of mental health concerns at an early stage. By leveraging their online counselling platform, users of the mental health assessment are matched with certified professionals most suited for their unique diagnosis. The integrated scheduling system allows users to sign up for time sensitive online or in person counselling thus simplifying the scheduling process and reducing the resistance users may have in signing up for therapy.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Next generation, whole home, smart residential air purification technology.
Business Summary: PUREAOX is bringing breakthrough material science from the Middle East to Canada, to produce ground-breaking air purification technology for the home. The underlying technology is a unique manufacturing process for Alumina, where by tweaking key properties, PUREAOX is able to produce highly effective filters for the smallest pollutants, without sacrificing airflow. These new filters are combined with a simple but innovative IOT solution for tracking air quality over time
Sector: Clean Technology, Information Technology

QBS Space

One Line Pitch: Architecture and engineering proposal evaluation and selection tool.
Business Summary: QBS Space allows clients to hire the best-qualified architects and engineers at fair and competitive prices, instead of lesser qualified firms at artificially low prices.
Sector: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Interior Design


One Line Pitch: QBS Comm creates technology to hire the best-qualified marketing and communication firms at fair and competitive prices, instead of lesser qualified firms at artificially low prices.
Business Summary: An assessment tool incorporating a unique selection algorithm used by procurement departments/business owners/clients to evaluate expertise of professional communications services providers in the communications sector such as ad agencies, PR firms, illustrators, video production firms, writers, digital media, social media, and graphic design firms.
Sector: Communications, Communications Technology, Design, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: QTEK uses artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to help users make investment decisions in an effort to automate the wealth management industry.
Business Summary: QTEK is using the latest technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to help make real-time, intelligent investment decisions for users. This software can provide end-to-end order processing and wealth management services from assessing a users financial situation, identifying financial goals, building a customized investment plan and executing the plan by placing investment orders. This software is automating the entire wealth management and investment industry.
Sector: Finance

QudiCa Plant

One Line Pitch: Organic, eco-friendly fertilizer produced from human hair waste.
Business Summary: Qudica Plant has developed an organic environmentally friendly fertilizer to enrich the soil with the healthy micronutrients present in human hair. Their product’s main ingredient is human hair waste.
Sector: Agriculture, Life Sciences

Quiz Rush

One Line Pitch: Quiz Rush, a Trivia platform to facilitate on boarding and continuos training of employees.
Business Summary: Quiz Rush is a trivia application platform for corporations and organizations designed to create and maintain continuous training material. Quiz Rush allows every entity to create unique content, in a customized, and engaging quiz game. Quiz Rush is based on Quiz of Kings engine, the lagest trivia game in the Middle East and North Africa with over 20 million users. It has sophisticated quiz mechanisms plus fully integrated social features. By using Quiz Rush, entities can create custom training material turned into fun, competitive, and convenient games. Currently hundreds of large organizations use Quiz Rush to create their own branded trivia game for continuous training of their employees and staff.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Racingtector Technology

One Line Pitch: Leading VOCs monitoring instrument company in China since 2003.
Business Summary: Racingtector is a world-class VOCs instruments/services provider that owns an independent production line & China Metrology Accreditation laboratory in China.
Sector: Energy, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Using a combination of drone flight control, image processing and artificial intelligence, Rad Agri-AI’s technology platform can assess plants’ condition through permanent real-time supervision.
Business Summary: RAD AGRI AI has developed an SaaS-based comprehensive management system that controls drone flight using machine learning and artificial intelligence to obtain data-enabling growth in agricultural production.
Sector: Agriculture

Rad Petro AI

One Line Pitch: RAD Petrol AI Inc. has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software program that is able to detect wildlife intrusion into sensitive areas near commercial industrial entities.
Business Summary: The artificial intelligence technology we have developed will enable commercial entities such as Refineries, Factories, Airports, Hydro Electric Producers to prevent harm to wildlife and the surrounding ecosystems in a more expedient cost effective manner with a higher level of accuracy.
Sector: Information Technology, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas

Rad Smart Smile

One Line Pitch: RAD Smart Smile AI Inc. provides a technology platform, based on an artificial intelligence / machine learning platform to enhance dental and oral health management.
Business Summary: RAD Smart Smile AI Inc. has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software program that is able to detect oral and dental diseases in humans and animals much earlier than conventional methods thus enabling treatment to occur much more expeditiously and preventing further progression of disease and associated costs. Our Competitive advantage is the ability to provide a quicker and more accurate cost effective diagnosis that will allow dentists to provide more timely and accurate treatment to patients.
Sector: Dental, Medical

Radenxa AI Technology Ltd – Vivid Fab Lab

One Line Pitch: Radenxa is building a platform known as Vivid Fab Lab that integrates 3D technology and construction – providing the industry with thousands of practical 3D printable designs.
Business Summary: Traditional methods for creating innovative construction objects are cumbersome and costly – often adding 30% to project budgets. Radenxa is building a platform known as Vivid Fab Lab that integrates 3D technology and construction – providing the industry with thousands of practical 3D printable designs. The platform also delivers easy to use web access to customers that require custom objects or designs. Vivid Fab Lab is a gamechanger for construction, providing a resource that will accelerate projects through innovation – making 3D creativity mainstream rather a dream. Radenxa is developing the Vivid Fab Lab platform where the MVP is expected to be ready for testing in Q1 of 2025 with initial sales to begin later year.
Sector: 3D Printing

Raha Sanat Arad

One Line Pitch: Cabin counterweights and elevator rails designed using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP), metal sheets, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and resin to resist fire in case of emergencies.
Business Summary: RSA developed a reinforced fire-proof elevator rail design, using fiber glass, resin, FRP and metal sheets. Their project aims to reduce power consumption in the buildings, use materials that are currently abundant in the planet – reducing environmental damage, lower the cost of production and increase production speed.
Sector: Transport Technologies, Utilities


One Line Pitch: Dental Disease Prevention Using Innovative New Technology.
Business Summary: In this analytical platform, by using Machine Learning, the patient’s tooth compares against existing samples in our datasets to determine if there is any indication of caries and the best type of treatment.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Communications Technology, Information Technology, Medicine

Ramis (Agri-Bot)

One Line Pitch: Ramis is engaged in designing, making, and retailing agricultural robots.
Business Summary: The current product is an autonomous insect hunter, specially designed to be used in a wide range of Canadian farms as a replacement to chemical insecticides, eliminating their side effects such as soil/water contamination and destruction of plant and animal ecosystems.
Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: RankLocali is developing a comprehensive Local SEO and Google My Business (GMB) management tool designed for agencies and local businesses.
Business Summary: RankLocali elevates local SEO strategies and simplifies the complexities of managing GMB listings. They are focused on developing innovative features to meet and exceed the continually evolving needs of businesses and agencies deploying local SEO. RankLocali’s goal is to introduce to the market a streamlined and user-friendly solution that will enhance online visibility and optimize local search presence, ensuring businesses will not only have a digital footprint but will also stand out in local searches.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: RapidRue is a platform that will assist businesses who want to digitalize themselves in part or as a whole by bridging the gap between non-technical users and their technical requirements.
Business Summary: The AI assistant will get the user to input their needs in layman’s terms, translating them into detailed technical requirements with recommendations. These requirements can then be used as a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit quotations from software companies. Moreover, the platform suggests suitable tech partners and contractors based on the client’s needs. Add-ons transform these requirements into Initiatives, Epics, and User Stories for agile development, and integrations with popular project management tools streamline the execution process.
Sector: B2B, SaaS


One Line Pitch: Rasta Care has developed a non-contact imaging solution based on a cellphone that captures hard to heal wounds in high-resolution and in real-time. Through advanced AI and cloud computing RastaCare can monitor healing, detect infection, and classify wounds to direct proper patient care.
Business Summary: Aid in the healing of skin ulcers through a simple handheld device using a mobile phone. The ability to characterize a wound, detect infection, and monitor healing is critical to better manage patients with persistent wounds.
Sector: Life Sciences

Ravina Analytical Instrument Corp

One Line Pitch: Leading edge Gas Analyzer solution to monitor, analyze and effectively manage gas emissions in the energy industry.
Business Summary: AI driven technology utilizing machine learning to detect anomalies in gas emissions. This software seamlessly integrates with existing gas sensors, delivers real time reports and insights and provides continuous monitoring and control of gas emissions to safeguard the health of communities residing near industrial zones.
Sector: Energy

Raybod Robot System

One Line Pitch: shelf scanning robot system, designed to automize shelf inventory management.
Business Summary: Raybod is developing a shelf scanning robot system, designed to automize shelf inventory management. Using intelligent robots minimizes costs associated with manpower and human errors. Raybod will seek to solve many fundamental problems in the industry with a self-scanning robot and paired application. The system uses the latest AI algorithms such as deep learning, smart counting, machine learning, and image processing, the robot is totally smart, protected, secure, and highly accurate. Raybod Robot will track inventory, allow managers to restock high-margin items in high-turnover location, and to make sure prices and promotions are displayed correctly, every time.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A platform leveraging machine learning to simplify the lending process
Business Summary: ReadyFund is developing a unified platform to streamline and bring efficiency to the lending process. This platform automates every step including communications, background checks, and document analysis. It provides a seamless and transparent lending process with access to all tools, services, and data analytics, while prioritizing security and data protection.
Sector: Financial Services


One Line Pitch: Improving the sustainability of 3D printing using recycled filament.
Business Summary: RefilamenteR has designed a device which allows for the use of recyclable plastic as 3D printing filament.
Sector: 3D Printing

Regal BOT

One Line Pitch: Regal BOT is an AI chatbot that will provide intelligent answers to common legal questions.
Business Summary: Accessible on the web or on social media apps, the AI-based Regal BOT has learning capabilities that will answer users’ frequently asked questions, freeing up the time partners of law and paralegals spend so that they can attend to more specific, case-by-case questions.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Legal


One Line Pitch: RehabGenie is a virtual rehabilitation platform that uses augmented reality and machine learning to provide personalized exercise plans, aiming to make rehabilitation more accessible, convenient, and engaging for patients
Business Summary: RehabGenie is a virtual rehabilitation platform that uses augmented reality and machine learning to guide patients with musculoskeletal problems through their recovery process. It provides personalized exercise plans and allows orthopedic specialists to monitor patients’ progress remotely. RehabGenie’s use of augmented reality technology helps to improve patient engagement and adherence to the rehabilitation program, while making it more accessible and convenient for patients. The platform is designed to revolutionize the traditional, in-person rehabilitation model and provide an additional source of revenue for orthopedic specialists.
Sector: Health, Medical

RehabLeader Technology Inc

One Line Pitch: An innovative patient care and communication platform for physiotherapy and chiropractic practitioners to teach patients how to perform critical exercises and check on progress.
Business Summary: Rehableader Technology Inc. will be a learning management system and client communication platform that allows practitioners to assign interactive exerciser, track patient progress, and communicate in real-time. Rehableader Technology Inc. will use LIDAR/augmented reality technology to assess if patients are correctly performing rehab exercises and provide feedback to practitioners and users.
Sector: Life Sciences

REIS Future Canada

One Line Pitch: An artificial intelligence (AI)-based online platform for customers with any level of knowledge who can have the best resources to create a renewable power plant with different uses at the lowest cost.
Business Summary: REIS Future Canada wants to provide an online platform for all customers, including: residential, industrials, asset developers and governments, based on input data of location or area and budget or amount of energy consumption by using artificial intelligence and decision-making algorithms to calculate all effective parameters for establishing of renewable power plant and finally offers the best resources, the best location to the user and provides a complete feasibility study reports. In addition, REIS Future Canada intends to offer an energy management tool that helps users have the best time to consume, store or sell energy to achieve the best economic efficiency.
Sector: Information Technology, Renewable Energy

Rejuvinital Care Ltd.

One Line Pitch: Rejuvinital Care Ltd is creating healthier and safer cosmetic product options through customized organic alternatives.
Business Summary: Rejuvinital Care Ltd is developing fully customizable organic cosmetic products. As current cosmetic products on the market have many negative environmental and health related draw backs, finding clean products can be a challenge. Using AI/ML technology and their organic materials, Rejuvinital offers a way to create customizable cosmetic products for the individual.
Sector: Beauty, Health and Wellness

RemComms Hub

One Line Pitch: A remote monitoring control system for field operations that leverages advanced technologies to optimize data packets, improve efficiency and enhance safety and environmental performance.
Business Summary: RemComms Hub is an intelligent remote monitoring and control platform for the oil and gas industry. Its optimized data transmission along with AI and ML deliver real-time reports, alarm callouts and GPS tracking with accuracy. The system receives and transmits various data from existing sensors as feedback to its intelligent platform. With remote monitoring capabilities, RemComms Hub helps operators to overcome the challenges of monitoring equipment in remote or inaccessible areas, enabling them to quickly detect and respond to potential issues. By prioritizing critical data, compressing, and aggregating data packets and optimizing the protocol used for data transmission, the system provides reliable and efficient data transfer, reducing the risk of delays or lost data. Overall, RemComms Hub is a powerful solution for oil and gas monitoring that helps operators to improve their operations, reduce costs and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.
Sector: Oil and Gas, Services, Software

Renewed Fashion

Business Summary: Renewed Fashion is a sustainable fashion brand that breathes new life into discarded clothes, crafting chic bags, covers, and decor. They believe in not just changing wardrobes, but livelihoods- by giving local stores a shot at online success. Renewed Fashion stands as a comprehensive solution to Canada’s fashion waste challenge and local business struggles. By upcycling fashion waste and empowering local entrepreneurs, they create a positive impact on both the environment and the economy.
Sector: Fashion


One Line Pitch: A storage space marketplace that connects storage owners with storage renters.
Business Summary: Rent@Me is a storage rental marketplace that connects homeowners who have extra storage space with users that are looking to rent storage space. Homeowners can make revenue through offering their empty facilities (garages, basements, etc.) while meeting the growing demand for affordable storage spaces.
Sector: Communications Technology, Rentals

Rental of Non-Motorized Vehicle Transportation Devices

One Line Pitch: This start-up company is developing a mobile application for the rental of non-motorized transportation.
Business Summary: This company will create an app where users will select the device they want to rent and will be charged once the rental has returned. The company will use geofencing marketing technology to notify users when they’ve entered a designated area with a nearby rental station. They offer the use of non-motorized devices such as bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs, etc.
Sector: Rentals, Transportation

Repiping Academy Company Showcase

One Line Pitch: Repiping Academy Company is creating an AI and ML combined plumbing service capable of connecting Canadians with the correct plumbers for their needs.
Business Summary: Repiping Academy Company has developed an online application that matches Canadians in need of plumbing services to the most suitable plumber. Using proprietary AI system in combination with a machine learning algorithm, they have created an application that analyzes the specific needs of the customers based on their plumbing issue. This system then matches up the most qualified plumber for the job in a quick and seamless fashion. Repiping Academy Company looks to solve the issue of urgent plumbing needs with their product.
Sector: Communications Technology, Construction, Information Technology

Reptoid Tech Inc

One Line Pitch: Reptoid has developed a software trading platform that allows ordinary trading firms to trade at a speed similar to high-frequency trading and react to market events faster than their competitors
Business Summary: Algorithmic trading firms are companies that automatically make deals on exchanges. They need to implement algorithmic strategies and infrastructure to execute strategies’ signals as orders on the exchange. Even though the infrastructure is similar from task to task, trading firms need to develop it from scratch, spending months or years and hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring and managing a technical team on their own. Our product is software that trading firms install on their servers or use as a service (SaaS) from our cloud. This software uses various network protocol mechanics, operation system optimizations, and carefully designed architecture to minimize network latency.
Sector: Finance


One Line Pitch: Offering real-time monitoring and analysis of natural disasters, leveraging integrated data and machine-learning to empower preparedness and enhance the response plans.
Business Summary: ResilienceHQ offers a platform which integrates diverse data sources including satellite images and meteorological data and leverages machine learning algorithms to provide predictions and assessments of natural disaster like wild fire, enabling stakeholders to effectively mitigate risks and enhance public safety. The company aims to have a significant impact on making informed decisions and enhancing resilience to natural disasters.
Sector: Public Safety