MTA SUV Showcase

Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.



One Line Pitch: Dental Disease Prevention Using Innovative New Technology.
Business Summary: In this analytical platform, by using Machine Learning, the patient’s tooth compares against existing samples in our datasets to determine if there is any indication of caries and the best type of treatment.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Communications Technology, Information Technology, Medicine

Ramis (Agri-Bot)

One Line Pitch: Ramis is engaged in designing, making, and retailing agricultural robots.
Business Summary: The current product is an autonomous insect hunter, specially designed to be used in a wide range of Canadian farms as a replacement to chemical insecticides, eliminating their side effects such as soil/water contamination and destruction of plant and animal ecosystems.
Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: RapidRue is a platform that will assist businesses who want to digitalize themselves in part or as a whole by bridging the gap between non-technical users and their technical requirements.
Business Summary: The AI assistant will get the user to input their needs in layman’s terms, translating them into detailed technical requirements with recommendations. These requirements can then be used as a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit quotations from software companies. Moreover, the platform suggests suitable tech partners and contractors based on the client’s needs. Add-ons transform these requirements into Initiatives, Epics, and User Stories for agile development, and integrations with popular project management tools streamline the execution process.
Sector: B2B, SaaS


One Line Pitch: Rasta Care has developed a non-contact imaging solution based on a cellphone that captures hard to heal wounds in high-resolution and in real-time. Through advanced AI and cloud computing RastaCare can monitor healing, detect infection, and classify wounds to direct proper patient care.
Business Summary: Aid in the healing of skin ulcers through a simple handheld device using a mobile phone. The ability to characterize a wound, detect infection, and monitor healing is critical to better manage patients with persistent wounds.
Sector: Life Sciences

Raybod Robot System

One Line Pitch: shelf scanning robot system, designed to automize shelf inventory management.
Business Summary: Raybod is developing a shelf scanning robot system, designed to automize shelf inventory management. Using intelligent robots minimizes costs associated with manpower and human errors. Raybod will seek to solve many fundamental problems in the industry with a self-scanning robot and paired application. The system uses the latest AI algorithms such as deep learning, smart counting, machine learning, and image processing, the robot is totally smart, protected, secure, and highly accurate. Raybod Robot will track inventory, allow managers to restock high-margin items in high-turnover location, and to make sure prices and promotions are displayed correctly, every time.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A platform leveraging machine learning to simplify the lending process
Business Summary: ReadyFund is developing a unified platform to streamline and bring efficiency to the lending process. This platform automates every step including communications, background checks, and document analysis. It provides a seamless and transparent lending process with access to all tools, services, and data analytics, while prioritizing security and data protection.
Sector: Financial Services


One Line Pitch: Improving the sustainability of 3D printing using recycled filament.
Business Summary: RefilamenteR has designed a device which allows for the use of recyclable plastic as 3D printing filament.
Sector: 3D Printing

Regal BOT

One Line Pitch: Regal BOT is an AI chatbot that will provide intelligent answers to common legal questions.
Business Summary: Accessible on the web or on social media apps, the AI-based Regal BOT has learning capabilities that will answer users’ frequently asked questions, freeing up the time partners of law and paralegals spend so that they can attend to more specific, case-by-case questions.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Legal


One Line Pitch: RehabGenie is a virtual rehabilitation platform that uses augmented reality and machine learning to provide personalized exercise plans, aiming to make rehabilitation more accessible, convenient, and engaging for patients
Business Summary: RehabGenie is a virtual rehabilitation platform that uses augmented reality and machine learning to guide patients with musculoskeletal problems through their recovery process. It provides personalized exercise plans and allows orthopedic specialists to monitor patients’ progress remotely. RehabGenie’s use of augmented reality technology helps to improve patient engagement and adherence to the rehabilitation program, while making it more accessible and convenient for patients. The platform is designed to revolutionize the traditional, in-person rehabilitation model and provide an additional source of revenue for orthopedic specialists.
Sector: Health, Medical

RehabLeader Technology Inc

One Line Pitch: An innovative patient care and communication platform for physiotherapy and chiropractic practitioners to teach patients how to perform critical exercises and check on progress.
Business Summary: Rehableader Technology Inc. will be a learning management system and client communication platform that allows practitioners to assign interactive exerciser, track patient progress, and communicate in real-time. Rehableader Technology Inc. will use LIDAR/augmented reality technology to assess if patients are correctly performing rehab exercises and provide feedback to practitioners and users.
Sector: Life Sciences

REIS Future Canada

One Line Pitch: An artificial intelligence (AI)-based online platform for customers with any level of knowledge who can have the best resources to create a renewable power plant with different uses at the lowest cost.
Business Summary: REIS Future Canada wants to provide an online platform for all customers, including: residential, industrials, asset developers and governments, based on input data of location or area and budget or amount of energy consumption by using artificial intelligence and decision-making algorithms to calculate all effective parameters for establishing of renewable power plant and finally offers the best resources, the best location to the user and provides a complete feasibility study reports. In addition, REIS Future Canada intends to offer an energy management tool that helps users have the best time to consume, store or sell energy to achieve the best economic efficiency.
Sector: Information Technology, Renewable Energy

Rejuvinital Care Ltd.

One Line Pitch: Rejuvinital Care Ltd is creating healthier and safer cosmetic product options through customized organic alternatives.
Business Summary: Rejuvinital Care Ltd is developing fully customizable organic cosmetic products. As current cosmetic products on the market have many negative environmental and health related draw backs, finding clean products can be a challenge. Using AI/ML technology and their organic materials, Rejuvinital offers a way to create customizable cosmetic products for the individual.
Sector: Beauty, Health and Wellness

Renewed Fashion

Business Summary: Renewed Fashion is a sustainable fashion brand that breathes new life into discarded clothes, crafting chic bags, covers, and decor. They believe in not just changing wardrobes, but livelihoods- by giving local stores a shot at online success. Renewed Fashion stands as a comprehensive solution to Canada’s fashion waste challenge and local business struggles. By upcycling fashion waste and empowering local entrepreneurs, they create a positive impact on both the environment and the economy.
Sector: Fashion


One Line Pitch: A storage space marketplace that connects storage owners with storage renters.
Business Summary: Rent@Me is a storage rental marketplace that connects homeowners who have extra storage space with users that are looking to rent storage space. Homeowners can make revenue through offering their empty facilities (garages, basements, etc.) while meeting the growing demand for affordable storage spaces.
Sector: Communications Technology, Rentals

Rental of Non-Motorized Vehicle Transportation Devices

One Line Pitch: This start-up company is developing a mobile application for the rental of non-motorized transportation.
Business Summary: This company will create an app where users will select the device they want to rent and will be charged once the rental has returned. The company will use geofencing marketing technology to notify users when they’ve entered a designated area with a nearby rental station. They offer the use of non-motorized devices such as bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs, etc.
Sector: Rentals, Transportation

Repiping Academy Company Showcase

One Line Pitch: Repiping Academy Company is creating an AI and ML combined plumbing service capable of connecting Canadians with the correct plumbers for their needs.
Business Summary: Repiping Academy Company has developed an online application that matches Canadians in need of plumbing services to the most suitable plumber. Using proprietary AI system in combination with a machine learning algorithm, they have created an application that analyzes the specific needs of the customers based on their plumbing issue. This system then matches up the most qualified plumber for the job in a quick and seamless fashion. Repiping Academy Company looks to solve the issue of urgent plumbing needs with their product.
Sector: Communications Technology, Construction, Information Technology

Reptoid Tech Inc

One Line Pitch: Reptoid has developed a software trading platform that allows ordinary trading firms to trade at a speed similar to high-frequency trading and react to market events faster than their competitors
Business Summary: Algorithmic trading firms are companies that automatically make deals on exchanges. They need to implement algorithmic strategies and infrastructure to execute strategies’ signals as orders on the exchange. Even though the infrastructure is similar from task to task, trading firms need to develop it from scratch, spending months or years and hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring and managing a technical team on their own. Our product is software that trading firms install on their servers or use as a service (SaaS) from our cloud. This software uses various network protocol mechanics, operation system optimizations, and carefully designed architecture to minimize network latency.
Sector: Finance

Respina Smart Services Inc.

One Line Pitch: AI/VR based platform for construction and design professionals.
Business Summary: Respina Smart Services Inc. is developing a transformative collaborative platform for construction and design. The VR and AI-powered solution enables real-time collaboration, allowing stakeholders to interact with 3D building models and make instant design adjustments. By seamlessly combining VR, live collaboration, and design customization, the platform streamlines project workflow, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the construction and design industry.
Sector: Construction, Information Technology, Technology


One Line Pitch: Improving healthcare with robotics and artificial intelligence.
Business Summary: RoboBiomics is building innovative robotic technology using articifical intelligence to assist doctors and healthcare workers. This includes, analytical software, automatic genetic diagnosis, robotic screening tools and cancer detection.
Sector: Life Sciences

Robust Marketing and Communication Inc

One Line Pitch: An innovative event booking tool for hotel and venue managers to immediately assess what your costs/profit on booking an event will be in order to confirm the right bookings.
Business Summary: Robust Marketing and Communication is an innovative event booking calculator that hotel and venue staff to input particulars from customers (attendees, dates, food, drink etc.) and quickly calculate if the event meets the minimum return on investment needed by the hotel/venue. No more guessing and hoping that events are profitable and customize the inputs to suit the specific venue/hotel. Our competitive advantage will come from the deep industry insight we have with an industry co-development partner and technical experience to build a scalable software-as-a-service platform.
Sector: Services

Roham Cell Teb

One Line Pitch: Roham Cell Teb (RC Teb), is a medical technology company focused on the field of regenerative medicine with its patented Black Pearl Technology. The technology stimulates human or animal blood cells to produce and release growth factors and regenerative cytokines that accelerates the regeneration of soft tissues.
Business Summary: The Company plans to manufacture and distribute globally its branded Heila family of products suited and designed specifically for different remedies. The products will target MSK disorders in veterinary, MSK and sport related injuries, skin rejuvenation and wounds. Currently under development are products to target the management of endometrial related infertility and stem cell culture media. The company plans to distribute the products to health clinics and hospitals through specialized distribution partners initially once marketing clearance has been obtained in Canada and USA.
Sector: Medical Device, Technology


One Line Pitch: Hardware and software Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mobile solution that provides automated elemental and mineral analysis of rocks replacing traditional lab tests.
Business Summary: ROQ AI developed a hardware and software solution based on AI that enables on-site reservoir rock analysis. Their solution is composed of a testing platform that show consistent and accurate results in real-time; and of a software that is equipped with automate drill cutting imagery, petrophysical and geochemical data from various sources and precise reports.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Rotary is an AI-based online platform purchase assistant for direct communication for buying, selling, and repairing new and used rotary equipment.
Business Summary: Using questionnaires, smart calculators, and image-processing tools, our application will gather essential customer information and offer detailed comparisons between purchasing new equipment or opting for repairs. As such, the client will receive accurate guidance and can then make well-informed decisions regarding acquiring or maintaining rotary equipment.
Sector: B2B, SaaS

Rovaty Ascent International

One Line Pitch: Reliable verification of aviation software.
Business Summary: Rovaty Ascent International is a software and consulting company specializing in verification of aviation software. Our technology is based on a versatile and robust abstract interpretation method.
Sector: Information Technology


One Line Pitch: RSA offers a range of solutions to solve traffic issues for road users and road managers.
Business Summary: RSA produces and develops high technology and modern systems to collect real time road data, manufactures high-tech systems and solutions to indicate road data to governments and road users, and offers integrated solutions of various systems to reduce road maintenance costs and increase road safety.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Communications Technology, Information Technology

Safe Healthcare

One Line Pitch: A simple, cost-effective technology that tracks when a user’s hands are being washed by collecting location information when they enter a room, when their hands are in the sink, how long their hands are in the sink, and if the water is running.
Business Summary: Hand washing for hospital staff is extremely important as it ensures safe and healthy environments for patients, and greatly reduces hospital acquired infection (HAI). In many jurisdictions 100% hand washing compliance standards have been adopted. To ensure adherence to these policies, hand washing auditors are often hired to manually audit each hospital staff member and confirm if they are washing their hands at the proper times. This can range from tens to hundreds of highly trained practitioners and millions of dollars in costs. Safe Healthcare is a software and sensor solution that uses off-the-shelf RFID technology within user bracelets as well as sensors within each hospital/facility sink to track and verify that when a staff member enters a new room, washes their hands in the sink for a sufficient amount of time. This will reduce the need for in-person verification and cost while preserving a high degree of safety.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: A portable food contamination testing device.
Business Summary: SafeFoodDetector is developing a portable food contamination testing device that is able to also track the quality of food over a period of time. The advantages of using this lab-on-a-chip are reduced sample size, shorter reaction & analysis time, increased throughput, automation, and portability.
Sector: Advanced Health/Health Care IT, Life Sciences, Medical Device


One Line Pitch: Platform-based bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management software integration.
Business Summary: SailBox is the boutique accounting firm of the future. Their team of accounting professionals will be trained to specialize in the use of the software that your company chooses to manage finances internally. Whether it be Quickbooks, NetSuite, Zoho, Xero, Wave, or one of the many other solutions. SailBox provides three key benefits: 1. Preparation of the books, using the software that you choose to run your business. 2. The staff specializes in the use of leading-edge accounting software and is well-prepared to consult with your team to maximize the benefit your business receives form using an innovative approach to financial management. 3. Using their services, engaging with our accountants, scheduling calls and meetings, and even paying contractors, can all be done through a single, centralized online platform. They can even assist your team in integrating their platform with your other productivity tools.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services

Salad Bar

One Line Pitch: Salad Bar offers a fully autonomous way for consumers to get fresh and on-the-go salads via their robotic vending machines.
Business Summary: Salad Bar is creating a fully touchless and autonomous salad bar that is served via a robotic vending machine. These salad bars will serve fresh and nutritional customizable salads that can be easily obtained on-the-go. Salad Bar looks to provides consumers with healthy and environmentally conscious alternatives for quick and easy consumption.
Sector: Food, Life Sciences

Sam Plas Co.

One Line Pitch: Sam Plas Co..
Business Summary: The Company was originally founded in Iran in 2020 and planning to relocate to Winnipeg. The company will continue to prototype and develop the product in Iran while awaiting the relocation to Winnipeg where the verification, validation, and clinical evaluation will take place. The company plans to manufacture the product in Canada, where they will obtain regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the USA, Health Canada, and CE Mark. The first clinical application will be for veterinary dermatological wounds then seek progressive indications for human dermatological skin conditions. The company is currently investigating the ideal business model for the product and is considering opening and operating dermatology clinics or sell directly to vet clinics and large hospitals.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A newly designed, patented, marine floating platform that is lighter in weight, easy to install, and can be customized in different sizes and applications.
Business Summary: The modified lightweight reinforced material is a game changing technology that opens new opportunities in light marine floating platforms. Current floating systems are either expensive or shape-limited; our technology provides a variety of customizable, economical platforms for different uses and applications; this technology saves businesses between 20-40% of cost inclusive of material and installation. In addition, it is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Also, experts are not required to install these systems; a large surface area can be assembled within a few hours. The applications are many – residential and commercial dock, swimming pools, restaurants, fish farms and many other service-based businesses.
Sector: Industrials


One Line Pitch: Automated sterile mask dispenser.
Business Summary: Sani-Signal is building an automated, sterile mask dispenser which also includes a hand sanitizer dispenser. The system allows for the distribution of masks without the risk of contamination by human touch. The market focus will be on retailers of medical supplies and hygienic products.
Sector: Medical Supplies


One Line Pitch: Sapphire is a company that provides IT risk assessment services, corporate employee training, systems testing, and related consulting services focusing on human elements to find and eliminate both technical and behavioral vulnerabilities of the data custody chain.
Business Summary: Sapphire is a company that helps businesses deal with the growing need for data security. The company’s core area of expertise is the human element in IT security. The company renders IT risk assessment services, corporate employee training, systems testing, and related consulting services to find and eliminate both technical and behavioral vulnerabilities of the data custody chain.
Sector: Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Services


One Line Pitch: Integrated smart home system providing safety, security, comfort and automation.
Business Summary: Securohomes is an intelligent security system & amp service provider that combines the advantages of alarm, video surveillance, and home automation systems. It provides a one-stop solution to the requirements of home security systems which are based on electronic components specific to the personal computers (PCs), and controlled devices. Integrated with BMS (Building Management System), our computer-based systems are installed in homes to control, monitor, and notify, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Satellite Negotiator

One Line Pitch: Satellite Negotiator will provide collision avoidance and space traffic management services for satellite operators who operate in low‐earth orbit.
Business Summary: Satellite Negotiator initial product is a technology‐backed service for satellite operators. The long‐ term vision is to develop the technology into a global traffic management service provided to all operators in collaboration with the Canadian Government.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Scan & Pay

One Line Pitch: Scan & Pay is an app-based software that enables shoppers to scan products and add them to a virtual cart for a contactless experience.
Business Summary: Scan & Pay is a software created to further enable contactless shopping and purchasing experiences. The app-based software gives shoppers the opportunity to scan products with their mobile device and add it to a virtual shopping to be purchased via the app. Scan & Pay hopes to provide consumers with a comfortable contactless shopping experience.
Sector: Retail


One Line Pitch: A revolutionized healthcare communication platform.
Business Summary: SecureCare will act as a simple and secure communication software to address the inefficiencies that exist today in communication between pharmacists and physicians. The platform will enable pharmacists, doctors, and clinic staff to communicate key information inside of a single, secure, and consolidated web/mobile platform to greatly improve patient care and medication management.
Sector: Communications, Healthcare

Seed to Spruce

One Line Pitch: Community engagement platform.
Business Summary: Seed to Spruce is a community driven platform that connects seniors and youth through guided programs. These activities build skills, foster connections, reduce isolation, and benefit local communities. Their goal is to create meaningful intergenerational relationships.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: SeedAR Inc. is building Indiroot, an augmented reality (AR) based Customer-to-Customer (C2C) online marketplace dedicated to indigenous peoples’ art, handicrafts, and traditional non-perishable foods.
Business Summary: To build a C2C online platform to both sell indigenous created products and to showcase their rituals, ancient knowledge, and languages with AR marketing methods. Our goal is to empower the indigenous people financially while revitalizing their culture and languages.
Sector: Augmented Reality, E-commerce


One Line Pitch: Sentechnology pioneers non-invasive health monitoring through a wearable sensor, analyzing eccrine sweat biomarkers for athletes and diabetic patients, enhancing performance and well-being
Business Summary: Sentechnology produces a revolutionary wearable sensor that provides real-time, highly accurate analysis of critical eccrine sweat constituents such as glucose, sodium, potassium, and lactate. Our multiplexed sensing approach enables simultaneous measurement, allowing for personalized health monitoring of athletes and diabetic patients. With a focus on direct-to-consumer sales initially, our technology aims to evolve into B2B partnerships, integrating with smartwatches and major wearable sport gadgets.
Sector: Health, Technology

Service Digital Powerhouse

One Line Pitch: Service Digital Powerhouse is creating an automated end-to-end affordable and scalable customer service software.
Business Summary: Service Digital Powerhouse (SDP) is developing customer service software for SMEs. Most customer service software is marketed toward large corporations, which makes it difficult to find a suitable one for SMEs. Using a cloud-based software that utilizes automated self-service chatbots, SDP has created a scalable and affordable service for SMEs to respond to customers easily and effectively.
Sector: Communications Technology, Customer Service, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Shadi is a network of experienced, exclusively trained and licensed therapists who deliver 24/7 mental health services through a high-tech, AI-equipped platform.
Business Summary: A network of experienced, exclusively trained and licensed therapists who deliver 24/7 mental health services through a high-tech, AI equipped online platform. The clients provide basic data via questionnaires. In less than a few hours, the platform suggests several therapists based on the clients’ objectives, preferences, and the type of issues they are dealing with. The clients choose the favored therapist. They can start communicating through the dedicated private online room instantly using text messages, voice memos, scheduled phone calls, or live video sessions.
Sector: Life Sciences

Shahjee Enterprises

One Line Pitch: Connecting sellers and buyers in real-time via a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace.
Business Summary: Shahjee Enterprises is developing a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace that tackles the numerous difficulties traders face when selling goods online. The proprietary platform includes AI-based localised shopping and real-time live shopping, reducing pain points through face-to-face interactions between seller and buyer.
Sector: E-commerce


One Line Pitch: A mobile application to revolutionize your shipping experience
Business Summary: ShipScanner is a mobile application that utilizes smartphone cameras to scan and compute package dimensions. It compares prices, shipping times, and other benefits from available transport companies. ShipScanner’s mobile application ensures a user-friendly experience, incorporating essential features for seamless order fulfillment from start to finish.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: Sightvet provides a Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Tool That Quickly and Accurately Differentiates Between Primary Brain Tumors in dogs and cats using MRI image data.
Business Summary: Sightvet software is sold to veterinary radiologists that want to increase the accuracy and thoroughness of their patient diagnosis and analysis. Both dogs and cats with brain cancer benefit from MRI imaging. We use the MRI images and apply our image processing software to quickly and accurately determine the type of tumour between gliomas and meningiomas. The radiologists use this software as a trusted second opinion for their diagnosis.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Veterinary Radiologist Tool


One Line Pitch: A communication platform to support people with hearing disabilities that assists them in communicating with people as well as service providers such as banks, health care providers and other businesses.
Business Summary: SignVid markets accessibility services for deaf people to services providers. By leveraging code scanner technologies and on demand video calls with a sign language call center, SignVid creates communication platforms that help businesses communicate their products and services to deaf people.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Simac Tech

One Line Pitch: Comprehensive E-permitting platform.
Business Summary: Simac Tech’s team is bringing an integrated, multi-agency, interoperable and comprehensive e-permitting platform that can improve the regulatory processes of an entire country, province, or city.
Sector: GovTech, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A simple application that leads service providers through installations while gathering data from the field to provide a better way of tracking and organizing the process from start to finish.
Business Summary: Businesses that conduct installs or repairs often track and document processes performed using paper or through disjointed programs, causing long wait times for review of the installation and steps being missed. The SimplSpec application combines installation steps and quality assurance steps into a single step-by-step guide. SimpleSpec also generates reports for back office to ensure all data is logged and tracked from the field.
Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Simplibuy Inc. aims to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and suppliers.
Business Summary: Simplibuy Inc. is a digital platform that aids healthcare providers (HP), to solve their medical supplies issues through a frictionless process which is fast, reliable, economical and easy. Its vision is to be a one-stop shop for all medical supplies. It is currently serving over 473 customers. It advises clients on market trends by analyzing information and identifying market opportunities to recommend solutions which will meet their clients’ clinical needs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Makes you look good anytime, anywhere.
Business Summary: Siotech offers AI / mobile apps which features a personalized fashion connisseur allowing users to complete their outfit from head to toe with a comprehensive collection of fashion accessories. We provide our customers the opportunities to do their own mix & match with our variety of modules including hairstyles (for head bands), clothings at collar (for necklaces), ears (for ear rings), forearms (for bracelets) etc.
Sector: Information Technology, Technology