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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Kids Robot Interactive

One Line Pitch: An interactive and intelligent robot toy designed to enhance children’s cognitive development and analytical skills through the reading of flashcard commands.
Business Summary: Kids Robot Interactive (KRI) is inventing a robot that can read flashcards and commands using a camera and software application. It is designed to enhance cognitive development in children aged 3-5 by providing an interactive experience that differentiates itself form the traditional screen-based games that today’s children are overexposed to.
Sector: Education Technology

Kimia Aquva Polymer Inc

One Line Pitch: Low-cost polyelectrolytes for industrial use.
Business Summary: Kimia Aquva Polymer Inc specializes in producing various polyelectrolyte products which can be used in various industries such as water treatment, cosmetics, and medical. Thanks to their innovative production method, their products are inexpensive and easy to produce in high quantities.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: KOGA is creating an AI based yoga platform to help increase physical activity in children in a fun and interactive way.
Business Summary: KOGA is developing an intelligent yoga platformed aimed at increasing physical activity in young children. With many of the children today having excessive amounts of screen time and a sedentary lifestyle, it leads to increase levels of obesity and lowered mental growth. Using an AI supported platform, KOGA has created a way to utilize healthy screen time to engage children in a fun and interactive yoga activities that are custom catered to each child. KOGA hopes that their platform will allow for children to grow in a healthier fashion.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: An online virtual classroom that provides simulations and animations that increase engagement and learning quality in Canadian schools.
Business Summary: Kokuban provides an innovative, responsive, and purpose-built virtual classroom environment platform for teaching math and science topics. Kokuban platform allows instructors to use predefined math, physics and chemistry problems, formulas, equations, and simulations to improve the virtual classroom experience and make the teaching engaging.
Sector: Education, eLearning


One Line Pitch: Deep learning in construction.
Business Summary: Konsolu is a construction software and consulting company using deep learning AI technology to optimize processes over the entire construction cycle.
Sector: AEC, Artificial Intelligence, Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Koral is the software solution that will enable municipalities to work on data collection collaboratively and cohesively in various sectors and improve upon strategy, measurement, and reporting.
Business Summary: Koral has created a software platform that aims to provide the necessary tools for the circular strategy tracking, measurement, and reporting. This platform will enable various stakeholders in a municipality to collaborate create dynamic workflows and reports that provide the basis for creating optimal strategies. Koral looks to provide municipalities with the platform that will enable them to create the most efficient and feasible circular strategies.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Labour Crown

One Line Pitch: Wearables embedded with IoT sensors to monitor working environments in real-time.
Business Summary: Labour Crown provides wearables that are embedded with IoT sensors in order to help monitor working environments in real-time. Information collected through the sensors are used for worker activity & physiological monitoring, environmental sensing, location tracking and detection of construction hazards. Relevant information is used to ensure ultimate work-site safety, compliance, and efficiencies.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: LadderAi is a video-based networking platform that helps unite working professionals with students.
Business Summary: LadderAi allows for the sharing of 3- to 4-minute videos to effectively discuss role-specific opportunities. As an example, job seekers can create their profile with a video resume to showcase their strengths and abilities, and recruiters and employers can login to the job seeker’s profile to gain significant and previously unavailable insight on the candidate based on AI analysis.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Landa Trip

One Line Pitch: Education and Travel beyond the borders with the best
Business Summary: Landa Trip is a powerful online platform that connects educational travel enthusiasts with skilled teachers, trainers, schools, and institutions worldwide. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Landa Trip revolutionizes the way people explore educational travel by curating personalized itineraries, fostering meaningful connections, and offering transformative learning experiences. Join us in redefining the world of education and travel through our innovative platform.
Sector: Education, Tourism


One Line Pitch: AI-powered language learning platform that offers faster and smarter solutions for learning
Business Summary: LanGeek is an e-learning platform that uses NLP and ML to provide a high-tech and dynamic path for language learners to accelerate learning a new language and make the process easier and more personalized for each learner.
Sector: Education Technology

Lasergy Safety Products

One Line Pitch: Lasergy Safety Products has invented a safety hologram that illuminates the “danger zone” with red and green lasers where passengers disembark from transit vehicles.
Business Summary: Transit operators manually activate our easy-to-install, eye-safe IEC class 3R lasers. The lasers flash red through motion activation when a rider is in the ‘danger zone’ or green when it is safe to disembark. This technology can be applied to public transportation, taxis, and other transit vehicles.
Sector: B2B, Transportation


One Line Pitch: Connecting lawyers with clients using a proprietary matching system.
Business Summary: Lawyab is an online referral marketplace which uses an innovative matching algorithm and recommendation system. Users on the platform can browse through all available lawyers or upload their case information and be matched with a lawyer best suited for them. Additionally, Lawyab’s own in-house legal team will provide users with on-going support to ensure peace-of-mind.
Sector: Legal, Online Marketplace

Lean Meals

One Line Pitch: Lean Meals has created an AI supported online platform that allows for customizable healthy meals to be delivered right to your door.
Business Summary: Lean Meals is developing an online food ordering platform for easy and healthy meals. With the current worldwide obesity rates rapidly rising, having healthy and easily accessible meals is the main way to combat this. Through the use of an AI and cloud-based system that suggests meals specifically based off user profile, Lean Meals offers users the ability to custom order healthy meals that can be then directly delivered to their doorstep. Lean Meals hopes their product helps create a healthier and happier world.
Sector: Health and Wellness

Learn Wyse

One Line Pitch: Learn Wyse Education Limited : EdTech platform for tailor – made education.
Business Summary: Learn Wyse Education Limited is a EdTech platform that provides enhanced learning for students, as well as offering efficiencies in education, training delivery, and assessment. The company targets both teachers/ tutors and students, as well as wide range of educational institutions. Starting from Canada, Learn Wyse will spread its reach to North America, as well as internationally.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: AI-based platform for facilitating continuous curriculum transitioning for educators.
Business Summary: LearnLinker automates curriculum development with language learning models, empowering educators to deliver personalized lessons, adapt curriculum seamlessly, and track student progress. Positioned to address nationwide teacher shortages, it offers distinctive, AI-driven curriculum development for various education levels.
Sector: Education Technology

Leave Pet Alone

One Line Pitch: Comprehensive remote pet health management and control system.
Business Summary: A remote pet health management and control system (LPA) to meet pets essential requirements including food, water, toilet, health, game, etc. without the need to the physical presence of the owner. Leverages technologies of artificial intelligence, active learning, sound, and image processing.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

LeFu Health Products

One Line Pitch: Health Biotech products company.
Business Summary: LeFu produces and distributes nutrition supplements, including a collagen-based UC-II line to treat arthritis and joint pain, and kefir starters that are added to milk to produce a pro-biotic rich and healthy beverage. LeFu is also developing new innovative health products based on soybean fermentation.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: LegalTech has created an AI-assisted technology platform that provides its customers with an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve their minor/recurring legal issues
Business Summary: The LegalTech platform provides its users with an AI-based legal assistant. It can help users draft simple legal documents, fight parking tickets, file chargebacks, and more. When users have more complex issues and require professional legal advice, the LegalTech marketplace feature – also AI-enabled – connects them to the optimal service provider by considering key input criteria to match the user with the appropriate lawyer that will help them solve their issues.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: A pediatric ketogenic diet monitoring software system for children with epilepsy and their families.
Business Summary: Instead of prescribing children with anti-epileptic drugs, this is a platform to support families with children prone to seizures by providing them with ketogenic diet meal plans, seizure logs, and monitoring technology for diet, hydration, and weight. They are simplifying the transition to a ketogenic diet by providing a meal delivery service and increasing the ease of communication with pediatricians.
Sector: Life Sciences

Lexhom Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: Lexhom’s vision is to simplify real estate transactions and make them more transparent at a global level, beginning with Canada.
Business Summary: Lexhom is a Software business that aims to deliver informed, efficient, and secure experiences for users looking to close real estate deals. The features focus on AI-Powered document screening and management, and blockchain-enabled security and verification. Lexhom’s software automates purchase agreement screening, as well as title transfers and tax calculations inherent in real estate transactions. Users can also generate simply worded contracts in various languages and have critical phrases or terms highlighted and explained.
Sector: B2B, SaaS


One Line Pitch: LEXLORE is a low-cost platform for legal solutions, connecting clients to IVA and lawyers for personalized counsel and document preparation, with access to a library of contracts and a community forum.
Business Summary: LEXLORE is a comprehensive online platform for resolving legal issues, providing a quick and affordable solution for all legal needs. The platform offers a unique two-step process where users can first connect with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant to find related legal methods, and then explore and connect with experienced lawyers for personalized legal counsel and document preparation. The platform also offers access to a global library of contracts and templates and a community forum for sharing experiences. All services are offered at a low cost, making it accessible to everyone.

Light Edge

One Line Pitch: Light Edge is a smart-lighting service solution for individuals and businesses.
Business Summary: Light Edge takes a holistic user-focused approach to smart-lighting systems’, by utilizing artificial intelligence to customize and tailor the lighting of indoor spaces. This includes the color, intensity, and duration of the lighting. Our goal is to help create a healthy living and working environment for all of our users.
Sector: Smart Lighting


One Line Pitch: Lightbox offers programable and sensor-enabled digital screens that can be affixed to taxis/rideshares for advertising.
Business Summary: Lightbox has developed digital screens that can be placed upon taxis/rideshares that can be programmed and altered to the wants of the clients. These screens offer the ability to broadcast adverts that can change aspects based on time of day, location, and target audience. Lightbox looks to provide clients with the ability to adapt and change their advertisements on demand to fit the needs at that exact moment.
Sector: Manufacturing, Marketing


One Line Pitch: LINKNRIs is a technology-based start-up connecting Indians living outside of India (Non-Resident Indians or NRIs) with companies, resources and people in India
Business Summary: LINKNRIs helps solve problems faced by non-resident Indians in dealings with Indian service providers, freelancers, government agencies and businesses. The company serves the needs of Indo-Canadians residing in Canada, offering assistance to NRIs in their Canadian hometowns and helping new immigrants settle in. LINKNRIs’ vision is to be the point of intersection between Indians and Non-Resident Indians worldwide.
Sector: B2B2C SaaS

Liver Pro

One Line Pitch: Diagnostic Software Application, based on AI, to help radiologists/oncologists diagnose liver cancer and tumors in real-time.
Business Summary: Liver Pro is actively developing a computer tomography (CT) software application to help clinicians’ more quickly and accurately diagnosis tumours in the Liver by using AI and ML algorithms. Based upon the result of patient CT image analysis, physicians will be able to diagnose liver cancer in the early stages of the disease and plan anticancer treatments for the patient accordingly. This disruptive software will empower health care professionals to design and administer effective cancer treatments at early onset of the disease to slow down or prevent cancer development and lethality.
Sector: Life Sciences

LogicMed AI Inc.

One Line Pitch: Software powered by Artificial Intelligence to be used by healthcare professionals for pregnancy and infertility applications.
Business Summary: LogicMed’s Artificial Intelligence software program is designed to interpret existing clinical data, test results and medical imagery in real-time for the accurate and early detection of possible pregnancy complications or infertility. The proprietary algorithm will provide pathologists and infertility therapists key insights for patient care management and treatment options.
Sector: Life Sciences

Logistic Uptime

One Line Pitch: A web and mobile application that allows fleet managers in logistics companies to easily view and manage equipment repair with local vendors and enables vendors to upload their availability and rates in real-time.
Business Summary: The trucking and logistics industry relies heavily on capital-intensive physical equipment such as trucks and trailers in order to function. Any repairs or downtime of these units can result in lost revenue from undelivered freight and additional costs of repairs and rentals. However, due to the impact of Covid-19, the delivery of new equipment has been delayed, with waiting times of up to 18-24 months, causing trucking fleets to become older and more worn down. This leads to increased breakdowns and maintenance expenses. When a unit breaks down, the fleet maintenance teams face the challenge of finding a repair shop with availability, which can be both time-consuming and costly, resulting in more downtime for the unit. Additionally, setting up an account and ensuring completion within a timeframe with real-time updates further complicates the process. Logistic uptime is an easy to use application that allows vendors to upload their availability and rates in real time, providing users with a one-stop-shop for finding solutions to get their fleet back up and running within the shortest repair timeline possible.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT

Loopico Solutions Inc.

One Line Pitch: Cloud-based construction software.
Business Summary: Loopico is a cloud-based construction software that streamlines operations, reduces waste, and promotes sustainability. This software empowers construction professionals to save costs and meet environmental goals by optimizing demolition, maximizing material value, and facilitating emission reduction credit sales. Loopico fosters seamless collaboration among all stakeholders in the construction process, revolutionizing sustainable practices in the industry.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Lasergy Safety Products has invented a safety hologram that illuminates the “danger zone” with red and green lasers where passengers disembark from transit vehicles.
Business Summary: Lotusion is developing a community-based multi-sided marketplace connecting service sellers with homeowners to help with household tasks. With their app technology, Lotusion makes it possible for service providers to list their services on the application software, and for homeowners to browse based on description, price, and reviews. Lotusion hopes to create an app where the entire transaction is completed using their platform.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered fast transportation system
Business Summary: LS’s intelligent platform connects sellers with the nearest available transporter through augmented reality. This helps reduce delivery time, cost, and minimizes the use of fuels. Their advanced analytical platform helps sellers improve performance with data-driven insights, including inventory adjustments and route changes based on customer behavior and traffic conditions.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions which look great on any building.
Business Summary: Lumel aims to increase the use of BIPV products through producing their own high-efficiency panels. Unlike competitors, Lumel’s panels have modern styling and are fully customizable to meet design needs.
Sector: Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Luxe Enterprise

One Line Pitch: An e-commerce platform to connect buyers and sellers seeking a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather goods
Business Summary: Luxe Enterprise is developing an e-commerce platform specifically catered to businesses involved in the production of bio and plant-based leather. The platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and traceability of leather goods within the supply chain, providing manufacturers, retailers and end customers with verifiable information about the materials used in their products. The company aims to promote sustainably sourced materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create a diverse range of innovative and fashionable products.
Sector: Fashion

Map Store

One Line Pitch: One-of-a-kind, fully customizable city artwork.
Business Summary: Map Store provides beautifully crafted, custom city artwork. Using Map Store, customers can select the city/location they want printed, materials used to print the map and finalize the piece with a custom frame.
Sector: Services

Marketing Consultancy for Startups

One Line Pitch: Consulting services for start-ups looking to manage their marketing efforts and grow their businesses.
Business Summary: With their innovative Sales Intelligence technology powered by AI, Marketing Consultancy can accurately and precisely gain information on new markets, customers, and competitors to create personalized market plans.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services


One Line Pitch: Unified digital community for holistic women’s health.
Business Summary: MaryMD was developed by a multidisciplinary team of health and technology experts working to reinvent how women are cared for in terms of health, wellness, and community. Named after Mary Jacobi, a pioneer in women’s health and health knowledge, MaryMD is a digital holistic women’s health community, with a vetted knowledgebase, wellness coaching, care specialists, and health retail.
Sector: Healthcare, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Innovative hydrotherapy equiptment manufacture.
Business Summary: MATBionics has developed an aquamill, which is a compact hydrotherapy gym, including an underwater treadmill and other innovative fitness equiptment. This is designed specifically for cardiac rehabilitation and fat burning exercises.
Sector: Medical Device, Medical Equipment

Mathematics Without Tears

One Line Pitch: Mathematics Without Tears is building an innovative online mathematics platform that will increase math literacy amongst students
Business Summary: Mathematics Without Tears uses both machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess students’ current competencies in mathematics, and then provides personalized recommendations, learning materials, and educational games. The company’s customized materials will be for students with different learning needs and will feature gamification aspects to increase student engagement and aptitude.
Sector: IT

Matters Inc

One Line Pitch: Matters Inc. is a neuro-linguistic program that uses scientific insights to raise awareness in family, teachers, nannies, and children.
Business Summary: Matters Inc has developed a product that aims to raise awareness in its users’ bit-sized scientific insights. Their product will increase three types of awareness: social, self, and organizational. Matters Inc hopes that their product will aid in the battle against mental health issues.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: MAVCOR provides a corrosion management system for regular inspection and predictive maintenance of pipelines and energy infrastructure.
Business Summary: MAVCOR provides an analytics dashboard that integrates with drone technology to inspect and to provide continuous corrosion data collection. MAVCOR improves the efficiency of inspection and associated costs, improves safety and reduces environmental risks associated with leaks.
Sector: Chemicals, Energy

Max 9

One Line Pitch: Provides quality assurance on safety (non-tampered) and legitimacy (non-counterfeit) of products using technology for under two cents an application.
Business Summary: Sell a version of RFID chips attached to devices that are validated at point of manufacture.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Maximon Med Corporation

One Line Pitch: Maximon is creating AI-integrated wearable devices that will monitor and analyze the health of the user and provide support when needed.
Business Summary: Maximon is developing AI-integrated software that works cohesively with a wearable device that will provides users with several analytics regarding their health. The AI will make critical decisions based on the user’s current health status and contact aid when required. Maximon is hoping to provide preventative measures to life-threatening conditions and help people overcome unexpected heath issues.
Sector: Healthcare, Life Sciences

MBF Group

One Line Pitch: MBF provides the autobody, car-dealer, car rental and paint industry with a surface defect detection smartphone application that detects damage and surface defects better than the human eye. The application features AI and machine learning, providing a cost effective tool to record and report damage and imperfections of any painted surface.
Business Summary: MBF’s mission is to provide industry with an affordable and reliable surface paint quality measurement system. The MBF app is user friendly and will allow easy capture and reporting of surface defects – saving operators time and money.
Sector: Auto-body Repair, Car Rental, Car Sales, Paint


One Line Pitch: McClick Technology Inc. designs, optimizes and develops Electrical Motor/ Generator with a proprietary Permanent Magnet-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor and outer rotor in special motor such as Switched Reluctance Motor and Synchronous Reluctance Motor. The motors and generators have wide range applications, from commercial retail products such as e-bikes and e-scooter to large scale heavy manufacturing products such as robotics, automotive and aerospace industries.
Business Summary: The Company will provide engineering services in design, optimization, and manufacturing of electrical motors/generators and will directly distribute the special motors/generators in E-Bike and Scooter applications. The novel compact structure offers higher reliability and energy and cost efficiency, with applications in automotive, rehabilitation products, E-bike, Scooter and home appliance manufacturing.
Sector: Engineering, Manufacturing, Transportation

Mchalegroup Inc

One Line Pitch: An intelligent restaurant service app and cloud platform, which provides restaurant recommendation, reservation, waiting list, order and payment service for diners and restaurant owners.
Business Summary: Mchalegroup Inc. is dedicated to reducing frustration for diners, hosts and restaurants and replaces the traditional recommendation, reservation and payments system with a real-time app by adopting unique algorithm with deep learning technology and big data analysis.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

MedGlobe Innovations Inc.

One Line Pitch: We are developing an intelligent-multi agent system as a CDSS to identify potential links between drugs and Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) in the area of Cardio Vascular care.
Business Summary: This potential for CDSS is enormous and the full scope of use is beyond the ability of this business. We are developing an intelligent-multi agent system as a CDSS to identify potential links between drugs and Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) in the area of Cardio Vascular care. The aim is to help health care professionals and organizations achieve earlier identification of potential Adverse Drug Events (ADEs), provide warning questions, offer alternative treatments, provide personalized recommendations, and generally improve decision making.
Sector: Medical Device


One Line Pitch: Streamlining the use of electronic medical records through voice-to-text transcription of patient interactions.
Business Summary: Documenting patient information and physician-patient interactions as electronic medical records can be an inefficient and time-consuming process. Medica-Notes aims to create software integration tools to streamline this process by transcribing interactions between healthcare professionals and patients through voice-to-text, ultimately improving the efficiency of healthcare services.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: Medicalverse provides nursing and medical simulations for training in virtual reality environment. This aids educators in providing high-quality, adaptable trainings that enhance patient care while saving time and money.
Business Summary: Medicalverse is a cutting-edge virtual reality platform for medical education and training. Our platform provides healthcare professionals and students with immersive, hands-on learning experiences that simulate real-life medical scenarios. Using artificial intelligence-powered virtual patients, real-time feedback and analytics, and cross-platform compatibility, Medicalverse transforms traditional medical simulation to provide a truly innovative and effective way to learn and practice. With Medicalverse, healthcare professionals can build their confidence and competence, while learners can experience a safe, convenient, and engaging way to develop their skills. Our goal is to improve patient care by revolutionizing the way medical professionals are trained.
Sector: Healthcare

Medilink Technology Inc.

One Line Pitch: Elevating Tradition with Technology: Medilink Clinic Management System – Where TCM Meets Innovation
Business Summary: Medilink Clinic Management System specializes in providing a tailored clinic management solution designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of traditional Chinese medicine clinics. With a commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of TCM clinics, Medilink empowers practitioners to focus on patient care while optimizing their workflow.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: An online marketplace platform for medicinal plants and natural supplements that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide users with personalized recommendations based on their needs.
Business Summary: The Mediplant platform combines a user’s demographics, personal health information, and lifestyle data to provide customized recommendations on the optimal supplement diet and doses. Furthermore, our platform offers users verified information on all supplements and medicinal plants, including dosage, side effects, interactions, and more. Lastly, we allow small supplement and medicinal plant sellers to grow their businesses and expand their reach nationally and internationally.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: A mobile or tablet-based application that uses built in camera/image technology and computer vision to accurately count blister pack medications. MediTech will provide pharmacists with a way to drastically reduce the amount of time they spend on this manual task.
Business Summary: Pharmacists spend a substantial amount of time ensuing compliance for packaged medications. When patients need custom blister-pack medications (which for many pharmacies makes up a substantial portion of their business) the medication must first be put together by pharmacy assistants, put into blister packs, labels must be verified, and then a pharmacist must manually count medications in the blister packs to ensure accuracy. For many pharmacists this makes up 70% or more of their time and is an incredibly inefficient and expensive process. MediTech is a technology that uses existing, off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software to count blister pack medications much more quickly than the current manual method while providing a cost- effective solution for small and medium sized pharmacies.
Sector: Life Sciences