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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Pat Future

One Line Pitch: Unlocking Innovation Through Patent Licensing
Business Summary: PatFuture is an emerging player in the realm of patent licensing and intellectual property management. This small but dedicated team is fueled by a shared passion for innovation and the determination to create thriving partnerships. They bring a fresh perspective to the world of patents and IP, using their budding industry insights and growing network to help you navigate this dynamic landscape.


One Line Pitch: Pediatric Education Device System is a mobile application that curates user-friendly and age-appropriate content based on a patient’s medical needs.
Business Summary: This application takes difficult and complex medical jargon and provides videos, infographics, and credible articles to simplify the explanation of procedures, making them easier for patients to understand. Created by a team of pediatricians, computer engineers, lawyers, and social scientists, PEDS uses AI to explain medical terminology to ease the fear and stress patients feel in the doctor’s office.
Sector: Healthcare

Peer to Peer Lending Application Company

One Line Pitch: Peer to Peer Lending is creating a P2P microlending app that allows users access an alternative lending system based on peer-to-peer interaction.
Business Summary: Peer to Peer Lending is developing an application-based lending system that evaluates users and provides them with loan options based on existing users. Using machine learning algorithms and data analysis of the borrower, this system provides users that would typically be unable to acquire loans with an option to borrow from other users on the app. Peer to Peer Lending looks to allows those who are unable to borrow from classic lenders with a way to borrow via their product.
Sector: Communications Technology, Finance, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Let your kids evolve their academic skills and enjoy our metaverse world of fun-filled interactive learning activities while we, parents, earn and enjoy this play-to-earn platform.
Business Summary: Penzil has developed a metaverse world with a fun-filled interactive learning platform for children that will not only enhance their academic skills which are essential to their studies. Although there are leading studios who have established their educational games, our platform has its own advantages as this is equipped with blockchain technology which will allow owners to have a peer-to-peer transaction on the items that they purchased in our games.
Sector: Information Technology

People Connection Technology

One Line Pitch: PCT offers a full suite of SMS marketing software called TextIn that allows for the use of multi-channel communication and campaigns.
Business Summary: PCT aims to remove the hassle of maintaining constant customer engagement though several platforms. They have developed TextIn; a self-service platform which allows users to communicate through several platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. PCT looks to not only maintain, but also increase and improve upon the engagement from a business’s target audience.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Marketing


One Line Pitch: Perfrom++, an innovative smart application that provides a practical solution to establish an efficient and comforting environment at work uses ergonomic principles.
Business Summary: Perform ++ offers innovative, intelligent software based on ergonomic principles to help dentists avoid musculoskeletal injuries in their work environment. Specifically, Perform ++ removes the physical and mental challenges that dentists face and provides a practical solution to create a calm and efficient working environment.
Sector: IT, Life Sciences

Pet Habit

One Line Pitch: Pet Habit is an AI powered pet behavioural monitoring software application that keeps pets physically and mentally healthy and creates a better owner-pet relationship.
Business Summary: Pet Habit’s solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and digital image processing of video streams captured by pet monitoring cameras (or any other camera) that can provide early warning signs of abnormal behaviours. Abnormal pet behaviours can be the result of a pet being mentally or physically ill and Pet Habit will detect issues much sooner than pet owners would.
Sector: Communications, Information Technology

Pet Nation

One Line Pitch: Pet Nation is developing a feature-rich smartphone app that will facilitate all pet care services, the location of lost pets, and the procurement of pet supplies.
Business Summary: Pet Nation is creating a user-friendly website and app that will provide a broad range of proprietary features catering to pet care. The app will include a revolutionary pet face recognition technology to help pet owners find lost pets. The Pet Nation app and website will also provide a variety of other pet services, including the booking of pet-friendly travel arrangements, grooming appointments, custom diet plans, pet sitting services, and pet training exercises. There will also be messaging and live chat, personalized user content, GPS pet tracking, notifications, and detailed report cards. The platform will offer its users complete pet care support.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Petaik System

One Line Pitch: Elevating Communication: Petiak System, Your Trusted Partner for Excellence
Business Summary: At Petiak System, they’ve been delivering top-notch communication services to a wide range of individual and corporate clients since 2006. Their dedicated team of over 40 employees, along with the in-house development team, has crafted unique Business Support Systems (BSS) and Routing Panel. They have a diverse client portfolio that includes esteemed embassies and prominent corporations like Refah Kargaran Bank, Rexan and Remis Airport hotels, Taban Airlines, and major petrochemical firms. Team is here to elevate your communication solutions with their expertise.
Sector: Communications Technology

Petreat Limited

One Line Pitch: Petreat is looking to create nutritional supplements for pets that will aid in health and provide preventative measures against illness.
Business Summary: Petreat looks to ease the mind of pet owners with the use of nutritional supplements catered towards animals. These supplements will help maintain the health of pets, along with aiding in preventing health issues in the future. Through constant research, trials, and studies, Petreat is making headway in becoming a specialist in pet health care.
Sector: Life Sciences

PGEAR Interactive Motorsport Inc

One Line Pitch: PGear is a software and hardware-integrated solution for motorsport fans and racing enthusiasts
Business Summary: PGEAR enables millions of users to upload and share their drag, race track and go-karting times in the PGEAR app. Our community of users can use our platform to compete online or through our mobile app.
Sector: Information Technology

Pharma Text RX

One Line Pitch: A simple platform aimed towards pharmacies that will allow the intake of patient contact information alongside details about their specific prescriptions. The application will anticipate when a prescription is close to its end date and automatically send a text to the patient to both remind them of the refill and offer them the ability to request and schedule a refill.
Business Summary: When patients call in to pharmacies to refill prescriptions it results in an inefficiency of pharmacy staff time. Many pharmacy employees spend upwards of 20-40% of their time on the phone taking patient calls for prescription refills. Some pharmacies have their own dedicated apps that patients can use to refill prescriptions, but most patients won’t download and think to use new apps. Pharma Text RX provides the ability for pharmacies to receive refill requests via text and communicate in a much more efficient way with patients. The solution includes the ability to remind patients about upcoming expected refills based on their prescription over text and allow simple confirmations and reminders when prescriptions are ready for pickup. When the client sends a response it will streamline the message to the Pharma Text RX app where a tidy list of refill requests can be sorted by dates and priorities saving the time pharmacists currently spend on the phone.
Sector: Life Sciences

Pharmacy Management Software

One Line Pitch: Pharmacy Management Software is an innovative solution to managing a pharmacy through the use AI and machine learning technology.
Business Summary: Pharmacy Management Software looks to solve the issue of maintaining pharmacy operations to be consistent with regulations and trends. With the time sink that that pharmacy maintenance brings to pharmacists, it takes away from their patient care. Their product solves this issue through the creation of their web-based management software that is driven by AI and machine learning to enhance the workflow state of pharmacies. Pharmacy Management Software hopes their product helps reduce errors in pharmacies and allow for better patient care.
Sector: Communications Technology, Health Sciences, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: An affordable instrument for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently to monitor fetal health and make fetal pH data continually available in real-time, provide easy access for the clinical team with minimal stress on the fetus or mother.
Business Summary: The importance of pH as a biomedical indicator is underscored by the fact that in all deliveries in North American hospitals, the pH of the umbilical cord is measured and recorded immediately after birth. Fetal pH monitoring, as currently done, has several shortfalls. In addition to being intrusive, awkward and uncomfortable for the mother, it can be difficult to collect the volume of blood required (30-50µL) and the sample is at risk of being contaminated prior to being analyzed. The proposed solution is an instrument under development for monitoring pH and ECG concurrently through one integrated device. With this design, PhProbe leverages the existing work flow practices. With this solution, the obstetrician uses a device that looks and feels the same, with the simple addition of the real-time, continual pH probe.
Sector: Life Sciences

Pick up Pal Food Systems

One Line Pitch: Pickup Pal Food Systems has developed a warming cabinet for restaurants and eateries to help streamline delivery-app orders for a smoother front-of- the -house delivery experience.
Business Summary: Pickup Pal Food Systems is a new company incorporated in the province of Ontario Canada that provides food warming and organization units which integrates with popular delivery apps like Uber Eats, Foodora, DoorDash, Postmates, Skip the Dishes, Jumia foods etc. Our warming units maintain temperature, eliminates mix-ups on order pickup, and streamline the pickup experience for drivers. Pickup Pal Food Systems offers these services to restaurants and eateries for their online delivery. This is the only offering in the marketplace of this kind.
Sector: Online Food Delivery


One Line Pitch: Biometric recognition smart pill dispenser.
Business Summary: PillSmart is a smart pill dispenser that safely stores and dispenses the user’s medication and can be used for the entire household’s medication needs. The device uses facial and voice recognition to provide the correct pills to the right person hassle free.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences

Pioneer Modern Medicine Ltd

One Line Pitch: AI-based platform with personalized antioxidant tracking and recommendations to optimize users’ health
Business Summary: Pioneer has developed an integrated platform for antioxidant tracking and personalized recommendations, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and seamless integration with popular wearables such as Fitbit and Apple Watch. Their gamified system not only motivates users through rewarding experiences but also provides them with tailored antioxidant guidance.
Sector: Life Sciences

Pitstop Canada PRND Inc

One Line Pitch: Pitstop Canada PRND Inc. is a technology driven automotive service company that provides maintenance, servicing, and installable products on-the-go using mobile servicing trucks.
Business Summary: The company plans to utilize app-based technology and mobile servicing trucks to provide auto services at customer homes or places of business. By removing the need to take the vehicle to a servicing center, this solution will create newfound efficiencies and increase customer accessibility in the auto servicing process. This disruptive company plans to launch in the Greater Toronto Area before scaling to other large urban markets across Canada.
Sector: Automotive Services and Technology

PKM Solutions Canada Inc

One Line Pitch: The PKM team is a start-up company and is going to design, develop, and commercialize an innovative facial mask with capabilities of high protection and killing pathogens.
Business Summary: PKM has developed a face mask for the prevention of airborne pathogen transfer and distribution, which not only has high efficiency in trapping the pathogenic particles but also kills them rapidly after trapping.
Sector: Healthcare

Placid Concept

One Line Pitch: Placid Concept is an innovative marketplace, connecting professional, highly vetted, independent cleaning staff, with homeowners, tenants and office managers.
Business Summary: Placid Concept is building a marketplace that allows homeowners, tenants, businesses and others to hire vetted, professional cleaning staff. With a focus on the Canadian market, Placid Concept innovates the home service industry by offering an alternative to classified ads, which are currently used to find home service staff.
Sector: Home Services

Plain Mind

One Line Pitch: Plain Mind is revolutionizing how clinicians interact and interpret and use dialogue with patients.
Business Summary: Plain mind is a medical technology company that is using advanced AI and cloud computing to interpret patient clinician dialogue in real time. The ability to provide valuable insight to both the patient and the clinician to guide therapy and measure results, faster and more efficiently. Improving outcomes, increasing capacity and reducing the cost of healthcare delivery. Plain Minds initial target market are Psychologists and Psychiatrists.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Planverse is a software that uses artifical intelligence to recommend architectural designs and floor plans based on a consumers interest.
Business Summary: Planverse is a smart platform powered by an application of artificial intelligence. The software provides a smart search and recommending system for architects, designers and brokers. Through the proprietary search engine, users can look for ideal design layouts in the form of floor plans and will make customized recomendations based on inputs and preferences for design.
Sector: Architecture, Design

Pleroma Inc

One Line Pitch: Pleroma has developed a cyber-security software that adapts via an algorithm to find the most suitable form of protection.
Business Summary: Pleroma has created an adaptative cyber-security software that uses an algorithm to improve itself. Instead of relying on several software’s, Pleroma has done away with this through the creation of their product that aims to cover all needed sectors of cyber-security and adapt specifically to the needs of the client.
Sector: Communications Technology, Cybersecurity, Information Technology

Plus Tree (FTA Canada)

One Line Pitch: Production and sales of an innovative bio-disinfectant to kill resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungus.
Business Summary: Our compound kills bacteria, virus and fungus to be fully effective without leaving harmful residues and not exposing users, and health care givers to risk.
Sector: Biomedical, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Full-service online pharmacy for the digital age.
Business Summary: PlusVirtual is a full-service online pharmacy for North America. The platform allows patients to get and automatically refill their prescriptions through the mail with easy to use blister packs, and consult with a pharmacist around associated care plans, nutraceuticals, info on generics, as well as best practices and safety information. Launched in Canada, the team consists of experts with years of experience and investing their own capital, looking to scale this business through partnerships, and empowering pharmacists in local communities.
Sector: Healthcare, Information Technology

Pneumonia Early Detection Canada Inc

One Line Pitch: A novel Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based deep learning system to rapidly and accurately diagnose pneumonia from chest X-Ray images.
Business Summary: Pneumonia is one of the diseases that causes the most fatalities worldwide, especially in children and seniors. Chest X-Ray images are one of the most readily available and common imaging modalities for the detection and identification of pneumonia. However, the detection of pneumonia from chest radiography is a difficult task even for experienced radiologists. PEDCanada Inc is developing a novel AI-based deep learning system for diagnosing viral, bacterial or mycoplasma pneumonia in real-time from chest X-Ray images. The software application generates a results-orientated radiology report that can easily be interpreted by any medical professional with very little training. This enables technicians and physicians to confirm a pneumonia diagnosis significantly faster with greater accuracy than current clinical practice, enabling treatment to start sooner, which is vital for patients that are severely ill. The technology may be adopted by remote radiology clinics, globally, that are required to screen and progressively monitor patients that are at a high risk of developing the disease as the radiology report can be reviewed and interpreted by a qualified radiologist through telemedicine.
Sector: Life Sciences

Pocket BIM

One Line Pitch: An all-in-one DIY renovation management tool.
Business Summary: PocketBIM aims to bring a true Building Information Modeling experience to small home renovation projects. By cutting down the BIM process to its core elements, PocketBIM enables users to effectively manage their DIY projects. The company estimates that proper use of their platform could save ~30% of the project costs for the average user.
Sector: Communications Technology, Home Improvement, Information Technology

Polyean Technology

One Line Pitch: Polyean Technology is creating environmentally friendly products that will absorb garbage leakage and odors.
Business Summary: Polyean Technology is developing a material made up of absorbable polymers and nanomaterials that will absorb any waste leachate and odors from household garbage. As well as controlling the microbial activity and odors, their first product, K-Lean, will also make waste more environmentally friendly. K-lean will be available as a tablet or pad.
Sector: Environment

Polynix Technology

One Line Pitch: Polynix has developed a breakthrough technology to overcome the problems of bone grafts by using an in-situ forming scaffold (IFS) which does not originate from humans or animals.
Business Summary: In bone grafts with human or animal sources, both detecting and eliminating viruses in the preparation procedure are not possible. This IFS solidifies in the site of the surgery within 2 minutes, with evenly distributed homogenous porosities resembling spongy bone.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Revolutionizing structural health monitoring with smart-dust technology.
Business Summary: Pontactive is a cloud-based bridge health monitoring system. The system uses smart-dust technology which will be placed strategically on structural points and within the concrete prior to construction. Pontactive can maintain safety, boost productivity, support analytics, and ensure quality.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Structural Health Monitoring

Port Management Mobile App

One Line Pitch: Port management and logistics are paramount in providing efficient shipping of goods to market. Port Management Mobile App provides smart technology that enables ports to increase their operational efficiency, allowing them to increase the volume of activities within their port, improve the customer experience and increase profitability.
Business Summary: The app will provide an all-encompassing, ‘one stop shop’ to manage every logistical part of a sea shipment from departure to arrival. This software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist with optimizing port activities including scheduling, cargo management, customs, and all things relating to port operations.
Sector: Green Technology


One Line Pitch: Online platform that allows users to view places virtually from the comfort of smart devices.
Business Summary: Portaly is an online web-platform that allows users to explore places around the world in a virtual environment from the comfort of their own home and devices. Users can virtually view houses for sales, homes for rent or major tourist attractions.
Sector: Real Estate, Tourism

Posture Leader

One Line Pitch: A smart wearable posture corrector, which tracks the postures and identifies whether they are harmful to the neck and back in the long-term. It provides users with an AI-powered posture detection system, that alerts them to correct their postures based on minor targets, which will be defined after analyzing their postural habits.
Business Summary: A smart wearable posture corrector, that is connected to a mobile application. This device has high-performance fabric, which contains some sensors to record dentists’ postures, in order to analyze their postural habits at first, and monitor it afterward. The team has used machine learning algorithms to detect improper postures, specifically in dental practices. This AI powers the smart posture detection system, that updates the posture database based on users’ performance and feedback. This posture detection system alerts the users to correct their postures, whenever they have exceeded their specific threshold. These thresholds are minor targets that the device specifies for each user individually, so that the user get used to the standard postures step-by-step, through a personalized schedule. In addition, it suggests effective daily exercises to help them to prevent MSDs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A automated irrigation and maintenance system for potted plants that’s remotely controlled from a smart phone, plus an interactive gaming system where users can earn rewards.
Business Summary: POTSCOIN uses loT technology “smart pots” to manage potted plants intelligently including automated irrigation, soil temperature and light and also by using the app for proper instructions on how to grow healthy plants.
Sector: Environment, Retail

PowerDream Inc

One Line Pitch: Intelligentautomotive power management system to provide maximum power efficiency.
Business Summary: PowerDream is developing a system that can provide maximum power efficiency for vehicles while meeting daily use standards such as: protection of over-current and short circuit, state of charge (SOC) detection, vehicle quiescent control, and diagnostic functions of the power supply system.
Sector: Automotive

Prairie Energy Inspection

One Line Pitch: Prairie Energy Inspection has developed an AI-based method that analyzes thermal images and identifies leakage points of a building envelope.
Business Summary: The Prairie Energy Inspection solution incorporates previous records of the scanned location, captured data of neighborhoods and similar buildings, green energy standards and normalized information of the city.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Producing Ganoderma in the Smart Greenhouse

One Line Pitch: Plant Ganoderma with new technology and clean energy.
Business Summary: Develop a new agricultural process for producing Ganoderma and build local greenhouses across Canada for implementation of this Ganoderma process that will use the Internet of Things (IoT) systems for environmental control during production.
Sector: Agriculture, Communications Technology, Information Technology

Product Management & Productivity (PM&P)

One Line Pitch: PM&P is developing a proprietary, AI-based time tracking software application that will optimize workplace productivity, improve project tracking, and decrease missed revenue opportunities.
Business Summary: With PM&P, users will be motivated and reminded to track their work hours and bill their clients. Through points-based gamification, the application will avoid being intrusive, and will not be perceived as micromanaging their performance. In addition, management will be notified if employees spend unnecessary amounts of time on non-billable work hours.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Health diagnosis & preventive AI based application.
Business Summary: AI based application to diagnose diseases with modern technologies of image processing and deep machine learning of mobile camera’s photos of face, eyes, tongue and nails supported by knowledge of tradition medical science.
Sector: Life Sciences

Project Tracker

One Line Pitch: An innovative app that plugs into your email application, auto generates project updates, and notifies only the team members involved. Forget the days of endless email threads.
Business Summary: Project managers need to send frequent progress reports to update teams. Many project managers use email to contact team members, but this often turns into messy threads of emails and wastes time and money. ProjectTracker is a tool that allows a project manager to send automatic progress updates and assign tasks to their team members through email. ProjectTracker eliminates the need for external to-do lists or apps as it plugs right into your preferred email application. This makes it easier to collaborate with team members working externally to your company.
Sector: Services

Property Comps

One Line Pitch: An innovative data tool that aggregates data and allows users to generate a relevant list of properties to see average rental rates of comparable properties, calculate potential investment returns, and compare/contrast by neighbourhoods, cities and other key demographic and geographic data.
Business Summary: Both renters and rental property investors have few tools with which to analyze rental rates and the potential returns of real estate investments. Both groups are required to look through various sites and sources to pull relevant data on rental rates, amenities, square footage price, and borrowing cost (in the case of investors) that are all critical inputs to making a good renting/investing decision. These users need accurate, real-time data that they can trust, but there is no simple, user-friendly way to collect or analyze it. Compounding this need, no platforms exist that are built specifically for the Canadian market. Property Comps is a simple web-based application that scrapes data from a variety of publicly available rental listing sites, banks/mortgage providers, and vacation rental platforms, analyzes and presents the data to both renters and investors in a way that allows easy comparison and decision making. This data will provide renting and investment guidance about whether or not a given property is priced low, accurately, or high, with supplemental indicators such as price/SF for a given street, community, postal code, etc.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: PropLexis leverages AI and big data to provide legal teams (real estate) with data-driven insights and predictions for property law cases.
Business Summary: PropLexis collects and analyzes data from various sources related to property law (property records, court decisions, market trends, and legislation). It then uses AI and collects big data to provide clients with insights and predictions on legal cases. Also covering complex legal areas such as smart contracts, blockchain, tokenization, fractional ownership.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: A 3D construction printing technology for home renovation and interior design
Business Summary: A 3D construction printing technology that includes hardware and software machinery. This development prints building components, finishes, and architectural elements. With this technology, customized designs can be produced faster and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.
Sector: Construction


One Line Pitch: Our goal is to provide an Augmented Reality with the layer of Machine Learning based software to assist the Dental Aesthetics Industry so that expectations can be better managed from the start, to avoid any disappointments. We strive to make the dental enhancement procedure most effective, so the best option available can be chosen by the patient.
Business Summary: Our software combines technical and artistic work, as it allows users to superimpose their dental designs onto recordings of the patient in a natural motion. It enables the patient to see within seconds the result of the dental reconstruction. The Application software can import 3D models of patient-specific dental restorations as well as teeth from tooth libraries that contain natural-looking beautiful teeth. These digital models can then be viewed in real-time. This virtual try-in allows patients to see their new smile before they consent to the treatment. Also, visualization of the treatment goal facilitates the communication not only with the patient but also between the dental professionals. The software needs to access a database of 3-D models of naturally attractive sets of teeth to dynamically alter the virtual images.

Prospective Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: Prospective Solutions Inc. is an AI-based social media advertising and marketing management solution designed to enhance social media marketing through the creation of big databases of social media user accounts.
Business Summary: Prospective Solutions Inc. is a web-based solution that links together all social media user accounts, leveraging the big data of customer characteristics and analyzing effective strategies to address different target groups (age, social status, common interests, etc.). Prospective Solutions Inc. produces automated in-product solutions to streamline the digital advertising campaign management to order to enhance operational efficiency.
Sector: Information Technology

PsyAxon AI Solutions Inc

One Line Pitch: PsyAxon AI Solutions Inc. offers a comprehensive and innovative software program that combines psychology and technology to provide growth hacking solutions for kids aged 30 to 72 months.
Business Summary: PsyAxon AI Solutions Inc. is an intuitive software company that will transform kindergarten activities into fun games using AI-driven methodologies to effortlessly capture and synthesize a child’s growth data in real-time. The vision is to enable parents and therapists to acquire highly accurate and detailed scientific reports on various aspects of a child’s developmental capabilities and personality characteristics such as their level of self-esteem, problem-solving, social skills, and more. This platform technology is highly innovative as it utilizes powerful cloud computing that converts big data into meaningful metric parameters through machine learning to empower parents and therapists with valuable insights for personalized support.
Sector: Education, Life Sciences, Software

Psykon Consulting

One Line Pitch: An online platform that helps individuals diagnose early stage mental health disorders and matches them with a licensed professional most suited for their specific case.
Business Summary: Psykon has developed a mental health assessment that allows for the diagnosis of mental health concerns at an early stage. By leveraging their online counselling platform, users of the mental health assessment are matched with certified professionals most suited for their unique diagnosis. The integrated scheduling system allows users to sign up for time sensitive online or in person counselling thus simplifying the scheduling process and reducing the resistance users may have in signing up for therapy.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Next generation, whole home, smart residential air purification technology.
Business Summary: PUREAOX is bringing breakthrough material science from the Middle East to Canada, to produce ground-breaking air purification technology for the home. The underlying technology is a unique manufacturing process for Alumina, where by tweaking key properties, PUREAOX is able to produce highly effective filters for the smallest pollutants, without sacrificing airflow. These new filters are combined with a simple but innovative IOT solution for tracking air quality over time
Sector: Clean Technology, Information Technology

QBS Space

One Line Pitch: Architecture and engineering proposal evaluation and selection tool.
Business Summary: QBS Space allows clients to hire the best-qualified architects and engineers at fair and competitive prices, instead of lesser qualified firms at artificially low prices.
Sector: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Interior Design


One Line Pitch: QBS Comm creates technology to hire the best-qualified marketing and communication firms at fair and competitive prices, instead of lesser qualified firms at artificially low prices.
Business Summary: An assessment tool incorporating a unique selection algorithm used by procurement departments/business owners/clients to evaluate expertise of professional communications services providers in the communications sector such as ad agencies, PR firms, illustrators, video production firms, writers, digital media, social media, and graphic design firms.
Sector: Communications, Communications Technology, Design, Information Technology