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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.



One Line Pitch: Architi deploys AI to support architects and designers to develop more sophisticated and effective project plans.
Business Summary: Architi is developing AI-assisted software using a cloud-based platform (SaaS) to provide services to architecture firms that will 1) speed their development process; 2) enable more efficient and effective work with clients; and 3) through the machine learning process, open new vistas in architectural vision, supporting human creativity in ways that have not previously been possible using traditional methods of architectural drawing, including programs like AutoCAD.
Sector: Agriculture, Construction, Engineering

Archsite GIS

One Line Pitch: Application that streamlines project collaboration and reporting for professionals, and provides a “one-stop shop” solution for the real estate industry
Business Summary: An application that provides innovative services for professionals, enabling seamless integration of site plan annotation, measurement, and report generation. Users can efficiently collaborate and review projects, while automated report generation ensures accurate communication with project teams and clients. Additionally, its expanded services, including sourcing specialized construction materials and a range of offerings for the real estate industry, such as property management, buying, and selling, foster a strong alignment between real estate and technology.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: The Clean Beauty Tech Platform offers comprehensive range of tailor-made personal care products and services to meet the needs of eco-conscious consumers.
Business Summary: ARECO Beauty offers cutting-edge tailor made aesthetic and personal care eco-conscious products and services. These services are delivered even as subscribed curated product selection boxes based on the virtual consultation by the advantage of augmented reality try-on directly from completely eco-friendly manufactures to end-user.
Sector: Beauty


One Line Pitch: ARISTA is a specialist manufacture of innovative, design patented seat cushions for the global market. Our advanced manufacturing facility in Canada will produce seat cushions for Canada, and exports to USA, Europe, Japan, and other countries.
Business Summary: ARISTA’s primary target customers are large corporates. They will sell products to large corporations on a B2B basis. They will sell ARISTA products to their customers in their own brand, through their own sales and distribution channels. ARISTA calls such customers Brand Partners.
Sector: Life Sciences, Medical Equipment

Ariyana Elderly Care

One Line Pitch: A personal and custom virtual reality experience to enhance the quality of life for seniors in Canada.
Business Summary: Ariyana Elderly Care is building an innovative and unique virtual reality software system for seniors and older adults to help enhance the cognitive ability of its users. This software will use an adaptive cognitive enhancement system, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to create immersive and customized experiences, games and tasks based on the level and progress of users cognitive abilities. The company is set to launch in Vancouver, Canada, leveraging the city’s significant senior population and potential for market growth. After establishing a strong presence locally, the start-up will expand across Canada and North America, bringing this innovative service to a larger audience.
Sector: Services, Social Network


One Line Pitch: The only smart Tech & IP. filter on the market, which is easy to install and doesn’t increase energy consumption.
Business Summary: Aro-Flow manufactures & sells proprietary smart filter devices that remove viruses and lower building energy consumption for residential and commercial applications.
Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Improving the hotel experience from the time booking is made to the time of check-out through a multilingual web-based communication platform.
Business Summary: ArriveChat is a multilingual communication platform that provides tourists access to journey planning and hotel services in a central platform. A key feature of ArriveChat includes the built-in translation system to ensures guests receive support in their first language. Additionally, the app offers a task management platform to help hotel management rethink the way they solve guest problems and demands.
Sector: Communications, Hospitality, Task Management Platforms

Artificial Intelligence Facial Treatment Services

One Line Pitch: Providing consumers with a dermal analysis solution through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quality skin care products. An AI-based skin diagnosis tool providing consumers with a skin analysis and quality products.
Business Summary: Artificial Intelligence Facial Treatment Services is an intuitive skincare service provider that offers a dermal diagnosis tool. This skincare analysis solution will help consumers collect an in-depth analysis of their skin, providing a personalized skincare regime through machine learning techniques.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Innovative solution for recycling tire waste to create smart furniture with IoT
Business Summary: This company is building a unique and innovative upcycling solution to reduce tire waste in Canada. The company will recycle tire waste and use it to create new and stylish smart furniture. Through the incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT), the furniture will be able to connect to the customers’ phones to perform various tasks such as posture adjustments, wireless charging and much more. A few of the proposed pieces of furniture include chairs, bedside tables, plant holders, bookshelves, and public benches. This business will start promoting the furniture to households in Vancouver and then gradually expand across Canada and eventually globally. This furniture will revolutionize the tire waste recycling industry, providing a smart solution to convert tire waste into innovative, technology-infused furniture.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

AS International

One Line Pitch: A mobile application that integrates with restaurants and bars to manage their specific waitlist needs while generating profits.
Business Summary: Restaurants rely on waitlists but they are inconvenient and time-consuming for both guests and restaurant staff. The pen and paper option leaves added risk for human error, causing delays and empty tables. A&S International is developing a mobile application that allows restaurants to manage a virtual waitlist with text notifications and allows for the opportunity to generate additional profit streams.
Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: AskAmicus has developed software based on AI and machine learning technology that will gather, process, and store legal data.
Business Summary: AskAmiscus has developed a product that will provide basic consumers with a tool to help make informed decisions about which legal representation to use. Their product utilizes AI and ML technology in conjunction to analyze legal data and provide users with the means to determine which lawyer with provide them with the highest chance of success.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Legal


One Line Pitch: Design and Manufacture a device used to support Physiotherapy specifically for pulmonary applications.
Business Summary: One of the most common techniques used by physiotherapists for pulmonary diseases is the percussion technique, which alternately rhythmically strikes the areas where pooled secretions are collected to loosen it. ATABAZH has developed a device that is designed to simulate the physiotherapist’s hand movement for pulmonary disease therapy which alleviates physiotherapist hand stress and improves accuracy.
Sector: Life Sciences

Atfa Gildar Diagnostics Inc.

One Line Pitch: An intelligent car diagnostic application to predict and prevent breakdowns.
Business Summary: Atfa Gildar Diagnostics Inc. offers a mobile app for car diagnostics, maintenance predictions, and customization. They provide you with a detailed car review, help finding nearby services, and maintenance reminders. Their mission is to enhance car ownership and support the automotive industry in reducing repair costs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: ATSidekick is an online software as a service (SaaS) designed to help jobseekers know where they stand vis à vis job requirements and to ensure that their resume gets past recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS) systems as well as stand out in front of hiring managers/recruiters.
Business Summary: The job market is competitive and the better the job is, either in terms of compensation or hiring company profile, the tougher it is to get an interview or even a call from the employer. ATSidekick helps ensure that candidate resumes pass through the ATS system by making various checks on the resume. ATSidekick will also ensure high keyword match.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Auto Fresh Food

One Line Pitch: A technology that monitors the best-before dates and freshness levels of produce in small grocery convenience stores.
Business Summary: By using fixed in-fridge cameras and barcode scanning, this innovative technology will monitor inventory levels of fresh produce in retail stores.
Sector: Information Technology, Sustainable Food Production


One Line Pitch: Bookkeeping automation/account reconciliation for people who do not have time and/or cannot afford expensive 3rd-party service providers.
Business Summary: We develop smart AI-based solutions to help our users with repetitive, complex, and time-consuming tasks.
Sector: Business Automation


One Line Pitch: An automated estate and financial planning solution for individuals.
Business Summary: We focus on smart tools that simplify life and reduce the stress of complex and frustrating, but necessary, tasks.
Sector: Business Automation

Awish Health Inc

One Line Pitch: Wish Health Inc. is a trademarked family of stevia products
Business Summary: Through the commitment to providing the highest quality and best tasting stevia products globally, and with the comprehensive expertise in the natural sweetener industry, they can provide the most advanced and superior stevia products to the world’s leading food, beverage, nutritional and pharmaceutical companies.
Sector: B2C, Food

Axiomtech Ventures Inc

One Line Pitch: Axiomtech Ventures is creating a cloud-based portal that allows for foreign property buyers to easily connect and interact with Canadian sellers.
Business Summary: Axiomtech Ventures is developing a system that will allow foreign property buyers to easily find their dream home. Using a cloud-based portal software, Axiomtech enables foreigners interested in purchasing property in Canada to connect with Canadian sellers and agents.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Real Estate

AZ Star

One Line Pitch: Provide customized service of boat covers for the boat owners through online and offline channels.
Business Summary: AZ Star Marine provides customized service of boat covers for the boat owners. It solves the problem that customers difficult to find suitable cover right for their boats. It provides online system through data analysis to satisfy the unique design demands of customers including colors, materials, models. It will fill the market gap by offering personalized boat covers in the most economic and simple way.
Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: B24 E Vehicle Rentals: Powering Canada’s green shift with affordable EV rentals, quick battery swaps, and AI efficiency.
Business Summary: B24 E Vehicle Rentals is a pioneering venture focused on revolutionizing sustainable transportation in Canada. The business model integrates electric vehicle rentals, innovative battery swapping stations, and cutting-edge AI-driven efficiency improvements. Targeting both individual consumers and key players in the food delivery sector, they aim to make electric vehicles accessible, convenient, and cost-effective. Committed to a greener future, B24 is poised to be a leader in the evolving landscape of electric mobility.
Sector: Energy


One Line Pitch: Babyyoda is an application that helps you build your lifelong baby’s Digital Twin by collecting, aggregating, and processing baby’s health data using AI driven algorithms.
Business Summary: Babyyoda’s has developed a mobile application that enables parents to start collecting their baby’s health data and create a personalized, lifelong data rich AI driven health algorithm that can be used to build their Digital Twin as they age. They have created a phase one market ready application based on evidence-based medical science. The competitive advantages of our application translate to a SaaS business model that will enable us to launch our product successfully and take over other potential competitors.
Sector: Technology

Bag It

One Line Pitch: An Artificial Intelligence Enabled Platform for Dry Cleaning Delivery Services
Business Summary: Bag It is developing an innovative, on-demand dry cleaning and laundry service application. The subscription service allows customers to have all their clothes cleaned through one convenient service app, with pick-up and delivery arranged from the comfort of their home or workplace. Customers can make changes to their service times, track items and receive updates in real-time.
Sector: Services

BagSpray Sanitization Products

One Line Pitch: Novel electrostatic technology to disinfect reusable shopping bags at the supermarket entrance.
Business Summary: BagSpray Sanitization Products is developing an automated disinfectant machine that cleans cloth and polypropylene shopping bags in under 30 seconds. This eliminates the need for washing the bags by hand. The unit uses electrodes to charge the spray particles and atomize the disinfectant solution. The solution particles coat the inside and outside of the bag to kill bacteria and viruses.
Sector: Consumer Disinfectant Technology


One Line Pitch: Bamse Kiddo Land is developing a comprehensive platform, enabling parents to better monitor their child’s health and development on an ongoing basis.
Business Summary: Developmental monitoring is tracking when or whether a child reaches the milestones that are expected by his or her age. Timely identification of developmental delays, potential health issues, and behavioral concerns allows for prompt intervention and support, which can have a significant impact on a child’s development. Bamse Kiddo Land offers a technology-driven platform that combines physical fitness; yoga and mindfulness training; mental health support; and parenting guidance, all tailored to the unique needs of each child. By leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, Bamse Kiddo Land will empower parents, educators, and healthcare providers in promoting healthy child development and creating a nurturing environment for children to thrive.
Sector: Life Sciences

Bani Zist Baspar Healda

One Line Pitch: Bani Zist Baspar Healda introduces modified polysaccharide composite with the ability to coagulate blood in liquid, films, pads and powdered forms. This compound is biocompatible and biodegradable and is applied directly to the bleeding area. The present composite quickly covers the wound surface by creating a hydrocolloid matrix and prevents arterial, venous and capillary bleeding.
Business Summary: The Company is a professional group consisting of medical, food chemistry and fisheries products processing specialists which has been active since 2019 in the field of medical supplies production, including hemostatic agents and active and smart wound dressings based on biopolymers and hydrocolloid compounds. Focusing on the required combinations of operating rooms and trauma, the company has succeeded in producing dressings and biocompatible and biodegradable hemostatic agent. With development of applied technologies, the company’s smart and active products effectively prevent bleeding and have a significant effect on wound healing. The first product of the company is “Vivify hemostatic powder”. This product was selected as the top technological idea in the field of medical requirements in Fars science and technology park (Startup Weekend of Shiraz University academic members). Currently, obtaining health permits for manufacturing this product is underway. Clinical, microbiological, toxicological and animal tests have been performed and the quality of the product has been confirmed.
Sector: Life Sciences

Barsam Clean Energy

One Line Pitch: Converting corn and other biowaste to green electrical power.
Business Summary: Barsam Clean Energy generates clean electrical power from agricultural waste, providing a positive envionrmental impact. The goal at Barsam is to help reduce emissions and waste, helping to positively impact the enviornment as the world works towards a zero emissions future.
Sector: Clean Technology, Renewable Energy

Barza Agriculture

One Line Pitch: Barza Agriculture Industry offers a smart penetrometer which conveniently measures a variety of soil parameters including vertical and horizontal pressure, soil moisture and electrical conductivity.
Business Summary: Barza Agriculture Industry specializes in providing smart penetrometers that measure soil compaction, soil moisture and electrical conductivity in real-time. The novel device allows a user to collect, process and analyze penetrometer data over large areas within a field. The device is disruptive as it allows farmers to record, measure and map soil properties in-situ and potentially replaces the need for traditional core soil sampling techniques. The new soil penetrometer is an innovative tool that can be used to enhance and leverage a farmer’s ability to measure properties of subsoil quickly and accurately within agricultural crop production fields.
Sector: Agriculture, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Bathize offers a patented system that enables disabled and elderly individuals to bathe without assistance from others.
Business Summary: Bathize has developed an automatic bathing machined aimed to assist the elderly and disabled. With some individuals wishing to be able to bathe on their own time and alone, Bathize has now created a system that enables this. Using a specialized bedlike platform in conjunction with soft brushes and water nozzles, this system fully allows those individuals to shower unassisted. Bathize hopes their product creates away for those wishing to bathe unassisted to now do so easily.
Sector: Health and Wellness

Beauty Box

One Line Pitch: A luxury travel beauty bag with UV disinfection for safe and chemical-free cosmetic sanitization
Business Summary: Beauty Box is a high-end travel beauty bag allowing travelers to sanitize their cosmetics with an ultraviolet disinfectant technology. In addition to its primary purpose of sanitizing cosmetics, Beauty Box offers versatile disinfection capabilities for various small items including cellphones, rental car keys, hotel room access cards, IDs, and more.
Sector: Fashion

Bego Cars

One Line Pitch: Energizing the Future of Mobility: BEGO HICONICS, Your Partner in EV Solutions
Business Summary: Bego Hiconics plans to venture into the mobility space, with an aim to be a true partner of fleet owners, truck drivers, private vehicle owners . Providing much large EV charging option portfolio Strengthened On-Demand Rent A Car Access to World Class Loyalty Program Introducing Advance Mobility Solutions
Sector: Energy


One Line Pitch: Beltion is a software company providing a solution to engineering design teams to collaborate on a digital twin in an immersive environment.
Business Summary: Beltion’s software solution enables computer aided design (CAD) export to its immersive virtual reality collaboration environment where teams can work together and utilize a hyper realistic visualization capability. The platform provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional engineering design process. Beltion supports the product manufacturing into the testing and quality management and provides an end-to end visibility in new product development from design to in-the-field testing.
Sector: Manufacturing

Best Before

One Line Pitch: Innovative food waste and environmental damage prevention software.
Business Summary: Best Before helps support businesses and reduce food waste, negative environmental impacts, and helps consumers save money on groceries.
Sector: Environment, Retail

Bid Ai

One Line Pitch: An AI/machine learning data analysis software that helps assemble better proposals faster. Build better, smarter proposals and win more work.
Business Summary: Consulting firms are busy and need to bid on Request for Proposals accurately and efficiently, however, gathering resumes, project sheets and building a strategic proposal is expensive. Consulting firms are limited on how many proposals they can bid on due to time constraints and other work. Bid Ai is a software-as-a-service tool for consulting firms to assemble proposals. Spend less time on building strategic proposals and more time bidding on competitive work.
Sector: Services

Billia Inc.

One Line Pitch: Billia is an invoicing and payment software solution, based on a risk analysis model, which verifies business transactions and earned revenue for small and medium size businesses (SMBs)
Business Summary: With Billia, SMBs create a profile of their business so that the risk analysis model can produce a credit score. SMBs submit their invoices to Billia by either uploading a scanned version or by creating the invoice using Billia’s professional invoice creator. Billia will provide AP monetization, allowing liquidity. In the case of receivables, collateral for transactions are approved receivables, contracts and inventory. Billia receives commissions from third-party lenders. Other Billia services will include invoice reconciliation, reports, data export, bookkeeping and CRM integration.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Production of A revolutionary bio-cement.
Business Summary: Using biological production of bio-cement to stabilize sand, strengthen infrastructure, and support inhabitation without any pollution while also stabilizing atmosphere CO2.
Sector: Green construction


One Line Pitch: To accelerate healing and improve patient outcomes BioCrutch Inc. has developed a patent protected orthopedic medical device system that fits into or attaches to patient’s shoes, crutches or walkers that measures, monitors and manages via biofeedback the weight bearing load on injured lower limbs.
Business Summary: To build orthopedic solutions for hospitals, physicians and patients that will significantly reduce health care costs and reduce recovery time and improve outcomes for patients suffering from orthopedic trauma. BioCrutch is currently conducting a clinical trial to validate the safety and effectiveness of the BioCrutch system when compared to the current standard of a combination of verbal instructions, tactile feedback or bathroom scales.
Sector: Life Sciences, Medical Equipment


One Line Pitch: An innovative and sustainable vertical greenhouse mushroom farming operation.
Business Summary: BioMycore is an innovative greenhouse mushroom enterprise specializing in producing mushrooms for food and mycelium composite panels for carboard box insulation. The vertical greenhouse operation uses shipping containers to provide an easy to manage growing environment for the mushrooms. BioMycore will harvest the mushrooms for food and use a novel manufacturing process to create composite insulation from the mycelium substrate to replace Styrofoam in packaging.
Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Transforming fitness with gamified biofeedback
Business Summary: BionSense has developed cutting-edge technology that integrates with fitness equipment, providing real-time visual feedback for functional exercises. With advanced hardware and software innovations, the BionSense system delivers accurate data, while AI-generated exercise recommendations optimize workouts for personalized fitness goals. Join us on this transformative fitness journey.
Sector: Health and Wellness

Bioplast Industries Inc

One Line Pitch: Providing solutions for sustainable packaging.
Business Summary: Bioplast is a research-based company which provides solutions to develop the green revolutionary products. Aim to develop those products which will help globally to improvise green environment and to manage the waste pollution.
Sector: Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: Birthgeonomics is a non-invasive prenatal testing involving a simple blood screening within the first month of pregnancy screening for genetic disorders.
Business Summary: Birthgeonomics introduces non-invasive prenatal testing that involves a simple blood screening within the first month of pregnancy. This screening analyses and detects the unborn baby’s risk for several genetic and other disorders, including Down Syndrome (DS), and the mothers’ health conditions, which may lead to birth defects.
Sector: Life Sciences

BitCare Inc

One Line Pitch: Helping women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas.
Business Summary: BitCare is developing the world’s first blockchain-based Internet of Medical Things, iScope, to help women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas while protecting their privacy, taking control of AI, and capitalizing health data.
Sector: Life Sciences

Bitron Technology

One Line Pitch: Bitron Technology solves the problem of Wi-Fi connection issues through the use of an AI-based Wi-Fi optimization software.
Business Summary: Bitron Technology has created an AI optimization software that solves several of the issues that Wi-Fi connections face today. Issues such as poor signals, signal interference, and blockage of connections all cause problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be a hassle to fix. This AI software they have develop will remove the hassle of this issue and provide an optimized connection for users.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Utilities


One Line Pitch: Bizware has created an online software called Bell-Out that creates a marketplace to connect property managers to suitable contractors and handymen.
Business Summary: Bizware has developed their product to make the process of outsourcing labor and project management for property managers more efficient and standardized. Using an online marketplace, Bell-Out allows for contractors and handymen to easily be paired up with property managers looking for their services. Bizware aims to reduce the hassle of finding the right person for the right job and has created a space to find the perfect pairing.
Sector: Communications Technology, Construction, Information Technology

BK Technology

One Line Pitch: Helping online business reach their full potential through effective marketing and management services.
Business Summary: BK Technology is an online business consultancy which provides high quality professional services to help businesses grow their virtual presence. Their core product is their short video marketing strategy which enables businesses to quickly reach viewers. Additionally, BK Technology plans to offer E-commerce and digital advertising services.
Sector: Advertising, E-commerce, Entertainment, Media

Black Icon

One Line Pitch: Blockchain-powered financing platform
Business Summary: Black Icon is revolutionizing the finance industry with their blockchain-powered platform. By automating payment releases, it eliminates delays, reduces costs, and ensures smooth operations for SMEs. Black Icon’s commitment to transparency, trust, and accessible financing fosters an efficient and secure financial ecosystem.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Blockchain Fitness App

One Line Pitch: An application on a blockchain platform that helps people to achieve their better lifestyle and lose weight and also earn money!
Business Summary: The startup is a fitness app on a blockchain platform to help app owners achieve fitness by performing appropriate aerobic and muscular exercises and following an essential diet. The app creates financial incentives for the individual, allowing app owners to be rewarded for achieving health goals by doing sports and dietary instructions, and are therefore encouraged to exercise more and receive more rewards. The purposes of designing and developing a fitness app are making a profit by providing and selling high-quality services, working in an area of interest where there is work experience and satisfying individuals with providing a fitness application that gives them exercise and a healthy diet plan and at the same time motivates them enough to get more rewards by working harder and staying on schedule.
Sector: Healthcare

Blockchain Online Pharmacy

One Line Pitch: Blockchain Online Pharmacy is a prescription and over-the-counter medication distributor that facilitates the ordering and delivery through a blockchain powered online platform.
Business Summary: Blockchain Online Pharmacy allows customers to place an order online for delivery – saving them time and energy versus the traditional pharmaceutical model. The company aims to increase overall transparency in drug distribution using blockchain technology. This revolutionary technology provides the user visibility into the origination and delivery of their medications while also keeping a centralized log of information.
Sector: Pharmaceutical distribution


One Line Pitch: Help your dearest One to bloom , Gamified social skill learning for children with ASD.
Business Summary: The BloomEQ team is bringing together expertise working with children with autism (ASD), medical care expertise, and the latest research on how avatars and virtual worlds can be used to treat autism. The platform is a gamified experience allowing children to learn and reinforce social and life skills at their own pace, with a companion interface for parents and caregivers to learn best practices and reinforce social learnings.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Blood donation management.
Business Summary: Bludate is a platform that enables people to find out which blood type is currently in urgent demand, by whom and where, so donor recruitment efforts can be managed accordingly.
Sector: Healthcare