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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Facade System Solutions

One Line Pitch: Facade system solutions via AI-based software.
Business Summary: Developing a software platform that uses machine learning to predict energy savings in buildings based on the facade systems selected. This will be done by leveraging large amounts of data, the software will enable builders to simply upload the architectural drawing of a building and based on the weather conditions in the location and type of building, energy savings under facade alternatives will be predicted. Conversely, facade producers and material designers can predict the energy savings of their systems using the technology.
Sector: Architecture, Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Fall-detector and Fall-prevention AI software which uses both inertia based and vision-based systems paired with deep learning neural networks.
Business Summary: FallShield has developed a novel fall detector and fall-prevention solution which uses a 3-axial accelerometer, gyroscope and camera supplemented with real-time signal and image processing algorithms based on sophisticated deep learning neural networks. The AI analyzes the walking pattern of the user and if the walking happens to be out of the normal pattern, the device informs the user and caregiver about the risk of falling. The system is also trained by different fall types which results in being able to distinguish a fall from a person’s activities of daily life.
Sector: Life Sciences

Family Budget Management

One Line Pitch: An AI and ML enabled mobile application for family budgeting that is powered and secured by blockchain.
Business Summary: Family Budget Management is developing a mobile application which helps young Canadian families to help identify their spending pattern and provide customised recommendations to achieve their financial goals by the use of artifical intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology.
Sector: Finance

Family Clinic EHR

One Line Pitch: EMR/HER which will be cloud based systems.
Business Summary: EMR/HER designed by a GP for GP. This will be simple intuitive interface. Access to all functions and data through two main screens and hot keys. Access from any place or device. The cloud based outpatient(ambulatory) clinic ambulatory management administration susyems. It will be customizable, built in connectivity, integrated remote health, long term patient care path, no maintenance and high security standards.
Sector: Life Sciences, Medicine


One Line Pitch: Farcrowd specializes in collecting real-time analytical information about agricultural crops in a given area to help farmers increase production and reduce operational risks.
Business Summary: FarCrowd will use a combination of multispectral drone footage, crop sample data, and third-party information to assemble an accurate, up-to-date picture of the overall health of a given crop. This system will also employ warnings, such as pest outbreak forecasts, to assist farmers in addressing potential issues with their crops sooner and avoid further damage.
Sector: Agricultural Technology


One Line Pitch: FarmDot provides an online platform that connects customers with farmers.
Business Summary: FarmDot is an online platform for connecting consumers to farmers. Through FarmDot’s basic service, farmers will be able to showcase their activities through short videos, pictures or messages, and to engage directly with consumers through chats, as well as audio and video calls. The business will target farmers, food retailers, consumers, and agricultural students. FarmDot will have three main platforms: a social platform for farm presentation and consumer-farmer communication, an e-learning platform, and a food marketplace platform.
Sector: Agriculture


One Line Pitch: Next-gen farming in a box.
Business Summary: FarmKit.IO is bringing engineering, farming, and tech expertise to the small and medium-sized farming market. Initially launching a product that enables agriculture farmers to easily implement a remote sensing setup to monitor and care for their crops, & automate systems (eg. Watering) in an easy and simple way.
Sector: Agriculture, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: A platform aimed at helping the fashion industry produce sustainable products & create transparent and traceable value chains.
Business Summary: Fashable is a platform that connects the entire value chain of the fashion industry from raw material suppliers to retailers in attempts to create a transparent, traceable, and circular lifecycle for fashion products. As a result, we help fashion brands develop sustainable products and minimize their negative impact on the environment.
Sector: Fashion, Retail, Sustainability


One Line Pitch: FashionY is a fashion software and consulting company providing data-driven software solutions for clothing and apparel designers through forecasting fashion trends.
Business Summary: Based on recurrent neural networks, our online SaaS and mobile app tool will conduct real-time data mining of social platforms, retail, material supplier and other relevant data to dig deep into consumer sentiments and learn what drives their fashion preferences. It will provide designers with vital clues on the preferred design options for the target demographics and automatically correct designs to fit the market demand.
Sector: Technology


One Line Pitch: A Knitting and Crochet Kit that leverages AI and IoT technology
Business Summary: Fasination is poised to revolutionize the knitting and crochet industry with the world’s first “Smart Knitting and Crochet Kit.” This innovative product provides real-time feedback, access to advanced techniques, simplified patterns, and personalized guidance. By combining a smart needle embedded with IoT sensors and a mobile app powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), it delivers an interactive and supportive tool that enhances the knitting experience for crafters of all skill levels.


One Line Pitch: Creation of online Chinese Character learning courses directed at the children of Chinese immigrant parents. To help support the student’s cultural heritage growth.
Business Summary: The application of AI aided technology with a web platform to provide Chinese students real-time live course teachings with real-time corrective feedback.
Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: Fibitex is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform which enables users to place orders at their desired price, trade a specific amount of a certain cryptocurrency instantly into another one or exchange for fiat currency
Business Summary: As cryptocurrencies become more popular as an investment option, it is vital for investors to have fast and cheep access to this market. This requires a transparent and liquid market place for investors and traders to buy and sell these assets. Fibitex will provide this marketplace through its platform and community of investors and traders. Fibitex’s exchange will be a safe and transparent environment complying with KYC and AML rules and regulations.
Sector: Cryptocurrency Exchange, Currencies, Financial Services, Retail

Filter Buddy

One Line Pitch: An app-based service that predicts the need for a residential furnace filter change before it causes mechanical failures, and to optimize furnace and air conditioner performance.
Business Summary: The innovation is to automate a routine (but critical) commodity purchase – in this case for a home-maintenance process that is often over-looked and tedious to deal with. The algorithm tracks and alerts users to filter change requirements while also sourcing the best filter deals online to ensure ease of use and delivery and optimal filter and furnace performance. The process automates the sourcing and delivery of filters which are bulky and inconvenient to store. Team anticipates expanding into other residential filters in the future such as water purification filters, AC compressor unit cleaning supplies, and non-commercial vehicle filters.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Find My Parking

One Line Pitch: Find My Parking is an integrated online and offline app that lets drivers choose a specific spot in designated parking lots by using links to specialized sensors in the lot that update real-time availability.
Business Summary: Upon arrival at a parking lot, the Find My Parking app guides the driver to their spot through adjusted location technology. The app also helps parking lot owners maximize the utility of their properties. Find My Parking has even created a unique indoor navigation system, which allows drivers and lot owners to determine the exact location of vehicles in places with poor GPS connections.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Fintech Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

One Line Pitch: Fintech Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions (FCCS) is designing and developing a cybersecurity platform for financial institutions
Business Summary: With its foundation architecture of blockchain-based solutions, FCCS will be providing financial institutions with customized and scalable layers of security across a myriad of daily operations. The product modules will address and overcome the growing concern of cyber attacks, which are becoming both more prevalent and more complex.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Fire Damper

One Line Pitch: A paperless solution to fire damper inspections.
Business Summary: Development of digital solutions for complex maintenance and monitoring of building systems.
Sector: Business Automation, Construction, Life Safety Systems


One Line Pitch: Blockchain E-Sports data services platform capturing scores, profiles, as well.
Business Summary: Provides gaming data service by leveraging blockchain technologies for e-sport SaaS platforms including, game scores, game betting, membership/clug.
Sector: Communications Technology, Entertainment, Media

First Line Support

One Line Pitch: Personalized mental wellness programs for first line responders
Business Summary: First Line Support is building an online platform that will provide personalized assistance to first responders that are facing mental health issues. The software will use Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to create an intuitive platform, providing a holistic approach to mental health with meditation and customized wellness tracking.
Sector: Health and Wellness

Fish Token

One Line Pitch: To provide a modern approach to seafood traceability with blockchain technology.
Business Summary: FishToken is designed to bring transparency and traceability into seafood markets. The application will offer multiple seafood products that will be divided into tokens and each token becomes shares. FishToken will offer the shares to customers and each customer will have the oppotunity to buy as many shares or tokens as possible. All parties from harvester, distributor and customer can trust the accuracy of data including location, temperature, humidity, motion, shock and tilt. Benefits include; trust throughout the supply chain, levels the playing field for suppliers and rewards good practices, saves time and reduces operating costs through automation, vendors and consumers know what they are getting and get what they’re paying for.
Sector: Services

Floss Mobile

One Line Pitch: An online medical application (DrHAVEN) that provides on-demand video consultation for non-emergency healthcare and wellness from anywhere in the world.
Business Summary: The online medical application (DrHAVEN) has been developed with Android, IOS, and Windows platforms compatibility, Video calling, GPS Locator and Clinical documentation features that will allow patients do a real time search for field specific doctors in their country or any other country around the world. Patients will get multiple opinions about a particular health issue they are having then ascertain the best intervention to take, all done from the comfort of their own homes. Doctors will be able to schedule consultation meetings with patients, End-to-end chat, and audio-visual engagement from their homes/countries. The company is focused on the development of products which can help strengthen immunity as people these days are fighting off different kinds of viruses and bacteria on a day-to-day basis. The developed nutraceuticals can also help boost immunity and more importantly prevent many chronic diseases.
Sector: Life Sciences, Technology

Fly High Technologies

One Line Pitch: A simple application that leads service providers through installations while gathering data from the field
Business Summary: Businesses that conduct installs or repairs need a better way of tracking and organizing the process from start to finish. These processes are often performed using paper or through disjointed programs, causing long wait times for review of the installation and steps being missed. The proposed solution is an application that combines installation steps, and quality assurance steps into a single, step-by-step guide. The app also generates reports for back office to ensure all data is logged and tracked from the field.
Sector: Services

Folad Plast Sabz Gost

One Line Pitch: A new type of machine eliminates the industrial acid washing stage to reduce harm to the environment and humans.
Business Summary: Folad Plast is building a machine by which the chemical method of acid washing is converted into a mechanical method that eliminates disadvantages to the environment and manpower. And the machine also reduces the cost of manufacturing of product which results in more sales. It can be used in the fields of construction, decoration, and industry.
Sector: Clean Technology, Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: Forteage Voice is an AI-powered call centre QA platform that accelerates the QA process by up to 80% by AI-based evaluation of 100% of calls, which are then labeled and scored from pre-defined aspects.
Business Summary: Forteage Voice accelerates the QA process by using AI transcriptions and a centralized QA platform. Customized evaluation forms, smart playback features and AI transcription are also generated.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Frame Shield

One Line Pitch: A secure financial and project platform for web and mobile that facilitates better communication between creative professionals and clients to align expectations before a project, as well as financial and contracting tools to give both parties trust and confidence
Business Summary: Videographers, photographers, and other creative professionals that work on a project basis face two substantial challenges. The first is that there is often a communication and knowledge gap between clients and professionals, which leads to vague or unrealistic expectations, misunderstanding of deliverables, and payment issues. The second is payment itself. Non-payment by clients after work has been completed and a lack of recourse for clients if they are unhappy are both commonplace issues for video and photo professionals of all skill levels, sizes, and geographies. Frame Shield is a web and mobile application that allows creative professionals and their clients to articulate and agree on the project specifics by automating the project information collection from both sides, provides terms/framework for their agreement in a way that is clear and transparent to both parties, and provides payment services to protect both parties.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT


One Line Pitch: FreeHunter is a marketplace and homebase for local freelance talent.
Business Summary: FreeHunter is a subscription based local freelancer portal. Their platform allows local businesses to find and employ local talent for numerous types of jobs while taking care of all the paperwork involved in running a freelance business for the freelancer.
Sector: Information Technology

Future Health Solutions

One Line Pitch: A remote monitoring solution that uses passive monitoring technology to monitor the condition of elderly people living independently and provide key information to family and/or caregivers.
Business Summary: Loneliness and social isolation in elderly people increases the likelihood of a decline in their abilities to carry out normal activities, to experience a decline in mobility, and loneliness was also associated with a significant increase in the risk of death. At present, there is no easy way for family and care-givers to remotely monitor health of the elderly who live independently in a user-friendly and cost-effective way. The solution is A Software-as-a-Service application that combines video and other passive monitoring technologies to provide users with real-time data and insights on the vitals, health, and habits of elderly family/patients.
Sector: Services


One Line Pitch: A Tech Based Platform for Autism Detection and Treatment.
Business Summary: A technology company focusing on designing a platform that diagnoses autism first hand, specifies its severity using screening tests, then helps the remission process using entertaining games and connecting directly with expert counselors.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Provides manufacturers with more affordable and cost-effective milk testing machines, water purity analyzers, and slurry analyzers for use in quality control.
Business Summary: Will sell milk testing machines to small dairy farms that would otherwise not be able to afford such a device. Will sell a water analyzer that is affordable enough to be purchased by even the smallest of water treatment plants. Will sell slurry analyzer for use in the mining industry.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Gain is a novel digital aggregator platform that applies AI and BI algorithms for all three players in the recycling industry, resulting in higher incentives for recycling and generating higher annual revenue for all three “users”.
Business Summary: GAIN is an online platform connecting household users with recyclable raw materials to collectors and Recycling businesses willing to serve them. “Home users” generate the demand, “Collectors” and “Recycling Businesses” supply the demand, and “GAIN” acts as the marketplace/facilitator to make this all happen seamlessly.
Sector: Hub Services, Recycling Technology

Gas Inspection

One Line Pitch: Gas Inspection is a software solution for oil and gas facilities of all sizes to manage the maintenance of their equipment; plan, predict and schedule maintenance; manage their workforce; control their parts inventory; and track their assets.
Business Summary: Gas Inspection consists of a backend dashboard accessible in the cloud, and a field platform accessible by authorized maintenance workers through unique printed QR codes for every tracked asset.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences

GC Perfect

One Line Pitch: GC Perfect is a smart platform that helps contractors to professionally manage contracts, expectations and payments online & on the go.
Business Summary: GC Perfect focuses on contractor operational efficiency with ease of use, and full invoicing, payments, bank account, escrow, and email integration.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services


One Line Pitch: Development and commercialization of acid-resistant (Enteric) soft gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industries.
Business Summary: The focus of our business is providing the technology of enteric delivery of soft gelatin capsules which could be used by pharma/nutraceutical industries for their product development. The routine enteric delivery for softgels consists of applying an acid-insoluble coating on the capsules after encapsulation process. We have developed an intrinsically acid resistant gelatin formulation which could be used to make enteric softgels in one step to create clear soft gelatin capsules, avoiding additional time and cost for coating process. Our technology provides an integrated enteric functionality in a softgel which could be easily used for rapid prototype development and formulation screening, avoiding different challenges of enteric coating such as high temperature associated with enteric coating process which could damage some of the ingredients in formulation.
Sector: Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceutical


One Line Pitch: GellaDerm is the creator of a natural, biocompatible bandage that absorbs wound exudate and provides enhanced breathability and healing time.
Business Summary: GellaDerm is seeking to provide medical grade bandages in clinical settings. These bandages lead to quicker healing time, allowing more throughput for medical facilities. Additionally, these bandages are made from biomaterials, resulting in cost advantages, and reduced environmental impact.
Sector: Biomedical

Generation Cyclone Energy

One Line Pitch: Generation Cyclone Energy is developing an intuitive fine grinding machine that is capable of conducting a cyanide-free leaching process to make the metal extraction process cost-efficient and eco-friendly
Business Summary: Generation Cyclone Energy will develop an intuitive fine grinding machine that will also be capable of conducting a cyanide-free leaching process. With TNVM and WDH-based systems, the Company’s machinery will be able to make the metal extraction process cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Generation Cyclone Energy Co. will create a fine grinding machine that will incorporate the grinding and leaching procedure into one simultaneous process. The Company’s method will incorporate several innovative techniques that will result in an efficient grinding and leaching process. Generation Cyclone Energy Co.’s machines will use less than 500W of power for water pumps and 400W for electro pumps, while also using significantly less consumable water compared to its competitors due to its nearly closed cycle.
Sector: Energy


One Line Pitch: Using advance machine learning technologies, GenomicsMaster is an application for the analysis of genome sequencing sets
Business Summary: The GenomicsMaster technology will read, trim, assemble, annotate, and process different sequence data, and will then produce applicable information, including the name of the genes and the presence of any abnormalities. Deep learning is applied to find patterns in the data. The technology includes algorithm selection, data extraction, and transformation. Predictions can be determined and then, with cross-validation, comparisons can be made to predicted patient outcomes.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: A first in kind proprietary and patent pending wound rinse and topical salve for the wound care market.
Business Summary: GentoWound is an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative wound rinse and topical salve that comes in a pH neutral aqueous liquid. It is effective against antimicrobial resistance bacteria and has dermal layer regenerative properties.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: A decentralized insurance platform where members pool resources to create a shared insurance fund
Business Summary: Using Blockchain, decentralization and smart contracts, GetTakaful increases transparency, reduces costs, and offers more customizable and accurate insurance coverage options for its members.
Sector: B2C, Insurance Technology

Giga Innovation Tech 

One Line Pitch: An innovative technology company focusing on intelligent manufacturing that provides internet-related services, products, and customized solutions for its users
Business Summary: Giga Innovation Tech System Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yunnan Dongfang Group. The company offers innovative systems and solutions focused on intelligent manufacturing. Giga Innovation Tech’s intelligent systems and products are based on specialized platforms and cloud service technologies that can be easily adopted by the end user to process information quickly, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. The company’s smart products and services may be adopted by high-tech industries in electronics, biopharmaceuticals and new materials at a lower cost compared to its competitors.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Software

Giraffe Swap

One Line Pitch: Giraffe Swap is a company that provides a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows individuals to trade digital currencies with other assets in a secure manner.
Business Summary: Digital transactions have become increasingly popular, thus leading to new opportunities for multi-currency exchanges in the digital space. Giraffe is a firm that provides a decentralized exchange platform, allowing individuals to trade their digital currencies with other assets and/or currencies in a secure, timely and efficient system.
Sector: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Portal

One Line Pitch: GACP provides SMEs with a portal to access information globally related to the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends.
Business Summary: By creating a subscription-based portal with the latest anti-counterfeiting resources and market trends across the globe, users can go to one location to receive the latest information by country, find the resources, and the technologies on how to better protect their brands, products and intellectual properties.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Security

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd.

One Line Pitch: Affordable and global solution to current immigration consultants approach ensuring more people are serviced at a lower cost.
Business Summary: Have created a platform that makes things easier for the consultants and the clients, through their unique approach and addition of DSS. GIC has lowered the actual assessment time to an average of 6 minutes, which enables the consultant to access double the amount of profiles in a single workday, compared to their competitors.
Sector: Services

Global Supply Chain Collaborative Portal

One Line Pitch: Intelligent and collaborative cloud-based platform for the entire supply chain management process.
Business Summary: One single online platform to enable all stakeholders to chat, share and share order information, quotation, product specification, invoice and all relevant information anywhere, anytime throughout the entire end-to-end global supply chain management process on a very timely monitoring and control.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Services

Global Trust Insurance

One Line Pitch: A Saas tool or integrated software that allows claims adjusters to take detailed voice notes using smart devices and converts/connects the key data input to enterprise insurance claims software.
Business Summary: Insurance claims adjusters spend a substantial amount of time taking notes and re-inputting data into insurance company systems. Adjusters must keep detailed logs for their records but there is no efficient way to input key data points into the format of insurance claims software. The amount of time and money this problem causes is massive. We are developing a software tool that identifies key data and connects it to insurance claims systems from detailed claims adjuster voice notes.
Sector: Services

Go Pro Smart Co.

One Line Pitch: Artificial intelligence based smart home automation solution.
Business Summary: This application helps the target customers to monitor and control all their home devices from a smartphone or a tablet. The application, driven by artificial intelligence algorithms, allows customers to enhance their comfort level, safety, and overall experience of their smart connected homes and promotes optimum energy usage.
Sector: Home Electronics Industry

Grand Win Inc

One Line Pitch: High quality windows, doors, and skylights manufactured using eco-friendly processes.
Business Summary: Grand Win Inc will manufacture, sell, and install high quality windows, doors, and skylights. The customers Grand Win Inc aims to target are homeowners, real estate developers, and retailers throughout Canada.
Sector: Windows and Doors

Gravity Integrates

One Line Pitch: Procures and delivers official documents needed for emigration/studying abroad.
Business Summary: Under the Worldwide Transcripts brand, we help individuals get the documents they need for studying, working or moving abroad. Using a combination of in-field representatives and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we are one-stop-shop to get documents from across India to institutions worldwide.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: The functionality of GrayJay’s application is to help match service providers with customers in a timely manner. The app will allow people to match within a certain location and ultimately pay for the service with the integration of Stripe.
Business Summary: GrayJay offers a smart platform for exchanging services, where the providers build a virtual shop, receive back-office support and help attract leads all while making sure the customers receive the best rates and services. GrayJay’s founders through years of experience in management, software development and digital marketing have identified a gap with the on-demand platform and will help users exchange services at their fingertips.
Sector: Online on-demand home service provider

Green CarWash

One Line Pitch: Connecting car owners with local car washers for a convenient, environmentally friendly, mobile car wash.
Business Summary: Green CarWah is a mobile application marketplace that connects car owners with local, independent car washers who will travel to a car owners location and wash their vehicle using eco-friendly and waterless products. The application uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide further reminders and information to car owners on the optimal time and location to get a car wash based on their lifestyle habits..
Sector: Automotive, Services

Green Chicken

One Line Pitch: Green Chicken has developed a unique organically produced feed supplement designed to improve chicken’s health and egg laying productivity.
Business Summary: Green Chicken has made a significant improvement in feed supplements for chickens based scientific research performed using microalgae. As a result, Green Chicken will develop and market this natural feed supplement to the chicken industry in North America.
Sector: Agriculture

Green Power Generator

One Line Pitch: A new and innovative green power generator that will create electricity without harming the environment, being the most environmentally friendly power generator in the world.
Business Summary: This company will create a smart and intelligent power generator that produces green and renewable kinetic energy for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Due to the large amount of negative environmental implications that traditional power generation creates, the founders of this business decided to generate electricity in a way that, in addition to generating a large amount of electricity, produces the least amount of pollution for the environment.
Sector: Renewable Energy