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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Smart English Learning Mobile Application

One Line Pitch: Smart English is a mobile application that will use artificial intelligence to teach non-English speaking users how to speak, write and communicate in English.
Business Summary: Smart English users will download the application onto their smartphone and be guided by a virtual instructor, working at their own pace to learn the basics of the English language. The application provides intuitive, interactive, and engaging learning modules that use artificial intelligence to analyze user progress and offer a personalized learning experience.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Smart Fire Extinguishing System

One Line Pitch: Smart Fire Extinguishing System is bringing innovative fire extinguishing balls to fight fires faster and more effectively.
Business Summary: Smart Fire Extinguishing System looks to help fight against the issue of rising wildfires and the dangers that fire fighting brings. Through the creation of an innovative monoammonium phosphate ball, they have created a way to extinguish fires effectively and safely via the use of drones delivering these balls where needed. Smart Fire Extinguishing System hopes to provide a safer and more effective way to fight fires with this product.
Sector: Life Sciences, Safety

Smart Furniture

One Line Pitch: Smart Furniture provides furniture solutions based on virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to improve today’s furniture purchase process.
Business Summary: Through virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, Smart Furniture will play an essential role in meeting growing interior design demands in Canada, cutting cost and saving time in the furniture buying process, and connecting the ecosystem better.
Sector: Information Technology

Smart Garden

One Line Pitch: Smart Garden is an indoor/outdoor IoT sensor that measures soil moisture, pH, and ambient sunlight to provide gardeners with critical data through an application to alert when and how much to water plants.
Business Summary: Watering plants is time consuming, and gardeners don’t have the data to tell them when and how much to water. Many gardeners chronically overwater their plants because they don’t understand the needs of the plant species and they don’t have real-time soil data. Many gardeners forget to water plants, which can be costly and time-consuming to replace. Smart Garden uses an indoor/outdoor IoT sensor to measure soil moisture, pH level, and ambient sunlight and an associated application to alert gardeners when and how much to water their plants.
Sector: Agriculture

Smart Geofencing Company

One Line Pitch: Smart Geofencing Company is creating an AI algorithmic driven software solution to geofencing and workplace safety in high-risk and restricted areas.
Business Summary: Smart Geofencing Company is developing a smartphone app that allows users to be notified of potential hazards and risks via their software. Using an AI algorithm and machine learning, they have created a software capable of assessing a user’s travel path and alerting them of alternate routes to take and locations to avoid due to hazards and risk currently present. Smart Geofencing Company hopes their product will provide aid in creating safer workplaces and reducing risks.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Safety

Smart Health Care Counselling

One Line Pitch: Smart Health Care Counselling provides a novel Virtual Nurse Assistant powered by Artificial intelligence.
Business Summary: Smart Healthcare Counselling Company is a disruptive start-up that provides an automated patient engagement tool to help patients receive medical care that is highly cost-effective and efficient. Their novel AI Virtual Nurse Assistant offers an exceptional personalized healthcare experience to persons that are unable to see a doctor or other healthcare provider regularly, have been prescribed medical care with special measures, or wish to receive remote medical services.
Sector: Healthcare, Technology

Smart Home Services

One Line Pitch: Smart Home Services provides specialty design, installation and ongoing after-sales services and maintenance to homeowners that invest in a wireless blockchain smart home system.
Business Summary: Smart Home Services provides homeowners an affordable service-based solution to homeowners that wish to invest in a wireless blockchain smart home system. By offering a customized design, installation and continuous tech-support, Smart Home Services offers homeowners a secure, convenient and low-cost solution to smart home automation.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Smart HSE Software Development

One Line Pitch: An AI powered software system that will give employers access to real-time data to improve health, safety, and environmental factors in the workplace.
Business Summary: Smart HSE Software Development is building a software system that integrates with companies’ data to provide a health, safety, and environmental (HSE) perspective across the organization. The software will use data science to understand and analyze risk. It will create automated processes related to planning, implementing, controlling, and monitoring the performance of the safety management system, occupational health, and workplace environments. HSE managers will be able to ensure that their efforts are focused on reducing the frequency of workplace incidents.
Sector: Environment, Health, Information Technology, Safety

Smart Human Resources

One Line Pitch: Smart Human Resources is an artificial intelligence Human Resource Management model framework designed primarily to help HR managers make better and more efficient decisions in the face of large amounts of information.
Business Summary: Smart Human Resources will enable organizations to measure the HR process throughout the employee life cycle. The solution will track the employee life cycle, and provide for accurate identification of individuals for their next opportunity. The application allows for simplification of the volume of data collected on job applicants and active employees providing the following benefits; avoidance of potentially negative employment-related consequences, such as adverse effects on protected groups, assists in limiting employee turnover and includes the provision of chatbot-based tools to revolutionize the recruitment process.
Sector: Services

Smart Hydraulic System

One Line Pitch: Intelligent hydraulic system that collects and analyzes equipment data in real-time.
Business Summary: Smart Hydraulic System is creating an intelligent hydraulic system through the use of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensors, and proprietary software that collects and analyzes heavy machinery equipment performance in real-time. Our company provides users with smart data, informing them of potential equipment failures before they happen, therefore decreasing repair costs, machine downtimes, and increasing safety.
Sector: Clean Technology

Smart Interior Design

One Line Pitch: Innovative interior design mobile application using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.
Business Summary: This company is developing a mobile application that uses a combination of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning and blockchain technology to provide a low cost, timely and professional solution for designing interior spaces.
Sector: Information Technology, Interior Design

Smart Medical Diet

One Line Pitch: An application for mobile devices to provide a personalized approach to health and diet.
Business Summary: This application will provide users with a personalized diet based on results from blood tests and other health assessment data. From this data, the app will create a unique diet based on specific health needs. With multiple subscription offerings, price points, and diet plan options within this app, Smart Medical Diet provides flexibility based on the clients’ individual needs.
Sector: Healthcare

Smart Mining Platform

One Line Pitch: Smart Mining Platform (SMP) delivers increased operational efficiency to mines through the use of AI and other components that enhances workforce safety, while reducing the environmental impact of the mine.
Business Summary: SMP provides a package of components and software to mines at a simple transactional cost, that provides a solution that is driven by AI and advanced machine learning. The mine can choose to operate the SMP platform and components itself or hire SMP on an ongoing basis to operate and deliver data to management that improves efficiency in production, worker safety and reduces the environmental footprint.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Smart Mirror

One Line Pitch: Neutralizing Viruses & Harmful Bacteria Through Innovation.
Business Summary: A touchless and fogless smart mirror with built-in UVC lights and Ozone technology to sanitize showers and bathrooms and help neutralize viruses and bacteria; built-in Bluetooth technology for entertainment to let users connect the mirror to any device; and, an application which is designed for optimizing the user’s utilization of the product in which an individual can control the general features of the mirror.
Sector: Clean Technology, Manufacturing

Smart Park Services

One Line Pitch: To improve the safety and experience for public park visitors and the efficiencies of park management operations via an integrated real time, smart device management platform.
Business Summary: To make parks smart by building a GNSS (global navigation satellite system) and LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) based system to track visitors, vehicles, monitor gate and fences, track park staff, enable park maintenance mapping and monitor conditions for potential safety hazards.
Sector: Information Technology

Smart Personal Tracking System Company

One Line Pitch: Smart Personal Tracking Systems develops a wearable to detect harmful exposure to gases.
Business Summary: Smart Personnel Tracking Systems is developing a smart bracelet that can detect potentially harmful environmental changes and notify users of the risk. The device is targeted towards workers in high-risk occupations where exposure to gasses is a possibility.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Smart Production Control System Company

One Line Pitch: Smart Production Control System Company has created a control system that allows for further automatization and efficiency of manufacturing processes.
Business Summary: Smart Production Control System Company looks to further improve the efficiency and capabilities of automatized manufacturing processes with their product. Their product will allow for real time analysis of the processes occurring during manufacturing via the use of smart sensors that can attach to machinery. With the collection and processing of data, their product will enable for more efficient decision making and overall processes.
Sector: Communications Technology, Construction, Information Technology

Smart Psychological Analysis Mobile Application

One Line Pitch: A mobile application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help individuals diagnose and treat early-stage mental health disorders.
Business Summary: Smart Psychological has developed a mental health assessment and mobile application that that allows users to identify potential mental health issues. Once a mental health issue is identified, the application acts as a treatment solution by creating an individual care plan guiding the user through a series of interactive treatments and tools. The application also acts as a virtual therapist by measuring the users progress and sending notifications to their phone as the user progresses through their care plan.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Life Sciences

Smart Qaushi

One Line Pitch: Smart Qaushi is the manufacturer of the next generation of smart floors equipped with sensor technology and machine learning to monitor, analyze and predict movement.
Business Summary: Customizable tiles with accelerometer sensors detect movement on the floor and collect the movement data to be processed in an artificial intelligence trained program to monitor and predict falls and abnormal behavior and also analyze crowd movement patterns to improve the efficiency of the space and well being of its inhabitants.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing

Smart Serve

One Line Pitch: A refrigerator and dispenser taps with RFID card reader and cloud software with user registration, removal, and monitoring capabilities.
Business Summary: Offices and co-working spaces want to offer beverages as a benefit, but need to restrict timelines and keep track of consumption. Workplaces need a simple, automated way to restrict when beverages are available, they also need to track individual consumption and total consumption. We are developing an RFID-enabled, self-serve beverage dispenser that can automatically track and limit consumption to certain periods and amounts.
Sector: Services

Smart Silviculture

One Line Pitch: Smart Silviculture provides innovative software for forest inventory forecasting.
Business Summary: Smart Silviculture combines data from GIS, satellite images, climate, and weather data to produce accurate forest mass measurements. Proprietary AI and ML algorithms are used to map, monitor, and measure forest resources to understand the specific natural characteristics of individual forests and to predict future timber supply.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Smart Solar

One Line Pitch: Smart solar panel system that provides real-time feedback on energy consumption and habits.
Business Summary: Smarter Solar is a smart solar system that integrates multiple solar power generation systems together, and provides real-time feedback on energy generation and consumption habits. Users can optimize energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and decrease their energy expenses.
Sector: Renewable Energy

Smart Tax Calculator

One Line Pitch: Smart Tax Calculator is an app designed to help individuals and businesses with tax related processes.
Business Summary: This company is creating an application that provides individuals and SMEs with a cost-effective alternative for calculating taxes and filing tax returns, while providing additional tax related consulting services on an ongoing basis. This smart application will enable users to confidently manage and file their taxes, while spending significantly less than traditional tax filing practices such as an accounting firm.
Sector: Information Technology

Smart Water Meter Company

One Line Pitch: Smart Water Meter Company utilizes IoT technology and machine-based learning systems to better manage water resources.
Business Summary: The state-of-the-art smart water flow meter system is equipped with several unique water quality sensors, and is coupled with a software that detects, predicts, and alerts each user in real-time of any excess water use, contaminant, or water leakage. The web-based application provides an innovative and cost-effective energy saving solution to homeowners and water utility companies.
Sector: Clean Technology, Utilities

Smart Weight

One Line Pitch: Get fit the smart way.
Business Summary: Smart Weight leverages advanced technology to enhance home workouts. It incorporates attachable weight bar sensors that help users select the right weight for each exercise, making workouts more efficient and results-oriented. Combined with an AI-powered VR trainer, it improves workout safety and keeps users motivated during solo fitness sessions. The Smart Weight platform allows users to easily track and analyze their workout data through a mobile app, enabling data-driven decisions and goal-setting for a more informed and successful fitness journey.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: Smart Lift as a Platform is built to enable users to easily and safely lift and move heavy equipment in numerous environments, minimizing the risks associated with doing so manually.
Business Summary: Smart Lift introduces a robotic manipulator which is thoroughly controlled by hand. It is able to be implemented in a variety of applications as well as workplaces. Smart Lift simply lifts and moves loads in various shapes, packages, and also weights. In other words, the system is designed to make the mind of the user as it is part of his/her own mind through touching for moving any object to desired directions and angels.
Sector: Industrial Robotics

SmartPill OCR

One Line Pitch: SmartPill OCR is an app that allows a patient to scan their pill bottle and recognizes the medication, dose, and frequency and time the prescriptions should be taken.
Business Summary: Patients need daily reminders to take their medications and often rely on their memory or caregivers to take the correct medication and dosage on time. Failure to take their medication on time can result in many health risks. SmartPill OCR will also notify users when a medication needs to be refilled to keep patients on track and healthy. SmartPill OCR is an innovative software-as-a-service tool that allows both patients and caregivers to receive reminder notifications when the patient is required to take their medication.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: SMEfinHub is a digital platform that aids SMEs to solve their cash-flow and working capital challenges through a frictionless process via various discounting and short-term funding products.
Business Summary: SMEfinHub is a digital platform that aids SMEs to solve their cash-flow and working capital challenges through a frictionless process via various discounting and short-term funding products. The Government of Canada has listed “maintaining sufficient cash flow to be an obstacle and (SMEs are) less likely to have the cash or liquid assets required to operate. SMEfinHub provides access to capital at all stages of the business cycle using a technology enabled backbone. SMEfinHub provisions access to liquidity be it pre-shipment, shipment, or post-shipment. It may range from short-term working capital or short-term revolving credit, cross border or in Canada.
Sector: Fintech, Software

Smile Studio

One Line Pitch: AI-powered marketplace for cosmetic dentistry.
Business Summary: Tapping into years of dentistry experience, SmileStudio is a modern marketplace for cosmetic dentistry, powered by AI and machine vision. Users can preview improvements to their teeth, understand procedures, and get recommendations to the best cosmetic dentists and orthodontists in their city, with aftercare material.
Sector: Healthcare, Information Technology

Smooth Road

One Line Pitch: An automated road and highway data collection system.
Business Summary: A product designed to be installed on any vehicle, which can carefully examine and analyze the ruggedness of streets and roads. It provides a detailed analysis of the route and finds all problems that need to be fixed. The technology enables engineers to detect issues faster, saving substantial costs associated with detecting road issues across a vast landscape. Its components are consisting of transverse profile gauge, longitudinal profile gauge, rangefinder, multiple cameras, and GPS.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Implementation of Smart Shopping Based on a Patent Invention.
Business Summary: This system provides all necessary information for the customer, including guidance in finding the product location, offering several similar products and comparing them, teaching the use of new goods to the customer, as well as a short advertisement in relation to that issue. The customer can get out of the store without a queue. This system, in addition to the guidance of the client, can exclusively show ads for each customer, which are required and followed by the product. In hopes to make a breakthrough in advertising and make advertising meet individual needs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Manufacturing

SMP Materials Inc.

One Line Pitch: SMP Materials Inc. developed a tunable biodegradable shape memory polymer (BSMP) which has extensive applications in different medical devices . They offer multiple products and operate in the biomedical segment of the market. Our shape memory polymer has an excellent shape memory recovery. Our product portfolio contains surgical splint, sutures and staples, dental wire, embolization coil and stents.
Business Summary: We have developed a novel tunable Shape Memory Polymer that activates around body temperature, has excellent and reliable shape memory properties, and is biocompatible and biodegradable. Our strategy is carefully orchestrated to take into account the regulatory barrier that surrounds any medical applications. We will start with a low regulatory barrier product to generate positive cash flow and slowly climb the regulatory barrier ladder to capture the most profitable segment of the biomedical market.
Sector: Life Sciences

Snack Smart

One Line Pitch: Intelligently curated snacks, prepared and delivered.
Business Summary: Snack Smart is developing an online platform that provides users with intelligently curated snacks. Leveraging advanced technology, the platform will provide users with hyper personalized snack recommendations specific to their lifestyle choices, health goals, and diet. Leveraging user input and ongoing learnings, users are provided with a week’s worth of snacks recommendations delivered right to their door. Snack Smart leverages strategic partnerships with ghost kitchens and food delivery applications to provide users with a truly seamless and convenient experience.
Sector: Food, Services

Snap Catalogue

One Line Pitch: A customized mobile app using AI-driven image recognition. The app will allow the user to snap a photo of their valuable objects and easily catalogue them with the relevant information.
Business Summary: Insurance companies need to accurately track and record an individual’s valuables but the process is time consuming and complicated. Currently the process of cataloguing for insurance companies requires creating a detailed list including receipts, descriptions and estimated value. We are developing a customized mobile application using AI-driven image recognition. The app will allow the user to snap a photo of the valuable objects and easily catalogue them with relevant information.
Sector: Services

Soft Technology

One Line Pitch: Enabling companies to access the power of big data.
Business Summary: Soft Technology Co. aims to provide data analytics services for medium and large sized businesses to cleanse, classify, cluster, and mine data.
Sector: Data Analytics


One Line Pitch: Connecting software development teams with expert testers.
Business Summary: SofTesting is an online crowdsourcing platform for testing software. Through the platform, developers can upload their testing requests and are then matched with expert software testers.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Solacony Solar Tiles

One Line Pitch: A smart solar panel system that generates energy while combating global warming.
Business Summary: Solacony Solar Tiles developed an innovative solar panel system that detects sunshine and uses the energy to generate electricity. These solar tiles promote green energy and are recommended on places where conventional solar technologies cannot be installed.
Sector: Green Technology

Solar Grain Canada

One Line Pitch: Solar Gain is creating an AI and ML powered software to predict power generation and fault in solar power grids.
Business Summary: Solar Gain is developing data-driven software that monitors solar power grids and predicts generation faults. Using AI and machine learning algorithms, they have created a software capable of combining several data sources from solar power grid plants and providing insight to the power output. With issues such as environmental effects and internal electrical aspects, faults can happen at any point. Solar Gain hopes to provide a way to stop unpredictable faults in solar power before they happen with their product.
Sector: Green Technology, Renewable Energy


One Line Pitch: Promoting the use of solar power implementation by optimizing power consumption.
Business Summary: Solaristic has developed a software which can be integrated with solar panel systems to spread power across multiple households. The software can learn, adapt, and predict residential electricity usage providing a highly optimized experience. On top of being a clean energy solution, Solaristic offers the additional benefit of cost savings.
Sector: Solar Energy Technologies


One Line Pitch: SolidSense creates wireless concrete sensors for use by contractors to optimize concrete temperature and humidity during a project.
Business Summary: The SolidSense product is a combined sensor and software bundle that allows engineers on a construction site to precisely monitor the state of concrete as, and after, it is poured. This ensures that over the critical few days of curing, expensive concrete is not ruined due to changing environmental conditions, and so that the concrete settles with maximum strength.
Sector: Clean Technology, Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: SolRadiance technology allows the accurate 3D analysis of all surfaces of existing or conceptual buildings to understand the exact amount of solar energy that can be captured.
Business Summary: Architects, engineers, and developers need to quantify the solar energy potential of the exterior of buildings as requirements for sustainability and distributed energy generation increase, but there is no cost-effective or accurate way to do it. At present, this type of calculation is done at great expense by high-cost engineering resources and with no standard for calculation accuracy. The proposed solution is a Software as a Service plug-in for industry design software to model and calculate the amount of solar irradiance for existing and conceptual structures.
Sector: Clean Technology

SOSD Group

One Line Pitch: SOSD has developed a technologically superior medical device to help treat a variety of respiratory diseases such as COPD, Asthma, and Cystic Fibrosis.
Business Summary: The Company will initially design, manufacture, and distribute an ultrasonic inhalers to be prescribed by global health care practitioners to their patients with respiratory diseases. The product to be manufactured by the Company offers better and more effective therapy to the patients suffering from respiratory diseases (COPD, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis) and decrease the total amount of aerosolized medicine wasted by the current products on the market.
Sector: Medical Device

Source Skillz

One Line Pitch: SourceSkillz transforms lives through AI-driven courses, upskilling semi-skilled workers, immigrants, and veterans for success in the tech sector.
Business Summary: SourceSkillz is transforming the job-seeking experience by linking semi-skilled workers, immigrants, and veterans with specialized courses on the AI-driven online platform. Their thoughtfully curated courses, crafted by industry experts, offer personalized upskilling solutions for increased employability in the tech sector. With a strong commitment to addressing the unique needs of semi-skilled workers, immigrants, and veterans, SourceSkillz empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the global workforce. Discover a personalized, user-friendly, and cloud-based learning experience that’s powered by AI and designed to scale with you.
Sector: Education Technology

Spare Sense

One Line Pitch: SpareSense is a technology-driven company that provides a comprehensive solution for businesses’ spare parts needs.
Business Summary: Spare Sense offers a subscription-based inventory management platform that enables businesses to manage spare parts inventory, track usage, and automate reordering processes. Our platform utilizes advanced algorithms and data analytics to predict maintenance needs and optimize inventory levels, saving our customers time and money.
Sector: B2B2C SaaS

Spark Technologies

One Line Pitch: First-class smart windows and doors featuring an innovative and eco-friendly technology and business model.
Business Summary: Spark Technologies is a global smart windows and doors research and development company, mainly responsible for design, research, development and sales of smart doors and windows. With the innovation of building energy-saving materials and production methods, to provide high-quality and customizable products and services for the North American and the global market.
Sector: Manufacturing


One Line Pitch: A superior mobile app, connecting small African entrepreneurs to the developed countries through a cross-border communication platform and fraud-free cryptocurrency payment systems.
Business Summary: To promote seamless cross-border transactions using a combination of a Niche Messaging Platform, Fraud-Control Blockchain Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence “AI” Computational Cryptocurrency Payment Models.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Customized online website builder using artificial intelligence.
Business Summary: Spicom is a SaaS based marketplace that provides templates and an easy to use, intuitive and smart website designing platform where customers can build interactive and visually attractive websites in just a few clicks.
Sector: Marketing

Spot Avenue Inc

One Line Pitch: Exclusive event platform
Business Summary: Spot Avenue is a platform that creates exclusive one-day events to generate FOMO (fear of missing out). Their specialized platform empowers event organizers in the entertainment industry to attract and retain customers effectively. They offer the public access to a wide range of enticing opportunities, including discounts, promotions, contests, and exclusive events, enhancing the event experience for all.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

SR&ED Helper

One Line Pitch: SR&ED Helper uses trusted technology and innovative, realistic solutions to help businesses maximize SR&ED tax credits.
Business Summary: Approximately 50% of eligible Canadian companies are not filing for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits. Millions of free funding dollars are lost each year. Currently, businesses struggles to accurately track and compile the information needed to submit their SR&ED tax claims. In some cases, employees are asked to retroactively dig through old files and messages to write a report that will satisfy the CRA and may result in an audit. The process is stressful, expensive, and inaccurate. The proposed solution is a digital assistant as an app offering services and tools for businesses to effectively track, organize, and submit accurate SR&ED claims. SR&ED information is organized into categories and sections, making it easy to sort, review, and submit each claim at the end of the year.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

SSC Inc.

One Line Pitch: Health/Safety/Environment (HSE) compliance consulting services as well as an innovative reporting tool for the hydrogen industry.
Business Summary: SSC Inc will provide HSE compliance consulting services based on a comprehensive understanding of Canadian standards and codes as well as global standards. Additionally, an innovative reporting will be developed to help field site workers in meeting field reporting requirements in a timely manner.
Sector: Environment, Health, Safety