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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.



One Line Pitch: A smart educational equipment and device company.
Business Summary: Beijing Qingshan Inc. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of intelligent educational equipment. Qingshan Technology’s “TSINGHILL” brand series products include a teaching touch all-in-one machine, conference touch all-in-one machine, smart nano blackboard, smart party building all-in-one machine, advertising machine, inquiry machine and other products. As a pioneer of intelligent education equipment in China, they focus on providing intelligent solutions for education, business, government, and other industries. Provide a more scientific way of teaching, working, displaying, and publicizing for various industries.
Sector: Communications Technology, Education, Information Technology

TTK/Diagnopal Dynabioassay Products Ltd

One Line Pitch: Providing high quality R&D and laboratory materials.
Business Summary: Diagnopal Dynabioassay Products Ltd is a high-biotech company which will produce and sell various materials which are used in research laboratories. The two main product lines are immunoassay products and cyto-pathology products.
Sector: Biotechnology


One Line Pitch: TwinLab is a solution company specialized in AI in healthcare. They have experts in IoT and AI, and have delivered several solutions in finance, manufacturing, and healthcare.
Business Summary: A healthcare solution named EasyDOC is a mobile app service having intelligent self-check-in and unified appointment system based on the unified medical data. Based on the collected data, EasyDOC will predict emergent patients when they check-in at the hospital.

Twixt Logistics Inc

One Line Pitch: Using machine learning to predict the academic performance of students.
Business Summary: Twixt Logistics is a software company specializing in education based on logistic regression. By mining the relevant student educational data, the platform can provide valuable analysis for instructors and teachers. The Twixt platform alerts the user if a student is likely to underperform and identifies the issues that affect learning and the ways they can be addressed.
Sector: Technology

U Safety Craft

One Line Pitch: A safety training solution for the construction industry
Business Summary: U Safety Craft has developed a virtual reality safety training platform that aims to enhance safety awareness and practices among construction workers. The interactive platform offers safety training modules, quizzes, videos, and simulations; all designed to educate workers about safety protocols and best practices on construction sites. As a result workers are able to control dangerous work environments in a safe manner, reducing the number of workplace accidents and injuries.
Sector: Construction

UAV Rave

One Line Pitch: UAV Rave is a software platform built for the simulation of various wireless power transmission topologies for UAVs.
Business Summary: UAV Rave software takes WPT topology measures and simulates their charging performance on subject UAV’s power supply structure. Then the application takes mission requirements and the UAV’s application of use into account and presents simulated results in real-time for planning proposes thereby enabling higher charging efficiency and lower costs for users.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

UBM Technology

One Line Pitch: Digital Twin Technology; Battery life Prognostics Software; Smart Battery Monitor Platform.
Business Summary: Develop and operate a cloud-based UPS battery monitoring and management Platform. UBM is dedicated to empowering the traditional lead-acid UPS and transforming them into digital twin models running on the cloud platform. By leveraging its core battery aging algorithm and cloud computing technology, UBM can provide one stop solution to all UPS users. The features include battery life prognostics, health monitor, maintenance schedule, data storage and remote control. With the help of UBM, customer will reduce the risk to critical load and business continuity, cut the cost of UPS maintenance and prolong the UPS service life.
Sector: Communications Technology, Energy, Information Technology, Manufacturing

Ultra Attention

One Line Pitch: Ultra attention alerts computer users of when they are distracted and helps them remain focused on the work at hand through helpful techniques.
Business Summary: Ultra Attention tracks user’s eye movements through their webcams while also monitoring the user’s interaction with apps, in real-time. Once a distraction is detected, the software sends a notification, and If the distraction is confirmed by the user, the software then helps revert the user’s attention by listening to mini guided meditation sessions and other helpful techniques. Comprehensive daily reports on a user’s progress will help the user remain conscious of their attention levels and decide on the appropriate frequency of support.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: An innovative UV curable coating with long-lasting anti-microbial/antiviral effect.
Business Summary: Sale of sanitizer equipment and coating.
Sector: Bioscience, Healthcare

Understory Kids

One Line Pitch: Understory Kids is developing an AI-based therapy platform to screen and address mental health issues in children.
Business Summary: Understory Kids provides a gamified group therapy session with a verified counsellor, utilizing an Emotional AI system to obtain a mental health report that can be given to a child’s caretaker. The platform provides a safe social atmosphere where children can interact with one another under the supervision of a mental health professional.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: Intelligent data monitoring, smart detection and alarming solution based on AIoT technology
Business Summary: Team has developed a proprietary AIoT tracker to monitor the lifecycle of the space heater so that they can: track and monitor the following data through our sensors: temperature, running time, voltage current etc.; Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of device maintenance by analyzing the data obtained by the sensors and the failure time when it occurred. Ability to provide intelligent fault early warning and detection based on big data and AI training.
Sector: Communications Technology, IT

Up to Speed

One Line Pitch: A web-based/mobile technology that searches and indexes multiple platforms (corporate email, slack, shared drives, and other apps) based on keywords and project tags to pull chronological records for review by employees required to have current information.
Business Summary: When hiring new employees, adding employees to new projects, or assigning existing employees new responsibilities/duties, the learning curve can be steep. The cost to provide adequate context on completed work for new and existing employees and external stakeholders is significant and often can lead to mistakes, delays, and lost efficiency. Up to Speed is a tool that allows managers to find the full chronological record of project communications, filter and approve relevant information, and provide new resources, executive management, and others with chronological communications and key information to provide context on the project. Users will be able to access relevant information in chronological order and get up to speed faster so they can contribute to the project sooner. The data could be presented either in a scroll design or timeline view.
Sector: Services

Urban Modeller

One Line Pitch: Urban Modeller is developing a 3D urban context model creation SaaS software that can produce files in a multitude of design software formats and with a variety of features such as a topography and roads.
Business Summary: Architecture and engineering firms need to create context models for urban design projects but are faced with two bad options. They rely on context models that are built manually by junior staff. This can range from a day to a week of effort. There are very limited software options to aid in context model design. They are either very expensive, incomplete, or both. The proposed solution is 3D urban context model creation SaaS software that can produce files in a multitude of design software formats and with a variety of features such as topography and roads.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: UsePills is a mobile app and companion web portal for patients to upload their doctor’s prescription(s) to place an order at a pharmacy and to remind the patient to take their medication in a timely manner.
Business Summary: UsePills is a new and innovative Canadian start-up company that will build a unique and proprietary mobile and web application. UsePills will provide medication monitoring, reporting, and renewal for patients, patient families, and healthcare workers. The web portal and mobile application also provides a unique marketing opportunity to promote affiliated products from local and online pharmacies and related drug related products by pharmaceutical companies.
Sector: Life Sciences, Software

UW Green Concept

One Line Pitch: Smart Distribution Platform.
Business Summary: Working closely with the Canadian F&B federal and provincial industry associations, Canadian F&B producers, manufacturers and exporters, I will design and develop a cloud-based portal which promotes and sells our high-quality trendy Canadian F&B products to Asian importers and wholesalers. These trendy Canadian F&B products we promote and sell are plant-based food, immunity-boosting ingredients, sustainably sourced, responsible and organic produced, fair trade, and green packaging.
Sector: Communications Technology, Distribution, Information Technology

Vacant Boards

One Line Pitch: Online marketplace for outdoor advertising.
Business Summary: Vacant Boards connect businesses and brands to available, low cost, and result-oriented outdoor advertising opportunities whilst tracking return on investment via their property mobile app. Aim to set up a Canadian top-level domain name that will house all the outdoor advertising inventory in Canada ranging from billboards, street light poles, transit, and digital out of the home.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Vanda empowers psychology and psychiatry experts to engage with patients and drive the treatment process through assistive technology.
Business Summary: Vanda is a medical technology company that is using advanced AI and cloud computing to transcribe and analyze export-patient dialogue in real time. Vanda platform brings in the ability to provide valuable insight to the export and the patient to guide the therapy, and measure results faster and more efficiently. Vanda platform relieves the expert from manual and repetitive tasks, frees their time which leads to improving outcomes, increasing capacity and reducing the cost of healthcare delivery. Vanda’s initial target market are Psychologists and Psychiatrists.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Determining current real estate valuations based on data and artificial intelligence.
Business Summary: Variometrics is building a software solution that uses data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze real estate prices and provide a current valuation of the property/building. This software will be able to help predict selling prices as well as identify if real estate that is listed for sale is fairly priced or not.
Sector: Real Estate

Vash Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch: Re-engineering the monitoring processes of aquatic ecosystems.
Business Summary: This company provides a unique means of sustainable and automatic data collection and analysis from river, lake and ocean water using microfluidic based temperature and pH sensors which are connected to and powered by a central tower buoy. The central tower uses renewable energy sources such as the water wave and solar energy to generate electricity which is then delivered to the sensor hubs distributed across the river, lake or ocean in a radius of 1 km. The distributed sensor hubs are equipped with temperature and pH monitoring devices for real-time and accurate measurement of spatial and temporal changes in water. These data are transferred to the central tower buoy where advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are used to analyze geographical quality level of water. The central hub superposes the collective information from all sensor units and pinpoints the water quality at which local geographical area is endangering the aquatic ecosystem.
Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Clean Technology

Vector Diagnosis

One Line Pitch: A software program to diagnose the presence and predict the severity of various diseases through blood tests and urinalysis.
Business Summary: Using machine learning, this software provides an analysis of patterns characteristic to a given condition for the highest possible diagnostic accuracy. The data obtained from blood and urine test results will aid in disease severity prediction to help doctors assess the health status and the appropriate treatment of patients.
Sector: Healthcare

VEETEE Virtual Travel

One Line Pitch: Virtual Reality platform that allows individuals to tour destinations around the world from the comfort of their own home.
Business Summary: VEETEE virtual travel is creating a virtual reality platform that uses artificial intelligence to allow people around the world to tour major tourist attractions and destinations from the comfort of their home. The technology will work in multiple languages and show customized content to users based on what their interests are.
Sector: Tourism


One Line Pitch: Venta has created a highly user-friendly cross-platform application which encourages its users to take part in real life events by using psychological incentives and gamification.
Business Summary: Venta is a social networking platform which enables people to balance the “Digital Lifestyle” by using the magic of events. You do not follow people on Venta; instead, you simply follow your interests which eventually leads you to meeting new people in a real-world experience. These events cover the downside of the digital lifestyle based on a series of studies which indicate the impact of them on human beings. In addition, Venta provides event planners with instant access to a targeted audience based on mutual preferences by using Venta’s analysis of the existing audience.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: VERTA is a unique start-up that has developed a flavourful cherry tomato which is both high in yield and disease resistant.
Business Summary: VERTA has created a uniform one-sized cherry tomato with a yield of about three times the current production levels. These very tasty tomatoes are pretty coloured and highly durable for shipping to market. The tomatoes are produced using limited greenhouse methods with gene transition to increase efficiency, disease resistance and taste. The taste of this cherry tomato, production yield and the overall low cost of production are competitive advantages to entering the consumer market through chain stores, restaurants, and local markets.
Sector: Agriculture

Virtual Dance Studios

One Line Pitch: Connects dancers with dance instructors from around the world to provide live virtual dance classes.
Business Summary: Sell dance lessons to individuals or groups to be taught at the Virtual Dance Studios self-renting studio or at partnered dance studios across Winnipeg. The studios will contain all equipment necessary to virtually connect the dance instructor to their students.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Virtual Health Coaching Business

One Line Pitch: An innovative online marketplace that leverages artificial intelligence to match and connect users with the most appropriate health and wellness coaches on the platform.
Business Summary: The platform creates customized health plans for each user based on their lifestyle, goals, and needs. Once connected, users meet virtually with their matched coaches and work together to create a plan that promotes a healthier and more well-balanced lifestyle.
Sector: B2C, Health and Wellness

Virtual HR

One Line Pitch: Virtual HR is designing and developing a virtual human resources consulting platform that will offer important human resource services as a cost-effective alternative to traditional HR services.
Business Summary: With Virtual HR, SMEs across Canada who lack the time, knowledge, or personnel to deal with complex and ever-changing human resource (HR) related issues will have access to a virtual platform of services such as authoring employee handbooks, managing personnel forms, establishing retirement schedules, etc. Virtual HR will utilize machine learning and AI technologies to further automate and enhance the services over time. Historically, SMEs required in-house HR employees, but with Virtual HR they will be able to outsource this work, which will result in savings and efficiencies.
Sector: HR Tech

Virtual Telehealth

One Line Pitch: Virtual Telehealth Company is a virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care provider that delivers specialized rehabilitation programs designed by a certified therapist for patients suffering from neurological diseases and illness. Unlike other MSK care platforms that require a user to wear motion sensors or other wearable devices to track patients’ movement and progress during exercise. This start up uses computer vision and proprietary AI algorithms to instantly analyze users mobility.
Business Summary: The delivery of rehabilitation services via telecommunications networks and the internet is referred to as telerehabilitation (or virtual rehabilitation or e-rehabilitation). Patients can communicate with medical professionals remotely using telerehabilitation, which can be used to both diagnose patients and administer therapy. The medical specialties of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, audiology, and psychology all use telerehabilitation. There are two types of therapy sessions: individual and group. Exercises for motor development, speech therapy, virtual reality, robotic therapy, goal-setting, and group exercise are among the accessible therapeutic modalities.
Sector: Healthcare


One Line Pitch: Visident is a SaaS dental imaging solution that shows detailed pathology analysis, chart, anatomy, treatment planning and reporting.
Business Summary: Visident has designed an AI enabled solution that translates 2D X-Ray images into 3D dental reconstructions that can be viewed in virtual reality. This solution has both educational and diagnostic applications, providing value at various stages of the dentist lifecycle. Visident is an early incumbent into the 3D dental market which is projected to double in size over the next five years.
Sector: Medical, Technology

Vision Raft

One Line Pitch: Vision Raft is a VR powered on-line world providing an education and entertainment experience for children on one single platform.
Business Summary: Covid-19 has had a significant negative impact on children and adolescents due to limitations on social interactions that has led to issues in the development of their social, mental, emotional and cognitive skills and physical abilities. Vision raft is intended to facilitate social, cognitive and mental health development when meeting in person cannot occur. It also creates a more versatile environment of communication and learning for children with special needs.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Vista Medical

One Line Pitch: A Biomedical Knowledge-based enterprise for fabrication and development of Biodegradable (resorbable) implants for Orthopaedics and Traumatology surgery using biodegradable polymeric filament and a 3D printers using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design /Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology.
Business Summary: Orthopedics and Traumatology surgeries of patients with bone fractures in the head and face area (Midface and orthognathic Pediatric craniofacial Cranial, Cheekbones, skull and mandible fractures) are needed to use some implants and/or fixators to restoration their bones. Currently, many Orthopedics and Traumatology surgery departments use metallic fixators, but, there is a need for degradable fixators to be absorbed in the body especially in head area fractures of injured or other orthopedics patients. In babes and children this issue is more crucial due to prevention of metallic fixators from their proper bone growth. Therefore, there is a need for fabrication and developments of this kind of implants.

Wallet Exchange Inc

One Line Pitch: Wallet Exchange is a currency exchange provider that allows its users to send funds conveniently and securely to family and friends around the world
Business Summary: Wallet Exchange uses a proprietary AI algorithm to compare and review exchange rates and transaction fees offered by global money transfer operators. Wallet Exchange then determines the best offer for each sender’s personalized transaction. The secure transfers are then processed within two business days.
Sector: IT

Waterton Enterprises

One Line Pitch: A simple and innovative technology that would allow commercial real estate funds and operators to capture accurate equipment information and provide data/analytics to both owners and advisors in order to optimize decarbonization decision making and resources.
Business Summary: Commercial real estate is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Many of the largest real estate investment funds, who often own hundreds or thousands of individual properties, have committed to decarbonization targets and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets. There is a large and growing industry of specialized energy advisory and engineering firms who work with these real estate owners to plan and implement decarbonization strategies and projects. One of the main issues facing this effort is a lack of data and tracking capability to help prioritize and optimize the actions that can be taken to maximize decarbonization efforts for commercial real estate. Without a detailed accounting of the equipment, GHG footprint, remaining useful life, and other data points on individual equipment and systems within real estate assets, it is very difficult for advisory and engineering firms to execute meaningful decarbonization plans. Waterton Enterprises offers a web-based and mobile application that provides operations staff with a simple mobile tool and easy-to-follow process by which to capture and upload equipment data, as well as a dynamic/flexible database structure to allow asset managers and external advisors/engineers to manipulate/analyze data and use for decarbonization roadmaps and to track progress.
Sector: Services

We Media Technology Inc.

One Line Pitch: AI-based platform to help increase success through digital ad campaigns
Business Summary: We Media Technology Inc. has developed an AI platform that streamlines ad campaign management and optimization across digital channels. Their AI technology excels in identifying and engaging specific audience segments while also enhancing ad creatives for improved engagement and conversion rates.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Wear Quick

One Line Pitch: Innovative wearable technology using IoT and cloud-based monitoring software
Business Summary: Wear Quick is developing innovative, wearable technology powered by IoT technology and cloud-based monitoring software that is seamlessly integrated into athleisure to track key health data. The smart wear is made from Celliant, a performance fabric that transforms body heat into infrared energy, and graphene fabric, a natural antibacterial and anti odor fabric. The software provides customers with key health tracking data such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation, temperature, calorie consumption, distance travelled, and altitude. This allows our customers to monitor their health data from their smartphone or laptop in real time.
Sector: Fashion


One Line Pitch: WEE WALLET is a smart money management app for kids, offering a personalized saving plan and investment education with parental oversight
Business Summary: WEE WALLET is a comprehensive financial management application designed specifically for kids. The app provides children with the tools and knowledge they need to understand money management and develop healthy financial habits. It offers a personalized savings plan and investment education, helping kids learn about budgeting, saving, and investing. The app’s smart algorithm tracks the child’s spending habits and identifies areas for improvement, and a responsible person such as a parent or school manager can be linked to monitor the child’s progress. WEE WALLET is a practical tool that can be used by kids as young as 4 years old up to 18-year-old teenagers, providing a solid foundation for their future financial well-being.
Sector: Information Technology

Wella Life

One Line Pitch: Wella Life is a software to help support women during their postpartum complication recovery.
Business Summary: Wella Life is a comprehensive postpartum wellness platform that provides one-on-one consultations, healthy nutrition plans, and fitness selections to support women’s physical health during the postpartum period. Wella Life aims to make postpartum wellness care easier for women by offering valuable resources and content that empower and educate them about postpartum issues.
Sector: Health and Wellness

Wrenchoria Home Professionals Inc

One Line Pitch: Wrenchoria is a marketplace application that simplifies the process of hiring contractors and finding materials for home improvement projects.
Business Summary: The virtual marketplace connects home improvement service providers, suppliers, and customers all in one place. Registered home improvement professionals will need a trade licence (if required by the province) and a background check. Customers will be able to define their project with the help of intelligent tools, and the most appropriate contractor or supplier is suggested for the project.
Sector: Construction, Home Improvement

Xinotech Technology Services Inc

One Line Pitch: An innovative software platform for Smart Farming, Food Traceability, and Carbon Credit, encouraging farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices
Business Summary: Xinotech aims to adopt innovative technologies such as IoT and Blockchain to ensure a fully automated Smart Farming platform and provide visibility to the end consumer about the food on their table. The product is branded as CertX360, and more details of the platform can be found at The platform enables farmers and provides an informed decision support system through both web and mobile versions.

Z Nation Global

One Line Pitch: Z Nation Global is aiming to transform the global innovation landscape by promoting collaboration among corporates, government bodies, academia, and forward-thinking technology businesses
Business Summary: Z Nation Global (ZNG) is a launchpad for innovative tech startups, operating in the USA, Canada, and India. With a global network of approximately 20,000 startups, they specialize in connecting corporations and startups. Their success in fostering corporate innovation and operational efficiency is evident in their track record. Their mission is to transform the global innovation landscape by promoting collaboration among corporates, government bodies, academia, and forward-thinking technology businesses.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

ZettaCircles (BC) Solutions Limited

One Line Pitch: Empowering enterprises with a cloud-based blockchain Document Management System (BDMS) for secure, collaborative, and efficient document management.
Business Summary: ZettaCircles (BC) Solutions Limited specializes in developing and deploying cloud-based blockchain technology for document management. Addressing the underserved market for Document Management Systems (DMS), our BDMS solution revolutionizes document handling by offering features such as document authentication, traceability, and secure access rights through blockchain technology. Unlike traditional DMS solutions, our platform facilitates collaboration among stakeholders for uploading, sharing, editing, verification, and approval of documents, streamlining workflow processes. By combining the advantages of cloud computing and blockchain, ZettaCircles (BC) Solutions Limited provides a user-friendly, scalable, and secure solution for enterprises across various industries, including legal, finance, and healthcare, to manage their document-intensive workflows efficiently.
Sector: Information Technology, Technology