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Explore the journeys of entrepreneurs that have masterfully leveraged the Start-up Visa program to transform their dreams into resounding achievements.


Digital Vault

One Line Pitch: An application providing users with encrypted digital security
Business Summary: Digital Vault is developing a user-friendly and secured application that allows users to store all their important data, such as contacts, credit card details, mail passwords, login passwords, bank particulars, legal heirs details, asset documents, photos, and more. The data will be stored in cloud storage that will prevent data losses. The company will provide a highly secure and a user-friendly platform for Canadian users to store all their sensitive information in one place.
Sector: Information Technology

Disruptive Banking Technology

One Line Pitch: Drag and drop RPA mobile banking solution for Tier 2 banking institutions that don’t have in-house ICT development resources.
Business Summary: A configurable, scalable, and adaptive RPA “drag and drop” mobile banking platform for Tier 2 banking institutions. This cost-effective mobile banking solution incorporates AI learning and open API so that banks can offer their clients online banking without having to build it in-house. Smaller banking institutions become more competitive in the marketplace and can offer clients secured access to banking services at any time.
Sector: Banking, Communications Technology, Mobile Applications


One Line Pitch: Dkora is a software solution for optimizing interior design and redecorating solutions focused on smart-home technology integration, using AI.
Business Summary: Dkora provides a platform for interior designers to improve and optimize design-decision making and product selection using AI and direct user interaction, with a focus on smart-home technology integration. Dkora’s solution enables customization of designs considering various pre-set design styles, and optimization of product package selection based on cost, material preference and product carbon emissions.
Sector: Interior Design, Technology

DMH Products

One Line Pitch: DMH looks to take care of the issue of single use paper coffee cups through their polymer science-based recycling technology.
Business Summary: DMH has developed a method to deal with the rising issue of single use paper coffee cups through recycling. Based on polymer science, DMH has created a way to not only recycle these coffee cups, but also repurpose them via the creation of woodplast composite. DMH looks to not only aid in this environmental issue, but also aims to help create a more circular economy within a community.
Sector: Environment, Manufacturing, Materials Science


One Line Pitch: Online chatbot for health related questions.
Business Summary: Doctellu is creating an online chatbot specfically for the heath care indsutry that will provide fast and accurate answers to health related questions. The Doctellu chatbot can also connect users to health care professionals and paharmacy’s within their area for advanced assistance.
Sector: Healthcare

Domchain Technologies

One Line Pitch: A blockchain built for the trading of second hand domains.
Business Summary: Domchain’s proprietary blockchain technology eliminates the key barriers associated with purchasing a second hand domain: Trust, time, and fees. With Domchain, you will use a smart contract to verify parties, transfer domains, and receive payments. All of this is done in a few milliseconds and at a fraction of the cost of traditional vendors.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Dreamy Bed

One Line Pitch: Dreamy bed offers your patient a smart hospital bed that can be adjusted electronically to help the patient with mobility and is equipped with sensors to monitor oxygen levels, urine, and stool parameters.
Business Summary: An innovative smart bed comprised of sensors to detect oxygen levels around the patient’s head and release more oxygen as needed. All movements or adjustments can be electronically made by the patient. This bed has a toilet attachment under the bed which can be used while lying on the bed along with a feature that detectors that can analyze patient’s urine and stool parameters to help the medical team assess the patient’s healing period.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Offering innovative, autonomous aerial monitoring technology to attain efficient and cost-effective security systems to asset protection to industrial, commercial, and governmental sectors.
Business Summary: Drobotic Inc. provides an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video analysis for monitoring valuable assets. The company uses video content analytics (VCA) to automatically detect events, providing risk and data assessments services to identify threats. Drobotic’s operational system includes network video recorders (NVRs) and intelligent gateways that send recorded data to a cloud platform. Their objective is to reduce workplace risk, and to early detect compromised assets.
Sector: Drone Technology, Services

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance Company

One Line Pitch: Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance Company (DSPC) has developed an AI program enabling detailed clinical trial monitoring for medical devices and therapeutics.
Business Summary: DSPC’s technology is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of patients who use medications. It monitors and collects data on the efficacy and adverse reactions of drugs and devices throughout their lifecycle, from pre-marketing clinical trials to post-marketing surveillance, and identifies appropriate actions to minimize risks and maximize benefits.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: Dynamic Gantlet has created a wearable wrist device that helps in detecting early symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
Business Summary: DynaGaunt has developed a wrist support device that can be used in conjunction with a mobile app to help detect early symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). With the increasing prominence of CTS in workplace injuries, getting treatment can become a large financial burden. DynaGaunt has designed and created a system utilizing AI and IMU sensors to help prevent CTS.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: DynamicP is creating an AI-based pricing platform that automatically prices products at the appropriate market price.
Business Summary: DynamicP has developed a system that evaluates the market price of a product, and prices it accordingly. Our algorithm provides retailers globally with the ability to dynamically price their products based on their target demographic characteristics, location, among many other factors. Particularly, our platform has the ability to price new products and products with low demand that do not have a history of sales.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: E-Bonds is developing a system that will fully digitalize the transaction related to Canadian and provincial bonds, making them more accessible by the industry, and thus creating a greater volume of transactions for the market.
Business Summary: E-Bonds is creating transparency between selling prices and purchasing target prices, bringing confidence in the actual market value. International and smaller broker dealers will be able to trade Canadian bonds directly (not currently possible). Adding more broker dealers will also bring more liquidity into the Canadian bond market and facilitate transactions.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

E-Waste Recycling

One Line Pitch: E-Waste Recycling is an innovative, environmentally friendly way to recycle electronics.
Business Summary: E-Waste Recyling is building an innovative e-recycling plant to remove precious metals from printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a single stage process.
Sector: Electronics, Environment

E360 Health

One Line Pitch: Integration of wellness, psychology, and behavioral health through a digital platform to optimize mental performance of individuals. As well as digital solutions for diagnostics, treatment, progress tracking, and reporting of users’ mental state and growth.
Business Summary: E360 will develop a digital health platform, focused on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals of various ages, occupancies, and mental states. The platform will provide advanced diagnosis through a set of comprehensive tests, combining the knowledge and experience of psychology experts and machine learning technology. E360 will be able to analyze, diagnose, and offer treatment for each individual as well as track progress and create reports. This solution will be subscription-based and will be offered to individuals and institutions.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: E4Games develops mobile games with a unique focus on educational content. Our games target various social subjects that creatively inspire people in an educative way using machine learning.
Business Summary: E4Games is focused on developing mobile games enhanced with ML. Our games are designed in a way that the player, whose character is a citizen, will navigate to solve real-world problems and receive educational lessons through them. We produce interactive, experiential mobile games that deeply immerse the player in the narratives. The immersion allows the player to explore personas, themes, and moral quandaries in a way that few other art forms can match. We take our imaginations to new heights that allow the player to engage with complex subjects and moral dilemmas.
Sector: Gaming

Early Oral Cancer Diagnosis(EOCD)

One Line Pitch: An AI enabled tool to help screen and diagnose oral cancer in its early stages.
Business Summary: Our platform helps dentists, pathologists, and oral surgeons screen and diagnose patients for oral cancer in its early stages. Our software uses AI and ML to identify cancerous behaviors in cells through the analysis of cytology images, allowing screening & diagnosis of oral cancer before patients may even have experienced symptoms.
Sector: Healthcare, Medical Device

Earthen Connect

One Line Pitch: An AI-Enabled Agriculture Solution.
Business Summary: A socially responsible technology company working with the organic & natural food ecosystem connecting consumers and farmers – bringing the best quality products directly from farmer to consumer. They ensure fair trade and traceability of produce across the value chain through strong agriculture, IT, and automation expertise, right from procurement to premium packaging and online sales. They plan to target the health-conscious consumers of Canada, the US and Europe offering subscription-based services.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology, Supply Chain

Ease Off Technologies

One Line Pitch: Essential Home Services Company with insightful technology and business focusing on customer experience as a key differentiator. COME, EXPERIENCE THE EASE OFF!
Business Summary: The business is to serve our customers and corporate clients with quality home services at their doorsteps by connecting / providing them with experienced professionals and technicians Founded in 2021, we are building a team of incredible service providers & technicians whose expertise would bring Ease Off Technologies Inc. to the forefront of the industry to provide excellent solutions & services. We dedicate time and resources to research the market needs and our users’ habits and motives to raise the standards of the solutions & service delivery now and in coming times as well.
Sector: Services

Easy Acupuncture Online Services Inc

One Line Pitch: Comfortable, Accessible and Economic Acupuncture Services.
Business Summary: Easy acupuncture is an educational app that will allow people to navigate acupuncture self-guided treatments with assistance of A.I.. This innovative method offers the first self-guided treatment, followed by a possible Online consultation when the condition requires, then a possible in-person consultation with the mobile acupuncture service that provides more commodity to patients, avoiding the physical and mental strain that would have been caused otherwise.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Easy Code

One Line Pitch: A marketplace where developers can sell their no-code software tools and solutions.
Business Summary: Many small and medium sized enterprises need customized software tools, but can’t afford enterprise solutions or teams of developers to build them. Easy Code is a marketplace where developers can sell custom software solutions to SMEs that can easily be purchased, modified and integrated with established systems. SMEs looking for specific solutions can purchase subscriptions to these tools and integrate them into their existing software for easy and painless customization.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Easy Reg AI Solutions

One Line Pitch: Innovative intelligent cloud-based software platform for manufacturers to manage all warranty services information. As well as intuitive APPS for customer’s warranty registration and management.
Business Summary: To create and easy way to help every end consumer to register warranty and manage the after-sale service. It is a third-party platform to offer technology-led warranty registration. For Consumers, Easy Reg provides an intuitive APP that contains easy steps to register and manage warranty. On the manufacturer’s end, Easy Reg provides a cloud-based software platform to manage warranty info.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Motion Tracking Technology to Support the Disabled.
Business Summary: EasyAccess allows people with disabilities to turn any electronic device with a camera into a universal device for interaction with the surrounding world. The camera is empowered with the motion capture module that can track head or eyeball movements to project captured movements to X-Y pivots to control the device. Additionally, the application is enriched with the AI module capable of analysis of users’ actions and creation of algorithms to make daily routines more swiftly handled.
Sector: Life Sciences


One Line Pitch: EchoSim is a software company providing a solution to manage patients stress level and improve the quality of medical imaging.
Business Summary: EchoSim is a software platform building an immersive solution for pediatric patients to get familiar with medical imaging. Through a game environment, the pediatric patient is trained and can practice each procedure step at home. The patient’s level of anxiety is measured through a standard wearable and their movements while playing the game. The platform also can correct images that are distorted by pediatric patient motion. Lastly, the medical imaging facility receives information about pediatric patients’ readiness and risk of failure.
Sector: Healthcare

Eco Smart Floors

One Line Pitch: Elevating sustainable living with innovative ink technology and IoT-integrated smart flooring, ensuring safety and independence for seniors
Business Summary: Eco Smart Floors converts plastic waste into conductive ink. This ink is applied to various flooring types to create smart flooring integrated with an IoT monitoring system. This system offers features like fall detection, wandering behavior alerts for dementia patients, people counting, and movement tracking to enhance the independence and safety of elderly individuals.
Sector: Clean Technology

Eco Smart Irrigation

One Line Pitch: Farmers and green space managers can use Eco Smart Irrigation to intelligently manage their farms and farmland through an intelligent system (including hardware and software).
Business Summary: By utilizing creative and affordable techniques and modern technology such as machine learning and big data analysis, EcoSmartIrrigation seeks to optimize water and energy consumption in agriculture, increase agricultural production and productivity, and become more environmentally friendly. Additionally, it facilitates the management of green spaces and agricultural lands through the facilitation of executive processes.
Sector: Agriculture

EcoPlanter Inc.

One Line Pitch: Transforming urban landscapes with eco-friendly, stone-like flowerpots and advanced agricultural solutions for enhanced sustainability and precision.
Business Summary: EcoPlanter Inc. utilizes specialized plastic and rotational machinery to create urban flowerpots resembling stone and concrete. These eco-friendly pots are made entirely from recycled materials. The company also produces innovative agricultural products like seedling trays and drip tape, designed for multiple seasons and improved crop irrigation accuracy.
Sector: Agriculture, Clean Technology


One Line Pitch: EcoRecycledBrick converts plastic waste efficiently (more than 75% yield) to a construction paste that can be added simply to brick feedstocks and produces high-quality bricks.
Business Summary: In EcoRecycledBrick, we convert plastic waste to a nano additive like construction pastes, which can mix with several minerals to produce brick in only 1 hour. In comparison to common brick production methods, this is a novel record. Conventional bricks cannot be made in less than 24 hours and are considered energy-intensive. Comparatively, we consume less energy and produce brick 24 times faster than traditional methods. Furthermore, we reduce fixed costs and expenses by 30-70% compared to routine methods.
Sector: Construction, Environment, Green Technology

Edha Lab

One Line Pitch: AI Enabled Yoga Practices
Business Summary: Edha Lab is at the forefront of a yoga revolution. Their innovative AI-based trainers are reshaping the yoga experience, offering personalized guidance and feedback to individuals at every skill level. With a mission to enhance well-being, Edha Lab empowers people to refine their practice and attain their wellness objectives through cutting-edge technology.
Sector: Health and Wellness


One Line Pitch: Health Through Innovation.
Business Summary: eDiet pioneers the future of personalized nutrition and wellness through the use of cutting-edge technology. Our innovative services include gamified food recognition, real-time nutritional analysis, and API integrations with wearables and health records for holistic wellness tracking. eDiet is committed to seamlessly integrate technology into users’ daily lives, fostering informed food choices and empowering individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals. Join us on the journey to a healthier future with eDiet.
Sector: Food, Technology


One Line Pitch: A project-based learning platform for students and immigrants to help them learn English through the delivery of Canadian-context specific cultural and business situations.
Business Summary: Edunative delivers a project-based learning platform on Metaverse, specifically targeted at students wanting to improve their English skills. The platform has been designed to create an immersive learning environment that allows students to improve the English skills through interaction with avatars resembling real life characters depicted in real life Canadian cultural and business situations. Edunative’s project-based learning platform is proven to enhance user engagement as well as attain higher retention in online learning environments. .
Sector: Education, eLearning, Information Technology

ElectroBioTech Inc

One Line Pitch: Innovative hybrid, eco-friendly method to characterize and determine Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in energy industries.
Business Summary: ElectroBioTech developed a new method of identifying and mitigating Microbiologically Influenced Corrosions (MCIs) in oil, gas, and industrial water cooling and wastewater treatment systems. Their techniques are environmentally friendly, hybrid, adjustable, and scalable.
Sector: Communications Technology, Environment, Information Technology

Electrocompost Machine

One Line Pitch: The Electrocompost machine can turn 10 tonnes of organic waste into compost in a single day – 10 times faster than any competitor, saving time and real estate.
Business Summary: Significant value is being offered to municipalities, waste management companies, farming, fishing, and poultry associations, and large food production and restaurant chains across North America and Europe.
Sector: Clean Technology, Manufacturing

Element Slaughter

One Line Pitch: Augmented reality live stream video software for remote meat inspections.
Business Summary: Element Slaughter developed an out-of-the-box solution to facilitate video meat inspections using two-way remote video connections. They have accomplished XMReality hands overlay technology.
Sector: Agriculture, Communications Technology

Elite for Energy

One Line Pitch: Online resource for renewable energy resources.
Business Summary: Elite for Energy is providing a web-based database and list of resources for renewable energy technologies. This database contains everything you need to know for using renewable energy technologies for construction.
Sector: Renewable Energy

Emazh Co

One Line Pitch: Unlocking the true capabilities of drone technology with AI-based ecosystems.
Business Summary: Emazh has developed a drone ecosystem which increases efficiency using AI. The ecosystem is comprised of drones, charging stations, and an advanced task shifting system.
Sector: Drone Technology

Encaps3D Technologies Inc

One Line Pitch: Encaps3D is building an intelligent system using wireless sensor networks and machine learning to create 3-dimensional evaluations for factories and manufacturers that use assembly machines.
Business Summary: The Encaps3D image processing system algorithm is designed to examine each product component in the encapsulation process and its 3-dimensional location. Sensors are connected to the product or device to collect data. The device designed by Encaps3D will provide precise inspection data that will save the user time and money through early identification of potential technical issues.
Sector: B2B, SaaS

Energy Driven Insurance

One Line Pitch: Pay-as-You-Drive and Pay-how-You-Drive.
Business Summary: Usage-based car insurance with the latest new technologies, including telematic devices, AI, cloud storage, big data analysis, and user behavior analysis, all packaged in a mobile App.
Sector: Technology, Transportation

Engagelingo Technologies Inc.

One Line Pitch: AI driven English language learning platform.
Business Summary: Engagelingo Technologies Inc. is transforming English language learning with their AI driven platform. They use advanced technology to create customized lessons, offer real-time feedback, and build a supportive community. Their goal is to make language learning easy and engaging for everyone worldwide.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology

Engagement Online

One Line Pitch: Providing on-demand skilled service solutions to consumers and businesses
Business Summary: Engagement Online is developing a platform to offer a novel job dashboard that matches skilled trade workers with residential consumers and businesses that are looking to fulfil a wide range of service jobs. The on-demand job platform provides a fast and reliable way to hire these workers at low cost with little or no lead time. The platform is intelligent as it utilizes an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Recommendation Search Engine to make other connective service suggestions to the user that they may require after their initial job is completed.
Sector: Construction

ENI Technologies

One Line Pitch: Optimizing a power plants operational activities to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Business Summary: An innovative software solution that will optimize the operational efficiencies of a power plant – Reducing the amount of power outages, maintenance costs, and increase the safety of a facility. This tool uses AI, ML, and the collection of big data, allowing users to make accurate and timely decisions regarding their power planning, power generation, energy load, and equipment performance.
Sector: Technology


One Line Pitch: Cloud-based server supported by various programming languages alongside database and web technology that offers users a multi-location connection on a global level with built-in validation security.
Business Summary: ENLIXO Industries provides cloud-based services that runs with minimum load on servers, offering multilocation operations that can be used by any number of users. The server is implemented with various programming languages and web technologies making global connections possible. It also provides validations systems aiming to eliminate user errors in all applications.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Air and water safety, sustainability, and compliance software for industry
Business Summary: Team with engineering, petrochemical, and supply chain experience building a next generation Environment Health and Safety platform, enabling manufacturing and chemical industry to track air and water safety continuously through a powerful combination of advanced sensors and cloud software. The platform enables monitoring, incident tracking, predictive analytics, and compliance reporting.
Sector: Clean Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Advanced water toxicity monitoring and detection for government & industry.
Business Summary: Envitox is bringing top water quality and toxicity testing expertise, alongside breakthrough bioscience to Canada to launch a digitally integrated services for water toxicity monitoring and detection for government and industry. Combining a state-of-the-art bioreporter, a unique cartridge delivery system, and a cloud solution, the company hopes to first solve unique challenges around the 2.2M+ water cooling towers in North America.
Sector: Clean Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Remote control of water supply management by the use of innovative pressure reducing control valves, resulting in water and energy savings.
Business Summary: Envotec has developed fully automated smart valves that enable a better water management process. They have three different types of valves: Pressure reducing control, modulating float control and pressure relief control valves. By combining them, they arrived to a system where water input and output is based on computer-aided technology, resulting in water and energy savings.
Sector: Environment, Water Management

Epoxy Resin

One Line Pitch: An online marketplace connecting epoxy resin makers with buyers.
Business Summary: This online marketplace connects resin makers with buyers, providing a platform for customized remodeling decorations using epoxy resin. With its solid and long-lasting properties, epoxy resin is ideal for many home improvement projects. With a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of resin products, tools, and resources, this marketplace is the go-to destination for all your epoxy resin needs.
Sector: Home Improvement


One Line Pitch: eScheduler has created an all-in-one cloud hosted appointment booking system for web and mobile.
Business Summary: eScheduler has developed a centralized system that streamlines the process for booking appointments. With many SMEs using several different options for booking appointments, processing them in an efficient manner can be very time consuming and can result in double bookings. Using a cloud hosted software, eScheduler offers a way for all appointment bookings to be centralized and smoothly processed. eScheduler hopes their product reduces the stress that juggling many different booking options brings and allows for easy and simple booking.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: Espiritmind is a mental health platform for business to address and resolve all sort of mental health issues exist with Company’s employees.
Business Summary: Espiritmind (EM) is a mental health platform for business to address and resolve mental health issues that exist with Company’s employees. Businesses can subscribe to different plans offered by EM and make it available to their employees. Espiritmind’s services range from therapy to personal mentorship. The platform uses a bot interface to communicate with individuals to understand their existing issues and suggest a variety of steps (including private and group meetings) while protecting and storing personal data.
Sector: Communications Technology, Information Technology


One Line Pitch: An anonymization software tool for the Health Care Industry that enables effective data de-identification (anonymization).
Business Summary: Building upon R&D work completed in 2015-2019 as a member of the Medolution healthcare innovation project under the EUREKA cluster ITEA3 program, we are developing software tools for data scientists, research organizations, and government agencies. The software tool will provide a secure platform to manage data sets, request and approval process for data access requests.
Sector: Manufacturing

Ethermind Networks

One Line Pitch: EtherMind Networks is a network management solution company that offers an AI-powered digital platform designed to navigate the complexities of network operations and management seamlessly.
Business Summary: We bring to you a solution where networks are not just managed but are also intuitively aligned with your business needs, ensuring continuous, secure, and efficient connectivity. EtherMind Networks is here to redefine your networking experience, ensuring it’s smart, seamless, and superbly efficient.
Sector: B2B, SaaS

Ethnic Clothing

One Line Pitch: An Augmented Reality (AR) Solution for the Fashion Industry
Business Summary: Ethnic Clothing is developing an AR virtual showroom for the fashion industry, offering virtual try-on features, size and fit visualization, styling, and outfit suggestions. By leveraging body scanning technology, customers can try on garments from the collection using their device’s camera that enhances the shopping experience, improves satisfaction and reduces returns. The platform will integrate with ethnic clothing designers to truly help bring out traditional fashion with a modern twist.
Sector: Fashion